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Sanjay Sharma   13 June 2008 at 11:25

Is it a case of additional consideration in excise valuation

Central Sales Tax collected at the rate of 4 % but paid only 2 % and showing it (rest of the 2% ) in the books of accounts as "Other Receipts".

My Question is -
1. Is it a case of Additional consideration in terms of the Excise Valuation Rules ?

2. Is Excise duty payable on the amounts showing as "Other Receipts" in the books of accounts.
3. Can the DRI (Department of Revenue Intelligence) take the action for evasion of CST.

Pls explain/ clerify.

Sanjay Sharma

saravanan   13 June 2008 at 10:40

applying for conjugal rights

i and my wife are living separetly since last 9 months. we both are doctors by profession.[mbbs].she left me last sep due to lot of indifferences and misunderstanding.there is no means of communication from her till now.i tried talking with her over phone to reconsider things and a compramise.but it seems that she is not intersted and didn't give a prpoer reply. i can't get that in what idea she is now. her father and brother , lawyers by profeession, who seems to misguide her from giving me a reply. i wish to apply for a conjugal rights . please suggest me how to apply for it..

jhanvi   13 June 2008 at 10:39

CMS ATM Case happened in Vadodara

Dear Sir,
As far as my knowqledge says the investigation has been closed and chargesheet against has been released against them from both the police station (Panigate and Karellibaug). They had also applied for the bail on base of FIR in the local court which was rejected and then they also applied on base of the chargesheet which also got rejected. the sharebroker ansd his son who are involved in this case have also applied for the bail which recently got accepted.Now the two victims whoes bail got rejected from local court are trying to apply to the high court and are even thinking to fight the case against the company. Kindly guide us what can be done the current situation. should they apply for the bail as once it has already got rejected from the local court. or they should fight the case against the company? Will that case get resolve within six months of opening as that is what promised by our advocate. Kindly guide.

Chandan Garg   13 June 2008 at 10:08

Pollution control

How can i get the what rules to be followed in case of a manufacturing company for pollution laws (Air and Water)

Nikhil   13 June 2008 at 10:05

Inheritance of self aquired property

Dear Sir,
my grandfather having a self aquired property ( 3 sons and 1 daughter ) died without making a will. there are 3 extracts in his personal diary mentioning the distribution of his self aquired property to his sons, daughter and myself (grandson). but unfortunately these extracts are not signed by my grandfather. i have been living and taking care of my grandmother (who died in 2007) for 18 years in the now disputed flat which my uncles are objecting. i am still in possession of the said flat, electricity meter is on my name since 2005, telephone bills and other correspondence etc is also in my name.
all the sons and 1 daughter have gor a flat each but now the uncles are eyeing the flat i possess since my grandmother is no more.
can my uncles throw me out of the house???
Please advise further course of action.

VINOD JINDAL   13 June 2008 at 09:08

advocates can not get credit cards and personal

i want to take the attention of all the advocates community to the vary surprising topic to me or to all of us regarding the bank's credit card and personal loan policy THAT AN ADVOCATE CAN NOT GET THE CREDIT CARD AND PERSONAL LOAN any body except an advocate can get these facielites. I think it is shameful for all of us and we have to take this matter seriously becouse we all are also the councils of various banks

jin   13 June 2008 at 08:43

laws applicable to contract work.

hi we are the service providers.we are being hired by the travel companies for 1 to 20 days for the service of there clients.they pay us on daily basis.for one company we work 20 days to 150 days in a year .variably.what are the laws which are avilable for our benefits either pf,gratuty,pension,insurance,helthcare,third party liability,working conditions.pls explain.

Kripesh Gope   13 June 2008 at 00:26

TDS Certificate not issued by employer

I was working with a Transport Company for last 8 years and left the job in Nov.2007. The employer has deducted TDS from my remuneration. Since I have resigned against the employers will, he is not issuing me TDS certificate. What legal course is open to me? Kindly advise.


Kripesh Gope

vishal   12 June 2008 at 18:38

regarding the scope of law

I had completed LL.B. and i want to know about the combination of LL.B.+M.B.A.with all its future scope and limitations .Also what is the scope of LL.M.from abroad(out of india)

Ranjit Asati   12 June 2008 at 18:17


I am a wholesale paddy trader from Gondia,Maharashtra.
A person who bought 5 truck of paddy from me has given me a cheque of Rs 5lacs.
But it is dishonoured by his banker with reason "the payment is stopped by the drawer".I sent him a notice through my lawer.He replied that the cheque was missed and he has also done a FIR in the police station.Now what is the way to recover my money.Please suggest me.