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Queries Participated

Anonymous   15 July 2021 at 12:29

Falsely represented as bank employee

To All
Senior experts/professionals
Some days ago an anonymous person call me via phone that he is an employee of a bank and my ATM card deactivate and seeks my details for reactivate ATM card.

As I have no ATM card in that Bank at the moment of calling I understood it was a hoax call. So I cannot share my details.

My query to the senior experts/professionals is that: At this stage can this be treat as an offence under IPC and/or Information Technology Act and lodge complaint before nearest police station ?

Read more at:

PUSHPA LATHA M J   26 June 2021 at 09:59

Amalgamation deed

My grandmother had acquired 30*40 site by MUDA,ana she built house in that site ,she got expired 17year back leaving her two daughters as her legal heirs,.this two daughters had divided the property into two part,by partition deed,and they have built their houses in there shares,now they came to know that their deceased mother had not taken title deed from concern authority,now this daughters had applied for title deed ,so the concern authority is asking that they shall give title deed in joint name of two daughters,so for that they are saying to do amalgamation deed,and get joint title deed,so the question is can we make again partition deed after getting title deed?,bcz both sisters have built their houses in their partitioned share so can they re partition the propert

Victor   26 June 2021 at 08:59

Property distribution in hyderabad ghmc limits.

My father (aged ~78) has a independent house and it has four small rooms (approximately each room size 10' X 10' ) plus kitchen constructed in the plot size of around 33 X 66 feet's.
I have younger brother and is unmarried ,living along with father in same said house .
He lost his job and not attempting for another job since last 10 years though he is qualified master degree
in computers, and became a constant complainer for petty and all things .
He does not do any household works and bear any expenses like water bill, electricity bill
,property tax, vegetables, groceries etc. ,all of them were borne by my father and he objects when I do it voluntarily by myself.

I could not stay there since he finds fault with everything including my family (wife & 2 sons), i.e complaining on almost all , behaving weird. Often accuses that witchcraft has been done on him.

Regarding my stay there .
My father suggestion is, ground floor constructed by him and 1st son can construct 1st
and 2nd floor by 2nd son. And my brother objecting for this proposal for reasons best known to him.

To get distribution of the said property between my younger brother through fathers last will ,
Possibly these two are general options.
option 1. Divide the house into two portions with land registered on two.
2. Sell the property and divide the amount by half between brothers


1.any other undisputable option we have in above given situation ?

2.if does not honor the registered Will, then what is the way out ?

Experts need you valuable suggestions.

Honey Sethi   18 June 2021 at 17:33

Termination from services

Au small finance bank terminated me & provides reason that after subsequent discussion & investigation it was found that i have violate Au small Finance Bank code of conduct & fails to play leadership role , which was Baseless & not correct .
After 20 mails they are not able to submit any proof against me & ruined my 11 years of carrier with false obligations.
They are not ready to answer me any thing anything & force injustice decision over me.
1-They are not ready to provide document evidence of discussion & evidence Report.
2- They are not ready to justify which code of conduct i have violate & how ?
3-They are not ready to justify what was i laking in leadership quality?

Please assist me in as this will lead to my carrier loss as well as image loss. This is direct destruction of my image & defaming my reputation without any mistake of mine.

Anonymous   04 June 2021 at 19:32

Denying transfer certificate and asking to pay fees by schoo

I am a housewife from Ooty and my husband is working as a driver in a tea estate. I have two daughters. One is studying in the private school under the RTE scheme (free education from class 1) and the other daughter is studying by fees (paid by sponsors). When they are in class IV, the school had stopped the free education scheme for reasons unknown. I had paid a total of 22,100 for each child for class V but I couldn't able to pay more (i.e., 14000 each) by December 2020. So no class was attended by my daughters. The school denied entry to attend the classes (online classes). We decided to change the school for the next class where school fees are nominal and affordable. The nearby school we took the admission for my children (five thousand each for children per year). Now the previous school is denying to issue the Transfer Certificate and asking us to pay Rs. 28,000/-. I don't know what to do amidst this lockdown. Already last year, I had paid the fees of 44,200 by pledging the gold and borrowings from my friends. I am kindly requesting to provide the solution for this problem.

Parimala Surendar.

Anonymous   17 May 2021 at 18:17

Regarding mesne profit

My late father had some self acquired property at my native place,including an agricultural land, he was worked in semi-govt. organization , after his retirement , we are facing financial problem, he got his pf and most of the amount spent on my sister's marriage, so, i need to leave my native place for earnings to survive my family, I worked in many states and gave the major part of my earnings to my father for running the house and other expenses for farming purpose, he use to tell me that he will return the money after reaping the crops but unfortunately he fails to earn profit from farming business and faces loss in it. after his death my elder brother's widow and younger brother are asking for their share in property, During that period I was working in private company and earning good salary obviously I have done all the expenses for his funeral and all other religious rituals, when I raise this point before my family members who are threatening me for give out their share from property I ask them to share the expenses I have done of my hard earned money but they kept quite and after some time again demand the share in property, when I went away for job my elder brother's widow and my younger brother sold the agricultural land to local land mafia without my knowledge and concern before that they has made some illegal changes in land record by giving bribe to revenue dept. staff and very small portion of agricultural land left for me on 7/12 land record. after knowing this I was shocked and went into deep depression followed by panic attacks my children were small and studying in the school I was helpless as nobody was there to stand for me, after recovering from illness I filed a civil suite for fraudulent transaction of property my land is illegally occupied by land mafia who is having political connection and threatening me that if I ever try to enter in my own land he will kill me, many times I visited Local police station lodge complaints but he manage the police. The mafia is taking cash crops in my land by using water of my well shall I get the mesne profit of my wrongfully occupied property and when ? Hope, I will get the prompt reply from the experts. Thanks & Regards,

Veerchandra B Shetty   10 May 2021 at 16:56

Payment of customs duty under wrong head

An EOU has done DTA sale and accordingly reversed the appropriate Customs duty and paid the same under Head 0038 due to oversight as the same should have been paid under Head 0037
The customs authorities are now issuing a show cause notice for the same stating as non payment of Customs duty.
What is the provision in such a scenario? Can a SCN be issued stating as non payment of Duty, when the duty has already been paid.
How can the Head be rectified in the payment done

Anonymous   27 April 2021 at 19:13

Court proceedings

My case running in court is never called out. And latter new date is uploaded online. Where can I complain against the staff for this.?

Sangeetha Chandramohan   10 April 2021 at 12:44

Transfer of property

I stay in an apartment in Chennai which is in my father's name and he is no more now. We have a legal heir certificate in my name along with my brother and mother. My mother wants to gift this to me now. Once I receive the property as a gift, can I take a mortgage loan based on this?

Anonymous   26 March 2021 at 20:00

Ipc 186

Does anything, even politely asking something, can be considered to be obstructing public servants especially police to attract 186 IPC ?

Is there any definition on what constitutes obstructing public servant means, either in IPC or in any other Supreme Court judgement?

Thanks and Regards


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