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Queries Participated

Anonymous   27 February 2019 at 18:47

About to withdraw of case u/s 406 506 380ipc

Respected Sir
I have filed a Case U/s 406, 506, 380 IPC in Court against my wife which is now WA (Warrant of Arrest) Stage. Now i want to withdraw the case,because my wife withdraw all the case filed against me and an agreement made where written that both party will withdraw their cases. My wife withdraw all the cases And we jointly filed for MCD, but i could not withdraw the same case filed by me as above charges. and it is mandatory to withdrew the case before MCD Order. So Please guide us that how can i withdraw the same as many lawyer told me that you cant and go to HC for quash where both the party should present. But my wife will not came in my state to attend the court date and i also dont want to call there. Please guide us how can I withdraw the case, Please suggest.

Anonymous   27 January 2018 at 17:11

Sec 340 crpc

Respected Sir
During 498a Evedence stage my wife telling lie many things which is caught during her cross and is totaly differ from her petition which was filed for filling the 498a case U/s 156(3) through court. Also she itself accept that she filed a false case for harassing her through Call & Whats app. I got acuital from 498a . Now I want to file 340 CRPC Prejury against her for telling lie before the honb'le court .
My Question is -
1. May i File Prejury Case against her in my Jurisdiction. ( I m from Kolkata & she is from Jhrakhand. Also i got aquital from Jharkhand where she told lie before the court)

2. Is my Prejury application will be maintainable at my jurisdiction.
3. If any Citation regarding the same (Jurisdiction related judgement), then please share.
4. Please Guide the same.

PRADEEP SHAW   24 March 2015 at 18:47

Mat suit

I have filed a Mat suit in Kolkata court but my wife transfer it through Supreme Court at her mother's home Jharkhand, Now the case is running at Jharkhand Civil Court but from the last two date of Hearing it saw that the record is not found at the time of hearing , the record is missing from the court. then what should I do to taken back the report again and start this case again , from the two date only I submit my Haizra (Attendence) but the record is not found at that time.
please advice what should we do at that time, any petition can I filed before the court. if yes what is it.

PRADEEP SHAW   18 March 2015 at 13:56

Witness before 313 crpc

My wife filed a false 498A case against my mother & me and now the Evidence is closed from the girl side and cort order to files 313crpc and told us to give our statement before the court but I think that I want to file a petition before the court and request him to allow us to stand some witness from our end before giving our statement u/s 313 crpc & want to give our statements at the end of the complete of our witness. Is it possible and is the court allow to do so, please advise and if yes have you send us any format to file that requisition petition for our witness before the court please.

PRADEEP SHAW   17 March 2015 at 14:57

About 498a

My wife filled a flase 498 A case againt my mother and me after 2yrs of marriage , and she lives in Jharkhand an I live in Kolkata. Her family is very dangerous like criminal back ground. I want to know that if I go there to attend the case will their family can harm us by any criminal action like murder or fighting etc etc. If yes then what should I do at that time and save for us.

PRADEEP SHAW   12 March 2015 at 19:14

Crpc 313

My Wife filed a false 498A case against me & my mother and now the case is on 313 CRPC position as all witness along with cross was over from the girls side and cross was also over. Now the evidence is closed and the magistrate ordered for 313 crpc, What is 313 CRPC and what should we do for the preparation for 313 crpc to fight against the false 498A, What question and answer will be best for safety of us. please advice, Your advice will be highly appreciable.

PRADEEP SHAW   11 March 2015 at 14:24


My wife filed a false 498A case after 2 yrs of marriage and also she leave from 1 year at their matrimonial home then she filled a false 498 a case , then we took the bail and the case was on witness position now all the statements were complete from the side of girl along with cross examination of us.

Now what is the next steps and what should we do to proof my innocence as I have a plenty of proof against her like phone recording of her and her family members, doctor's prescription slip ecg report etc etc. please advice
Thanks in adv.


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