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Anonymous   07 November 2021 at 21:01

Property procession

My father has lease a property to his friend with the condition that after my father's death his legal hires may get the property if they paid Rs. 25 lakh to his friend otherwise his friend will enjoy the property till his life time. The agreement is duly registered. Today after my father's death his friend refused to return the property and ask Rs 25 lakh.

What can I do ?

Anonymous   06 November 2021 at 21:18

Motor accident claim and ex-parte

My wife was booked under IPC 338 in an accident case.
She pleaded guilty and paid 1000 rs as fine in the court.
My wife had valid Driving License, RC, Insurance at the time of accident.
Complainant filed an Motor accident claim petition under MV ACT 163A, 140C asking for 1 crore compensation.
As per internet resources, it is written that insurance lawyers will fight the case and my wife will become exparte
My question is
1. should we hire a lawyer to defend ourself and how much he charges approximately?
2. As she is exparte, does she has to appear in court during judgement?
3. Is my wife is liable to pay any amount if court passes judgement?

Me and my wife are primary school teachers and we cannot pay any amount. Please guide us in right direction.

Anonymous   06 November 2021 at 11:14



I would like to know whether separate WILL can be made  for properties located at different places.?

Vasudevan   03 November 2021 at 13:02

Tenant atrocities in the commercial complex - reg.

Respected Learned Experts, I have let out a shop in 1st floor to a tenant who is defaulted in payment of rent. I had filed an eviction suit in the court. The first floor has two shops. The other shop was vacant for the last 4 years due to this tenant who has dumped his materials in the stair case and passage area. The common lock for the stair case was also removed by the tenant and he has locked the stair case shutter with his new lock. I was unable to let the other shop for the last 4 years. The eviction suit is pending in the court for the last 2 years. I am a senior citizen. Whether I am eligible to pray the court for early disposal of the suit as I am a senior citizen? Further, Whether I can file any police complaint for his unauthorized and illegal usage of stair case and common passage and the change of common lock by the tenant? I request the Learned Experts to guide me in the matter with their extensive respectable knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous   03 November 2021 at 01:10

Specific performance - land sale agreement

Hello Learned members,

Unregistered Agreement states
June 9th 2017
To Whom it May Concern
This is to certify that Mr.Amritha has expressed an interest to purchase a portion of land.
We are willing to sell the said land, free of encumbrances at the agreed price of Rs. 13.0 Lakhs
Mr Amritha will upon acknowledgement and agreement by signing of this letter deposit a non-refundable deposit of Rs 1.0Lakhs towards the purchase of the land, the balance of which is to be paid by on or before July 8th 2017, being the expiration date of this offer.
Signed by
Mother Son

I agree with the terms and conditions of this offer
Signed Mr Amritha June 20th 2017
Caveat placed on property June 26th 2017, suit filed for specific performance
Defense: This agreement was in the mother and son personal capacity and not as personal representatives of the estate.
Question: What will be the action of the court on the agreement?

Anonymous   02 November 2021 at 16:08

Child custody and cheating

Home Experts Family Law Child custody Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 02 November 2021This query is : Open Respected Sir, My wife leaving me and file all cases against me. Myself file divorce case which is now in evidence stage and the judge assure me that he will pass order in my favour. In the meantime I fall in love with another lady and living as live in relation intimating everything about my earlier marriage.a male child is also born. I have also purchase a home in her name. Soon after the purchase of the house she leaves me taking all money and ornament from my home. Keeping my child in her father's house she went to dating with her boyfriend and didn't take care of my child who is now 4 year 8 month old. Her family didn't allow me to see and speak my child. Her family blackmail me to take legal action if I didn't transfer all of my property to them. Now I want 1. to secure my child's future by keeping him ( my child love me too much ) with me and want to visit him as many times as possible. 2. Get the property back from her which was given to her in good faith. Can I approach Income Tax department to seize the property and seize all ornament ( values at least 5 lakh) ?? I am confused please guide me ...

Anonymous   01 November 2021 at 17:00

Development agreement march 2010

Since he has not completed the work ,one of the ten partners died,and another is on fluids , some others are unable to proceed legally, I my self and another two others are ready to proceed legally can we go legally with out the rest of partners , all' of us are above sixty and seventy years age ,

Taufiq Khot   31 October 2021 at 01:34

Purchase 6 gunte (residential zone declaredmmrda)tukdebandi

Dear All experts, If your time permits please help me and guide🙏 for below query. Many thanks in advance.

*Survey number- 5A/5* Total area - 36 gunte.

Area under my name -24 gunte
Area under cousin1 - 6 gunte(sold to gaikwad)
Area under cousin2 - 6 gunte remaining.

cousin 1 had sold 6 gunte land to .Mr gaikwad.
For which talathi had stop mutation entry (prallahbit ferfar #1418) against tukde bandi act. Also I filed case in thesildar office against Mr gaikwad.

Now Mr gaikwad want to sale 6 gunte land back to me. (Tukde JODH. )

My advocate said if I purchase 6 gunte land from gaikwad I have to face below problems.

1. Mr. Gaikwad is ready to pay 25 % penalty to legalize land

But I will also get penalty of 25% and need to pay? Because there is remaining land of cousin 2 6 gunte will still fall under tukde bandi act .

2. Mr gaikwade had purchase land from my cousin 1 managing registrar officer by showing low valuation of land with out joining zone certificate from MMRDA.

But If I purchase now showing real valuation of land I have to pay income tax penalty of 30% on valuation difference.

Please guide me easy way forward how I can borrow 6 gunte land from gaikwad

Anonymous   30 October 2021 at 01:06

Is there need to proof registered will if admitted

Dear sir,
If all the respondents admit that the Will is genuine in probate,then will the court ask the petitioner to proof the registered Will

Rachna Jain   27 October 2021 at 17:33

Maid servant

I am 43 years old woman having two daughter age 13 years & 20 years staying with my father’s elder brother “Tauji” (age approx.. 83 years) for last one year due to his old age and health issues.
My problem is that around 17 years back my Tauji given a room to his female widow servant having one daughter due to mercy and take care / support of her like his own daughter because he had living alone (unmarried).
He also arrange her remarriage but she get dump it ran away and back to Tauji place. She started relationship with some other married man. In starting this man comes only at night so that no one see and object but after sometime this man start living with them. She told everyone that he is her brother which is not true.
Now the main problem started in 2018 when she stop to doing household chores for Tauji and also refuse to vacant the Room. She also fight on trivial issues but he remain calm because he doesn’t want unnecessary breach of peace.
After I start staying with my Tauji on July 2020, her unnecessary fight increase because I restricted her using Tauji household things (he has no source of income, he is only getting old age government pension where as she & her man who is staying with her both are earning and she is also getting widow / unemployment allowance from government.
She also burned me by throwing hot boiling water on my foot on Aug .2020 & threat to kill me and my daughters. Scratch mark is still. We have not filed any FIR against her.
She also physical & mentally abuse all of us & threatening to kill, false allegation.
She has given in writing in police station that she will vacant the room when she got her electricity meter in her new house, which has many hindrance.
Please help where we can go to live peacefully.
This house is old rented property in old delhi & we donot have any rent receipt / agreement


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