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Venkedesh   15 September 2021 at 09:37

Interim order

when interim stay order of high court is there without extension whether the trial court can pass further proceedings in ep

Anonymous   14 September 2021 at 02:09

Vacation of status quo order

We have mutual property in the name of my father and another one
We have rented our share to the other one for 15 months
After 15 months,the other person didnt vacate from the rented share and issue a status quo order
Is there any possibilities to vacate status quo order quickly?

raju   12 September 2021 at 15:06

Consumer complaint

Instagram deleted account without any notice or warning. As the loss suffering due to deleted account was business account and individual had to suffer as he has not violated any terms conditions of instagram. Individual wrote registered letter for reactivation to grievance officer but account not activated and one letter written to instagram was refused as they did not accept. Please advise if consumer case can be filled against instagram as they comes under publisbers.

BN   02 September 2021 at 21:00

Usage of lpg cylinders in societies with piped gas facility

I am a flat owner cum resident of a gated community in Hyderabad, the society having nearly 750 flats where builder has provided provision for Piped Gas (Normal gas cylinders stored in a place and connected through pipeline to individual flats). During sales the builder orally said that the provision for piped gas is given and interested residents may use the facility. Those not interested can use individual cylinders supplied by Oil Companies / Gas Agencies. Even the Agreement of Sale did not have any condition for usage of gas except for mentioning that the provision of Reticulated Piped Gas is given by builder.
Currently the builder is maintaining the project and its maintenance through 3rd Party (external agency) by 2 years advance funds collected from flat owners toward maintenance. Even though people have been residing in their flats since more than 2 years and registration of 90% of the flats completed, the builder has been postponing the RWA formation and handing over of Corpus Fund to the RWA citing various reasons.
Of late, builder has made a rule saying that since provision for Reticulated Piped Gas is given, all residents have to compulsorily use the facility and no cylinders will be allowed in any flat. For the new flat handovers, they are getting a form signed towards acceptance for using piped gas. If not signed, flats and not being handed over. There is also no transparency on the charges of piped gas and various issues on proper supply. There are currently 500 residents in the society and nearly 60 using gas cylinders. When the builder was asked that if there is any Govt. Order or Notification that says that LPG Cylinders cannot be used is societies where there is facility for piped gas, he denied the same but said that Fire Department has such a rule that LPG Cylinders cannot be used in societies where there is facility for piped gas.
I have only 2 queries at present:
1. Is the builder justified in forcing residents to use Piped Gas facility and denying door step delivery of cylinders to the residents
2. Is there a rule from the Fire Department that LPG Cylinders cannot be used is societies where there is facility for piped gas.
I would be very thankful if the above queries are answered.

mabusubhani   02 September 2021 at 15:03

About ancestral property

Respected Sir/ Madam
My Sister Register a land to her son, showing that land belongs to her Ancestral property which was in her position, and VRO also give decleration form as that land belongs to her Ancestral property.The same land again son registered to his mother(My sister).Now this registration valid or not .can i ask share in that property

Samudra   31 August 2021 at 10:53

Will chalenging

Can an Outsider of the Family challenge the WILL?

Sumit Rajput (IN)   28 August 2021 at 20:44

Suit for eviction from property

A person allows a poor lady to stay in his property on the understanding that she will take care of the property and pay the electricity bills as and when required. He also transfer some money to her bank account for the construction of one room in the property. Now after 10 years he tell her to vacate the property but the lady first files a false complaint the local police station and then withdraws the same. Then she files a case in the court stating that she is tenant and there was a verbal agreement with owner for a rent on INR 1000 per month and she is a scheduled cast and should be allowed to stay in the property.
She pleads that she is regularly paying rent by cash and but has no receipt of payment, no rent agreement however she has receipts of payment of electricity bills. The owner of land is a 70 years old man. Now what remedy does he has with him.

Rohan   19 August 2021 at 20:57



Harsh Kaushik   05 August 2021 at 15:54

Tc related issue

I meant that when I graduated from class 10th in 2018 and shifted to another school in class 11th, they didn't ask for my TC and I've completed my 12th in 2020 and been admitted to a medical school so that tc of 10th will cause any problem?

Anonymous   06 July 2021 at 20:53

Pending maintenance dues from a non co-operating flat owner

Dear Experts,
Need a guidance on the below:
We are an apartment association registered with Registrar of Society, Karnataka.

There are in total 35 flats in the apartment. One of the flat owners is very rude and they have moved in to the flat without obtaining an NOC from the association though they knew that the previous owner had some pending maintenance dues. The notice in this effect was prominently displayed on the entrance to the lift and passage. Also they have chosen not to become members and membership fee is still not paid. They forcefully park their vehicle in the parking area eligible for their flat, though the parking space is not yet allotted to them by the association for non- submission of NOC before moving in to the flat.

They are very irregular in payment of monthly maintenance dues, as well as other payments towards society developmental charges. The maintenance is due for more than 18 months. They do not stay in the apartment and they don’t visit also, as the flat is not occupied. The association has been following up for the dues since long time without a luck. Very recently, when they visited the flat for renting it out, association approached them to discuss about the pending dues. However, they argued and said they are not going to pay anything as the flat was not occupied. We referred them to the relevant clause of the association bye laws which talks about amount as decided by the association . Suddenly they became violent and came attacking one of the association members. Considering the verbal abuse (foul language) & loud threatening words and basis the CCTV footage we filed an NCR with the local police station. Though outside of the police station, they agreed to clear the dues but there is no action from their side yet.

Hence the association has decided to proceed legally to collect the dues with interest, as per bye laws. In this reference, we approached a legal help but his advise has raised further questions. He says, even though we are registered with Registrar of Society, we can’t proceed for collection of pending dues, unless the association is registered with some specific authority (just like municipal authorities).

- Is there any such law which stops the apartment association from collecting the genuine outstanding just for not registering with a specific authority?
- What is the legal remedy for recovery of outstanding dues from apartments owners and under what section laws?
- What is the procedure for initiating an action?
Any valued opinion and guidance from the experts
We would request opinion vis-à-vis laws in the state of Karnataka if any.

Thanks in advance….