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Anonymous   23 November 2021 at 22:28

Notice to produce documents

We have filed declaration suit. There was a simple Mortgage deed executed by plantiff in favour of defendant. We have given the certfied copy of the mortgage deed along with plaint. However, original is with defendant.

Defendant has denied the execution of mortgage and he is claiming the property is as his own. Revenue records were also changed to his name behind the back of platiff.

To produce the certified copy of mortgage deed as a secondary evidence and also to prove the execution of mortgage under section 68 of evidence act, under which order plaintiff need to give notice to defendant to produce documents
is it under?
1) order 11 rule 16 or
2) order 12 rule 8

Naresh Gupta   23 November 2021 at 12:17

Rent agreement

I want to rent out my house. I had read somewhere that "Rent Agreement" should be replaced by "License and Leave Agreement" because Rent Agreement can legally make the tenant the owner of the house. Please guide as to which agreement should be made.

Read more at:

Env Coord   22 November 2021 at 21:02

Court procedures for inspection of case-file in ongoing suit

Hello Lawyers & Advocates,

I am prosecuting a civil suit (recovery of money) as party-in-person. I wanted to know the procedure for filing an application for inspection of my case file.

What is the procedure to do so ?
What are the costs involved ?
Any court-fee is required to be paid again, inspite of paying court fees while filing the suit ?
In there any proforma or format for making an application for inspection of court file ?

Awaiting your advice.

Navi Mumbai.

nice babu   21 November 2021 at 02:03

Fake propmessory note

Sir iam taken money from one persone. I given checks to him for that amount.he transferred money through my bank account.only I given checks only not any propmessory note to that amount.later I unable to pay that amount to him . because of my bad situation.he approached a civil court for recovery of that money . He submitted all documents like checks bounce details to court .but he prepared fake propmessory note with my signature . he don't serve notice to my adress.i don't knowledge about this case unless he got order on his faver I mean exporty order passed by the court. Iam actually trying to close this issue with compose with out side with court but now he got court order on his intation is to pay the money to him after some time .present situation I don't position to pay that money.please help me in this issue sir

Anonymous   17 November 2021 at 19:17

Land purchase in another name

Myself purchase a land with small house in the name of another person by good faith for investment and earning by rental income and other business entirely from my money.
But soon after the purchase the person refused to run any business in that land by stating that the property is owned by him and also treat me as outsider. The person is now cheating with me.
How can I get the property which was purchased by another name by mistake ??

Sarthak Katkamwar   15 November 2021 at 00:59

Mother name spelling mistake on hsc marksheet

Q1) In My All Academic documents from class 10th, Polytechnic and 12th my mothers name is (JAYASHREE) but on my Mothers aadhar card and pan card my mother name is (JAYSHREE) ... thats the problem. Now i want to apply for study visa... My question is. is it create any problem for my visa?
Q2) In My all documents my mother name is (JAYASHREE) as I mentioned but in 2019 i was failed in HSC and on that failed marksheet My mother's name spelling was that (JAYASHRI) and after that I repeat 12th and passing my HSC in 2020 and on that marksheet my mother name is JAYASHREE ...teel me sir what should i do?

2)Mothers name on My ALL Marksheet And T.c = JAYASHREE
3)Mothers name on My FAILED Marksheet = JAYASHRI

Sarthak Katkamwar   14 November 2021 at 00:51

Mother name spelling mistake on hsc marksheet

1) In my all documents my mothers name is JAYASHREE but on my Mothers aadhar card and pan card my mother name is JAYSHREE ... thats the problem Now i want to apply for visa .. my question is is it create any problem for my visa? 2) In my all documents my mother name is JAYASHREE but in 2019 i was failed in hsc and on that fail marksheet my mother name is JAYASHRI and after that i passed my hsc in 2020 and on that marksheet my mother name is JAYASHREE ...teel me sir what should i do?

Anonymous   13 November 2021 at 07:33

Framing issues in appeal

Is it legal to ask to raise a new issue in the appeal stage?

RangaRajan J   12 November 2021 at 18:18

Selling land without one son's consent

Dear Respected Experts,

My father had a one-acre agricultural land. He died. we are five brothers and two sisters. Totally seven children to our father. Now we are planning to sell the land. But our eldest brother is not accepting to sell the land. But we other six persons are ready to sell the land. Purchaser is also ready to accept the land.

My Question:
1) If all six children sell the land without getting the consent of my eldest brother what kind of precaution do we have to make?

2) Is there any possibility for my eldest brother to file a case against the purchaser?

Thanks in Advance

at your mercy   12 November 2021 at 16:11

Rent agreement in tamilnadu

As a owner I want to rent a flat in Madurai city Tamilnadu.
Is it okay to have rent agreement for 11 months?
Or else please advise


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