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Queries Participated

Sudesh Kumar Bhatia   21 May 2019 at 17:43

Harrassment by icici bank recovery agents

This is to bring to your kind notice that I am a holder of a credit card no. 4375516119712002 of ICICI Bank. I was unable to make the payments due to some family health problems. Now I am being harrassed by recovery agents. Inspite of informing that I am facing some medical issues they keep calling me regularly, they also visit my house and call my brother & father. The name of the recovery agents are Ranbir Singh 9878043708 and Parminder Singh 81949 54074.

Please help me .

sudhakar s. yeradkar   30 April 2019 at 13:55

Termination of membership from managing committee of a mem

Sir / Madam,

We seek your expert advise on the following.......

In the Co-operative housing society one managing committee member, neither attending the monthly meetings nor involved in any kind or work since long back. Few members are insisting Secretary to terminate him from the committee membership.

Is secretary have a right to issue a termination letter to that member or

is it required to take decision in the managing committee meeting with majority?

Please advise.


Neeraj Jha   30 April 2019 at 13:32

Contract for property deed


I have purchased a property in Haryana from a person who claims to be owner of that property but he is not legally owner of that property because he taken up that property for making profit from the owner to sale out further.

Now he sold me a piece of that property and presented himself as owner of property in contract but he is not actual owner. I have purchased a 2000 rupees stamp paper and got his sign on the deed along with sign of dealer as witness. on receipt of 3Lac I got simple sign from him instead of revenue stamp of 1 rupee.

Now, I cancelled the deed because registration is not done on that property as this is field not residential property. now deed is cancelled and they are not returning my money 3 Lac.

Is it fraud case ???
can police take any action on this to lodge FIR u/s 420 and 467??

Mohamed farook   30 September 2017 at 19:25

Cheque Deceiving Case

In a transport stage carriage passenger service partnership business one was retiring after ascertaining the account till date.The cheque particulars were mentioned and registered as received.The retiring partner was promised to issue the cheque after registration completes.The cheque was not given.The existing partners declaring a legal notice that they would not give the cheque and not liable to give as the accounts were wrong.The document consisting that the accounts were ascertained and the amount was reached the cheque was written.Criminal breach of trust,Cheating,Criminal conspiracy Case can be complained or not.The firm property like passenger bus can be suited or not by interim injunction order in a civil suit.Both criminal and civil can be filed or not to convict and recover money.please advise me suitably.

4WhatIsRight   26 August 2017 at 16:59

Application for submitting bank guarantee in court

I am a plaintiff in a suit for specific performance, in which hearing is yet to begin.
To prove my readiness and willingness to perform my obligation, I want to deposit the consideration with court.
How do I make an application and under which provisions?
Do I need to deposit the money with court registry or can I give a continuous bank guarantee?
If I have to deposit the consideration with bank / court who will enjoy the interest? Because property is being enjoyed by the defendant...and matter may go on for years.

NAYANMONI   24 August 2017 at 22:54

Priority sector lending under rbi

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to know whether commercial banks operating in India are bound to abide by each and every rule prescribed by the top bank (RBI)? i have seen many banks don't provide any loans under priority sector lending policy like MUDRA and CGTMSE even though there is a clear mandate from RBI that they should.what action can be taken if a bank don't want to talk to a customer from priority sector lending policy who wants to stand on his own feet by setting up a business? my next question is if my CIBIL score 800+ and all my documents are in order and bank don't want to give me any loan under priority sector lending policy, what action can be taken against in this respect?

parvez   24 June 2017 at 06:50

Where to file the case against Sarpanch of Grampanchayat

Dear sir
My self have a property located in bhiwandi Maharashtra. It fall under Grampanchayat. I have one civil suit filled on me in that property from my Co owner. In the case plantiff has demanded the temporary injestion on going construction on my plot. But his injestion application was rejected by the court . Now when I had approach the Grampanchayat for noc required for meter connection at first they issued . Then cancelled noc stating that they have Recived objection from my co-owner for issuing the noc.i try to convince them but they are not ready to release the fresh noc. So please help how to get noc. If Grampanchayat is harassing me to whom I can approach.

Vijay Kumar   20 April 2017 at 22:15

Can a general caste person buy sc land which has been time barred for restoration?

A piece of Land was mortgaged by Mr. X (Schedule Caste Person having his name in Khaitian) to Mr.Y in lieu of Rs.150/- in Year 1946, Possession of Land was transferred by Mr. X to Mr.Y , As repayment was never done by Mr. X and he died in 1949. In 1965 a suit for recovery of possession was of Land was filed by Sons of Mr.X, However it seems they never fought the case and and ex parte Order was given in favor of Mr.Y keeping in view adverse possession he had on land for more than 12 Years. In 1967 the same piece of land was sold to Mr. Z who again in 1982 sold it to Mr. A, Now till date Mr. A has the plot hols the plot, Mutation stands in name of Mr.A and he also has the possession.

In the year 2000, a case was file in SAR Court for restoration of possession of Land by Descendants of Mr.X, against Mr.A , and an ex parte order was given against Mr. A and Land was restored in favor of Mr.X.

When Mr.A came to know about the ex parte order, he filed an appeal in the court of Deputy Commissioner and won the case since the case was filed more than 35 years after the land was given in possession of a General Category Person (i.e. 1965) and was time barred. Decision of SAR Court was set aside and land was Mr.A was allowed to continue possession and decree was given in his favor.

In 2005, Descendants of Mr. X now filed an appeal in the court of commissioner for restoration of possession of Land. However there also Mr. A won the case on the grounds that the case was time barred according to Section 71A of CNT Act of 1908. Decision came in 2014.

Thereafter no appeal has been made by descendants of Mr.X in High Court and Mr. A continues to enjoy the possession of land. It has been 3 Years since the last case was disposed in Court of Commissioner.

Note: Mr. X was/has been classified was Schedule Case. (Caste: Oraon)

Rest all people to whom ownership has been transferred are by caste GENERAL

Mutations, Possession and all documents of Land are good and in name of Mr. A

In 2012 Govt acquired some portion of the concerned land and payment was given to Mr.A.


1. Should I buy the Land?
2. Can can other descendants of Mr. X (other than who has filed the case all along) file a case agai in lower court and will his case stand or in case of construction, can he put a stay.
3. Is there any risk of any nature in buying this piece of land?

M Satyanarayana   20 April 2017 at 15:14

Perpetual pending case


I happen to be one of the party to a partition suit filed long back. I am fortunate enough to receive preliminary decree in my favour. I hoped and happy there will be final decree and my uffering will end.

To my utter surprise and embarassement the case is still pending with no hope for final decree. The other party and their family are filing one after the other false fabricated documents of claims/possession over the property and obstructing final decree till date. The case is two decades old.

Do I have right to sell my share in the property without physical metes and bound and final decree by respective court. Other party is waiting for total surrender of my share in kind.

Please let me know the facts about my case and my share.

Thanking you,


K.Gunasekaran   13 April 2016 at 19:49

Love marriage

I have done love marriage. But before we tried to register the marriage in pudukottai district. We take help from a friend. Given all doc. Related to register marriage. He told that he will do all. Don't required yo come to office too. He gave certificate. I believed that. After marriage in temple. My wife father gave complaint about us. We gave the marriage certificate. But they enquired that was not original. My father-in-law gave complaint. They transfer case to crime branch. We don't know what to do. We thapght that original. But we fooled. What to do.


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