17 April 2021 at 14:00

Hr&ce commissioner order

Hello sir,
I have filed a case in hr&ce commissioner court regarding to quash the resolution passed by the trustees and joint commissioner order and commissioner has been passed an order in sep 2020, stating both the orders has been set a side and if EO of the temple can enquiry further based on the material fact and to pass order.

EO sent an notice to me and for the trustees for enquiry in Feb 2021 but the trustees approched sectrart and get stay order on the EO enquiry (as per EO clarification for not conducting the enquiry).

I don't know how to proceed further please any one can help me.

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11 April 2021 at 13:03

Family pension of widower to wife

A marriage as per Hindu customs is solemnized to look after each other in old age when one predeceases the other life partner. A widower whose wife has died too does need someone to look after in old age. The query arises that for a widower would it not be proper to remarry/live in with a lady who can take care of him. If this be acceptable then she too must get family pension after the widower's death

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I am a landlord in Ballygunge area, Kolkata, West Bengal. My tenant on monthly rent wants to surrender the possession of the self contained flat against a lumpsum money. Since, I don't require the flat, he has arranged a third party, who would take the possession of the flat by paying a lumpsum money ( Salami). Now, what is the percentage of salami, the tenant who wants to surrender the possession of the flat, is entitled to the total amount of the lumpsum money ( Salami ), which would be paid by the third party, as per the prevailing market rate in the locality.

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14 March 2021 at 01:24


Little hard to explain how it stated but my neighbor is falsely and intentionally framing me into various behavior (With Women), attitude problem in order to mentally harasses me which even lead to financial losses too.
If I try to react, they threaten me for group complaint to police for my actions, and always try to close the matter with an excuse that I am mentally ill.
On one occasion they along with my brothers, they tied me and drag me to psychiatrist. He found nothing wrong with me. The hole action was intentionally done to publicly humiliate me and nothing more. Later they pass the story to all my family member and friends. They will spoil your reputation and take the ownership of your life. So, you have no freedom which is your fundamental right.

Presently I am Mentally harassed by my neighbor’s.
By playing loud noises, mimicking and falsify accusing for misbehaving for weird issue. Like one my neighbor walked up to my mother with that I took away her bra and under wear.
The ladies hang her bra just next to our terrace door and 75% time it will fly on our side of the floor which do not looks appropriate. (Images Attached as proof)
She Sing unappropriated song and actions.
Similar kind of issue are made through my house maid.
In my family my brother and my mother are not supportive and not on my side. I lost my father some years back.
I am 43 Yr. old and Single.

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In Airoli, Navi Mumbai hv purchased CIDCO flat of AL4 type in MAR 2020 in resale. Society has done extention of all 84 flats as per FSI 1 scheme in 1998. That has done prior to my purchase. The person from whom I hv purchased flat given me CIDCO receipt of payment done to CIDCO for extension and also given me the copy of commencement certificate CC of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. But when I asked him about OC then he told that OC is not applicable for this. But now I will hv to apply for name change on property tax of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. So will there be any problem? Bcoz my friends are telling that I will b in big trouble now bcoz OC is not taken by society. CIDCO has issued final order with extended area but in NMMC records the old area exists. So NMMC will ask about additional area.
Pls let me know in this case OC is applicable or not. Pls help...

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Is there a time limit for closure of demat account and bank account in a bank where nomination is there
Does law of limitation have any role in this.

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22 February 2021 at 15:45

Installation of cctv in office premises.

The respected experts
Recently one of my friend/colleague who is a Company Secretary of a Company(A state Govt Co) inform me that their present MD (Managing Director) installed CCTV in the entire office. Once when he visit to his MD in his cabin for some official purpose he found that the MD watching the movements of his employees through TV screen.
My friend told me that installation of CCTV in office premises is although not illegal and for security reason it is become necessary , but discovering the fact that MD of a Company(Who is the administrative head) constantly watching movement of every employees of the Company, annoyed him very much.
I personally also feel to some extent it is crossed the limit of modesty.
Your view is also welcome .
Abhijit Majumder

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19 February 2021 at 20:39

Burial ground

I have a share of 1/3 as per Registered WILL of my late Mother in the undivided property.
Hence It amounts that my share of property is
defined legally self aquired.

Query is can I write a WILL
that I should be Buried in the aquired portion of property.

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Dear Sir/Madam
A and B are brothers, A is owner of the house in xyx Society , and B stay with our parent in rented flat in another society , Now B want to use A address for issuing passport for thses A dont have any problem if B use A address as it address proof .

A request Noc letter for passport verification from society for B , but society has query as bellow
1) Society Asking from how long B is staying at A house.
2) Society asking to produce proof of document for B having address of A on any document such as aadhar card etc.

Can you please advise me what will the way to get noc letter from society for B , and wether the query from.society is valid , even i am ready to take responsibility and give them declaration from my side.

Wether it is mandatory to have same address on B document i.e aadhar card to get Noc from.society.

With regards

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Dear Sir/Mam,
I need guidance on Leakage in our flat since 2 months, in bathroom, Kitchen & now reached to Hall. I have requested my upper flat neighbor 2 months back and has been consistency following up with him to repairing in his flat washroom. He has always says, that no need to worry, I will do it, but doing nothing.

His Flat is given on rent. Today I meet society secretary & has requested him that its creating too much stress and the member is just saying that he will do, but doing nothing just giving assurance.

The secretary said that we can not do anything as its internal matter within your flat & leakage may from upper member flat, so you both should solve.

I inform the secretary that I have been calling every third day, and just give assurance.

And now the Leakage has reached to my Hall Area, our secretary said last I can do is that I will call him and will request but other then I can not do anything.

I need guidance what should I do, as I am in too much stress as the member is just giving assurance but doing nothing & now seems society secretary too just giving assurance.

Kindly help on this

My society comes under Navi Mumbai Area

Thanks - Deepak Parmar

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