28 June 2019 at 14:08

Unethical evidence by defendant Side

'm plaintiff in civil suit, now matter for defendant evidence but another person filed affidavit by mentioning that as per resolution attached passed by Co.(defendant no.1) he has appear on behalf of company, but copy Of resolution not attached so I was filed application for no evidence but same is rejected,

On next date I was given my application for allow time to appear higher court, then another application by his advocate for allow time for adduse evidence. both side application taken on record but I didn't taken any objections.

Now can I appear higher court or cross examine or what.?? pls guide

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Money decree has been passed .execution proceedings attachment warrant issued .no valuable found in the house of JDR ..court seeking application to arrest the JDR.......which provision of cpc decree holder can file application to arrest the JDR civil imprisonment

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19 June 2019 at 07:28

Exhibiting documents

I am appearing in a succession certificate case in person. The case is listed for PE Evidence wherein I have to prove and exhibit documents, copies of which have already been submitted in the court. Please let me know what is the procedure for this and whether I shall be put to any questions. Thanks

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Dear Sir /Madam,

I am work in private company my wife is house wife. With a lots of effort we have purchase a flat is co op housing society in Ambarnath East Dist Thane Maharashtra. My wife takes tuition classes at my home but now our society secretary and Chairman suddenly call me and tell (Verbally ) me that taking classes is commercial activity and cannot allow to take classes and have to stop taking class in your flat. We don't have publish any advertisement or any publicity of my class also other members of society not reported any objection about my class.

This society having G+2 floor and i reside on Fist floor also there is no lift or any security guard and all childrens which come to class is reside in the same area.

Actually Society secretory want to purchase that flat which i purchases but my flat owner sell this flat to me now due to this reason society secretary and chairman taking this personally . Can u please Suggest me what to do now i am new in the society and till the time we don't have any contact to other society members.

Request you to kindly suggest what to do now.

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partition suit instituted by the plaintiff in the year of 2005 .D-3 WS filed on 2011 .xpw1 compleated now stage is for defence and now the LRS of D-3 filed O.6.Rule 17 cpc for amend the original written statement 01-01-2019 after lapse of 12 years stating that the plaintiff delibaratly have left some joint family propoerties bearing survey no75 .10 guntas...
the real fact is 10 guntas purchased by defendant no-2 self aqired property whether this amendment application maintainable by way of counter claim aginst the co-defendants.?
mainly D-3 died Lrs application still pending for orders and not yet arrayed as defendants on plaint under this circumstances his Lrs of D3 have locus standi to file the above application? is it pre mature application.

any suggessions or citetions for dissmissing the above said application

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Respected Sir/Madam,
Can an applicant appear himself before a Tribunal replacing a hostile advocate ?
(Suit is going on).
If yes, what is the procedure ?
Thanking you,
Truly yours,

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Sir I m plaintiff in civil suit. Matter is for defendant evidence but till now defendant not file evidence while someone file affidavit but he is not defendant.
Matter posted for plaintiff (our) say but my advocate not inform me nor takes any objection and honorable court read and record this affidavit

what can I do to oppose this affidavit and for no evidence by defendant.

Pls guide and help

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Ours is defunct society for 20 years in Tamilnadu.it was originally registered under societys Act 1975 in Tamilnadu. Petition to registrar was done but they have no power. Need court direction.. please advise

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Dear Expert, I need your help.
Property is situated in Maharashtra Pune district region.
A and B two cousin acquired property jointly from both there self earnest money equally 20 years back.
A and B each has 1/2 share in the property. But 3/4th share of property is possessed by B and 1/4 share in property is possessed by A.
B is doing from last 8 days some changes in internal structure of 3/4th share possessed by him without A's consent. B also planning to give his some portion/part in 3/4th share property possessed by him on lease after the completion of structural changes.
B published an advertisement in the newspaper regarding the rented propery on lease.
A's a lawyer now suggested to file suit for requesting a permanant injunction with suit of partition and possession.
A will file Either suit for partition, possession and "consequential relief" of permanent injunction OR suit for partition, possession and permanent injunction.

Query is:
Q. What is the difference between consequential relief of permanent injunction and just only permanent injunction in partition suit?
Q. What is the meaning of consequential relief and is there any prime importance or mandatory to it include in partition suit?
Q. Is there more stamp duty need to pay for consequential relief of permanent injunction instead of just only word permanent injunction in partition suit?

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29 March 2019 at 17:43

Painting of rental house

I have occupied a rental house in Trichy. House owner has painted nearly half portion of the house and other half was painted at my cost. I have provided split AC in the hall by opening a small hole. Now when vacating, I have properly closed the hole with white cement . There is no mention in agreement that I have to paint when vacating. Owner asking me to paint. Is it correct , since for normal wear and tear, tenant is not responsible. Kindly clarify.

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