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Anonymous   05 June 2023 at 15:24

Cooperative societies

What is the procedure for revival of a cooperative society and who can apply for the same?

Vijay Bhaskar   30 March 2023 at 07:29

Dvc case after exparte divorce & getting permament alimony

Dear Sir

If Wife has received Exparte divorce in the year 2019 and subsequently received Permanent alimony from Husband before trial court through Execution petition 4 years later, can Wife still go on to file fresh DVC under Sec 18 now to return Stridhan having received Exparte Divorce & Permanent Alimony. Will Trial court allow it?. Please reply


shyam lal   08 March 2023 at 07:47

Code of civil procedure

Business : h
Next Purpose : WS/ISSUES
Next Hearing Date : 01-04-2023
Civil Judge Senior Division /FTC

Experts kindly please tell what does "h" stand for as mentioned Business secondly what is meant by WS/ISSUES as mentioned above.

Anonymous   05 March 2023 at 07:01

Illegal bore well

In byadarahllli magadi road in prukruthi nagara Bangalore illlegal lbore well .Pl stop this immediately. It is against government rules. Pl inform police to stop this

shyam lal   28 February 2023 at 07:29

Civil procedure code

.I wish to undetstand what does the following mean.

"Case Stage.....WS/ISSUES"

shyam lal   28 February 2023 at 00:04

Recovery of money lended

I did Lend certain amount of money in my brothers house contruction with out takeing any thing in writting as retunable loan credit etc.
Query how do i recover the amount through court.

Sharad MKrishna   17 February 2023 at 18:43

Case citations

Is it possible to contact a lawyer who can help me with case citations for a few civil matters of mine in Delhi and Gurgaon. I am not a lawyer but a litigant also seeking a counsel for these matters. Thanks.

Anonymous   17 February 2023 at 02:01

Appeal over crp in ia

The CRP chellenging Order In IA was dismissed. The IA was filed to supercede the advocate Commissioners report after two years from the date of Commissioners report when the arguments are over on the appellants side. The HC without mentionkng any reason dismissed. Can appelal filed in SC will suceed. Is there any
Senior counsel available in SC. What is his total fees. Which kind of appeal can be prefered.

Naveen Kanth Dasari   16 February 2023 at 21:15

Removal of existing body in a soceity

Hello Experts,
I am a lawyer I have a query regarding removal of existing body and appointment of new body in a society through court.
A religious society is registered in 2010 in Telangana and since then they are conducting religious work & services through the society, however since few years the members of the society is misusing the funds of the society which is collected from the public and also not showing any account statements of society or books of accounts as how much fund is being collected and how much is spent, a land was also purchased in the name of society in the year 2011 but the body members are not giving any details of the land as well and when questioned they are threatening the public by stating that they will file false criminal complaint against them whoever questions.
Now my query is can i file a case in the Civil Court praying the court to remove the existing body and order for appointment of new body or do I have to file a case before the Arbitrator and what will be the court fees.
Thank You.

Sandip Chikhalikar   14 February 2023 at 11:58

Splitting of amalgamated flat during society redevelopment.

Me and Elder brother brought the Amalgamated residential property admeasuring 820 sq. ft. jointly (ownership 50% each) in 2004. The said residential flat was amalgamated by Society in past (Before Yr. 1990) by merging two adjacent flats admeasuring 410 Sq. ft. each without any change in Building structural plan. The Amalgamated large flat was issued a single Share certificate with 10 share's (5 share's from each 2 flats). Our Amalgamated flat is located on 3rd floor in A wing, whereas in same A wing there exist two separate 410 Sq. Ft flats on ground floor as per Society records. Further the Amalgamated flat has two separate entry doors and Staircases. Even the Electricity meter are separate.

In our registered purchase agreement dated 2014, the Amalgamated flat is shown as Single unit by Society.
Further Society consider it as Single flat and not ready to give us NOC despite multiple follow ups.

Recently our society has gone up for redevelopment and we approached the Builder to be appointed by Society, He informed the Society Secretary to provide Society NOC and Separate Share Certificate to divide the redevelopment benefit of 820 Sq. Ft. flat in two equal small flats.

Since society is not ready to support on flat bifurcation, kindly guide us the legal procedure or any suitable process which we can adopt during redevelopment wherein Society NOC would not be mandatory.

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