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Madhuri   20 October 2021 at 14:12

Using our house ramp to connect to another colony

Hello Sir/Madam,
Our house is at end of our colony. Acoording to layout we hav no road connect to beside colony. The road of next colony ends near to our house ramp. The other colony n surrounding colony people are using our ramp to connect to our street which is just 3 feet path. We can't even stand near the gate because the flow of vehicles is very heavy and rash driving. Passers are not even giving time to enter our house. The other colony people are not allowing us to close the way. There should be a wall according to layout

Anonymous   20 October 2021 at 11:01

Enquiry regarding non-intimation of acquisition of immovable

By my ignorance I, have purchase a flat in loan, without taking any prior permission from the Competent Authority.I am a employee of state government undertaking organization. So now should I inform to the office about the this, and what should I do about the matter. Kindly give proper advice.

SUBRATA HALDAR   19 October 2021 at 02:15

Money transfer

One of my client has taken RS 5 lakh from me through online money transfer. He refused to pay any amount stating that since there is no agreement, money was given to him as gift.

My mobile number is linked with all bank details & Aadhar and PAN card of my client. Xerox copy of above documents is with me.
With the help of above documents I have taken a personal loan in my friends name in his account.

After that I have transfer RS 5 lakh in my account by online fund transfer since all pasward of my client is known to me.

Can my client take any legal step against me ???

Hari Konanur   18 October 2021 at 15:30

Power of attorney

Namaste sir

I'm planning to buy one old flat in Bangalore, but owner resides in America. So he is granting POA rights to his father in law at Bangalore. So that his father in law can register the flat to me after full money payment.

Please advice is it legally OK to go head in purchasing flat belonging to NRI


basavaraj shiromani   17 October 2021 at 09:38

Rejection of plaint

Whether Rejection of plaint U/o 7 Rule 11 (a) and (d) can be filed even at appellate stage ?

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 20:08

Court fee

What will the rate of court fee for obtaining a succession certificate from the court, for a immovable property of Rs, 20,00,000/- in Hyderabad, T.S.

vaibhav jain   16 October 2021 at 17:54

Addendum to an agreement

What is an addendum to an agreement? are there any serious consequences of not executing an addendum to a settlement agreement?

SUBRATA HALDAR   16 October 2021 at 06:58

Hindu marriage

During pendency of divorce, my brother contracted second marriage with 17year old girl. During second marriage the girl was intimate about pendency of divorce.

His second wife forcing him to transfer all properties to her otherwise she will file all possible case.

My brother's divorce case is in final stage.

What my brother resist his second wife ???

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 00:32

Need clarification on lease agreeemnt

I selected a property to take lease for 1 Year, Currently the house is managed/administrated by third party builders. I made call and discussed with builders they said house owner given the property to builders for 5 years agreement.

The builder said that 11 months lease agreement will be happen between me and builders names, house owner involvement will not be there. My question if the builder suddenly closed his office/projects who will be responsible for lease amount. Do we have any registration process for it

Anonymous   14 October 2021 at 15:24

Minimum essential educational qualification-degree regarding

A Govt. Organisation issued Advertisement for recruitment in various Science and Technology / Engineering Disciplines. In Biochemistry Discipline the Essential Educational Qualification was Master's Biochemistry
As per RRs, the disciplines are clearly categorised in two parts. First is for Master of Science Degrees and Second is for Engineering/Technology Bachlore Degrees.
The Biochemistry discipline categorised in "Master of Science Degree" but the recruiting Organisation has accepted the Engineering/ Technology Degree " B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology by considering equivalent to Master's Biochemistry by constituting a committee after documents verification of Candidates qualified provisionaly in Mains Exam for Documents Verification.
The recruiting Organisation, not only consdered the M.Tech. Degree in other Subject but also rejected a 5Years Integreted Dual Degree BS-MS(Masters of Science) Degree in Biological Sciences awarded by IISER, Bhopal (An Institute of National Importance under direct control of MHRD) ignoring the equivalency certificate issued by so reputed Institute of National Importance. The Institute is empowered to award the degrees.
The Recruiting Agency / Organisation (GoI) has made the following wrongs / illegal activities:-
1. Reduced the awarded Marks of Candidate at Merit No.1 from 164 to 160 to up lift the Candidate at Merit No.2 who obtained 161 Marks.
2. Rejected the degree of Candidate at Merit No. 1 which was as per advertisement as well as RRs to drop from selection list.
3. Accepted the degree of Candidate at Merit No. 2 which was not as per advertisement as well as RRs to place in selection list.
The IIT Delhi, the institute awarding the to candidate at Merit No.2, has replied in a RTI query that " B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" is not equivalent to M.Sc. Biochemistry.
Further, in a recent decison in May-2021 by hon'ble High Court Delhi, in the said recruitment in a WP filed a candidate of Biomedical discipline and rejected the committee Constituted for equivalency of Degrees and reports submitted by committee in all disciplines.
There is no Engineering/Technology Institute in India which awards the degree with title "M.Tech Degree in Biochemistry" or "M.Sc. in Biochemistry". They awards only Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology related degrees in the Deptt. of Biological Sciences.

Please help and guide so that the deserve candidate may got his right.


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