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AJIT KAWATKAR   10 May 2008 at 01:25

regstn imm-pprty purchased in P- AUCTION

7/12 ppty extract shows "B" is a OwNER of a ppty (through CRFICATE from High court) via PUBLIC AUCTION in yr 1960.Q does such pptys have SP. registration portfolio?on that ppty a co-op hsg standing for last 45 yrs but donot have purchase &other documents:how to get the.document of "B"&use that for socty registration? the ppty is in MUMBAI.

AJIT KAWATKAR   10 May 2008 at 00:59

defaulter leasee;recovery-Dues-Possession house

lady Im-82yrs having ownership apartment aprmnt in maharashtra-given on oral lease Rs3000/pm 3monts rent recvd possession given. Thereafter one or the other pretext delaying payment.resulting in huge arrears RS50000/+ im in need of money.Qwhat are the ways-Legal/otherwise to recover dues&possession in absence of written –registered agreement?Q.may I be able to file suit in court of COMPETENT AUTHORITY /civil suit?Qwhat will be % of court fees for LADY SENIOR CITIZEN? Q.Any sp. Provision for EARLY disposal /hearing for S.CETIZEN?minimum/max period for Final Orders? Q should leasee have to Deposit dues in the court /to me;immediatelyor at the end of JUDGEMNT?

dr a k   09 May 2008 at 20:50

raj bhasha HINDI

There is a rule that if letter has been posted to any govt office in hindi signed in hindi too it is mandetory to answer in Hindi itself.

if a govt off disobey what way notice can be issued and what will be punishment decleared in it.

dr ak

ravikumar   09 May 2008 at 17:37

company law

A,B,C and D are the directors of a pvt ltd pharma co., estd in 1996 till existing. each got invested 3 lacs as share capital. But A bcoz of bad intention, selfish etc,He voluntarily shown to Regstrar of co., that B,C,D got resigned in 2002 ? further He added his wife (E) and son (F)as addl directors ? During 2006 risk taking transactions like for a bankloan, suriety, marketing, share allotment and IT and etc, filings He showing that B,C,D
are still exisitng directors? also given authorisation letters to them to do any work as directors ? not only that He happnd to foregry bank officers signs others sign to overcome his needs without hurdles ? Now B,C,D want to come out of that Co, wish to take their share and also wish to see A, his CA others colluded must be punished? for which what are the remedies available to us? How to get at the earliest all need papers of the co., from authorities too. kindly detail us.
thanking you.

Heaven 2011   09 May 2008 at 16:01

Board Meeting through VC

Mr Rajesh Kumar kindly tell me which section of the Companies Act affirms convenning the Board Meeting through VC. Unless and untill I find a specified section of the concerned Act in support of our view how can I persuade the Board to proceed ? Are there any recent past instances where we find a company (Indian) to convene BM through VC if so kindly send their names.

Heaven 2011   09 May 2008 at 15:36

section 299 of the Companies Act 1956

In register maintained under the Companies Act we see register of contracts pursuant to section 301 read with section 299 in which the related party transactions entries are narrated. If a director concerned is holding less than 2% of the paid up capital should he be a related party? What is the meaning of person interested in this regard?

Babita Joseph   09 May 2008 at 15:19

Name board size of CA Office

I urgently want to know the size of a Chartered Accountants Office Name board.It would be enough if I get to know where to look.

RANA MITESH C   09 May 2008 at 13:38

Employees Provident Fund

Our company raised salary in the month of october w.e.f. January. So we will calculate the salary Arrears from January to September & deduct the P.F. on arrears salary. And we disburse the salary arrears with the October new salary in the month of November. So our company is liable to any Penalty & Interest under the Section 14-B & 7-Q.

Please guide us.

Maya Arora   09 May 2008 at 12:54

Distribution of property or making a will

One of my relative a widow is having two sons and three daughters. She is having an immovable property where she reside along with her elder son. Another son is also living seperately at that place. Both sons have good jobs. The source of earning for the widow is rent which she get by letting out a part of property. Now the dispute has been raised by both sons for partition of property. My query is that whether the old lady who is getting no financial or emotional support from her sons is bound to divide the property. If she want to distribute the property among her all childern then what legal step she should take. If the sons do not allow her to give share to her daughters what remedy she is having. If she don't want to distribute the property during her life time, then whether she should make a will and what is the legal validity of that.What legal rights for the married daughters are vested in that self acquired property.

H. S. Thukral   09 May 2008 at 10:13


Under section 13(4) of the Act the secured creditor can take action any time after the expiry of 60 days notice under section 13(2). There is no time limit. However action must be taken within reasonable time. The notice cannot be said to be perpetually valid. If the creditor does any act which is contrary to the intention of notice (e.g. reschedules loans or gives further time for repayment), it can be said that the notice has abated and no action can be taken against such notice.

Is there any case law to support above proposition ?