Experts Query Daily Digest :16 June 2019

16 June 2019 at 11:27

Tuition classes in co operative housing society

Dear Sir /Madam,

I am work in private company my wife is house wife. With a lots of effort we have purchase a flat is co op housing society in Ambarnath East Dist Thane Maharashtra. My wife takes tuition classes at my home but now our society secretary and Chairman suddenly call me and tell (Verbally ) me that taking classes is commercial activity and cannot allow to take classes and have to stop taking class in your flat. We don't have publish any advertisement or any publicity of my class also other members of society not reported any objection about my class.

This society having G+2 floor and i reside on Fist floor also there is no lift or any security guard and all childrens which come to class is reside in the same area.

Actually Society secretory want to purchase that flat which i purchases but my flat owner sell this flat to me now due to this reason society secretary and chairman taking this personally . Can u please Suggest me what to do now i am new in the society and till the time we don't have any contact to other society members.

Request you to kindly suggest what to do now.

16 June 2019 at 19:06

I lost my job in UAE loan not paid

Dear Sir,
I have lost my job in UAE and my outstanding loan amount AED 120,000 not paid due to don�t have that much money, currently iam India.
Iam getting the calls from collection agent from India.
Please advise what will be consequence Iam going to face.
They can file any case against me. Now a days I can�t sleep in night.
I have little property in my name and wife name.( it is registered under both of our name) is there is any chance that they can take over the preperty.

Please prove me the detailed reply.


16 June 2019 at 17:28

Government job

Respected sir/mam
I am selected for a govt job in staff selection commision but in 2018 my name was in a FIR under sec 323,341,34, 506.
I was arrested and got bail in 1-2 hrs.
Then compromise occured between us and the complainant and the written affidavit of which was given to police.The I.O filed a untrace report and complainant agreed to it in the court and the report was accepted by the judge.In the final orders the word compromise was not written. And also a copy of compromise was also given to SDM for the closing of 107/151.
will this case affect my police verification and should i reveal this in my declaration form?
The police station where the FIR was filed is a different city than my home city.
thanx in advance.

16 June 2019 at 08:24

Legal heir of a property

My wife had two brothers and three sisters. Two sisters and both brothers died. One of the brother have three female and one male children. All are married and settled. The other brother did not marry. He own an house in his name. He has not written any WILL. I want to know who will be the leagal heir of that house.


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