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Bhumika   19 August 2016 at 15:56

How to prove adultory?

can the adultory be proved by the register of any hotel which shows that husband was spended 24 hours with his girlfriend. and call recordings in which the GF was accepting that he spent may nights with the so called husband. Please suggest how can i put a strong case before the court against the adultory along with the domestic violence

RJ   19 August 2016 at 02:07

Pending 13(1)(ia) hma- available options ?

Dear Experts,

Working mother, lived in an abusive marriage for 4years.
Now moved out and living on my own alongwith my minor female child and filed 13(1)(ia)

Steps I need to take immediately?

1) Do I need to separately file for child custody ? under what section/Act ?
2) Can I claim maintenance for my child ? under what sections or Acts?
3) Any interim relief myself/mychild is eligible for ?



Rohit mehra   18 August 2016 at 19:57

Wife filed 498a against me at her native place

Is it possible for my wife to file 498 a under circumstances when she is married for 6 years and was staying with me till last June. We had differences, we discussed for mutual settlement but later wife's family went back on words. They called my wife two months back and today they filed 498a and section 12 on me and my mother which is completely false. Is it possible for her to file this case at her native place where I hv visited last 3.5 yrs back on birth of my child? How can I about 498a I'd she can.....what is current process....kindly share your valuable feedback.....regards Rohit

Vishal jain   18 August 2016 at 17:16

Domestic violence act


in one case Last date of incident/cruelty and complaint by wife against her husband is in the year of 2010.

Since then the husband and wife are living separately not in communication with each other since 2010 till now i.e. 2016.

whether the wife can file domestic violence case against her husband, and is it maintainable, as there is a long gap of 6 years.

jaggdish   18 August 2016 at 09:58

Divorce based on rcr mediation fail


i am staying in bangalore, my wife left my marimonial home on june 2014 and file false 498a and DV her home town. I have contest that case. i have filed RCR in bangalore. she came to court and 2 mediations are happended but she reject orally and case come up for trial. but in mean time she file transfer put no petetion on supreme court and got stay on my case. i am contesting that case in supreme court. but already 1 year over that transfer case but no result as of now.

but i am planning to file dessertion and cruelity grounds divorce petetion on here place because i am file here bangalore again she uses same trick apply and put my case on hold in supreme court.

my quiestion is we are officially sepearated for last 2 years that means
dessertion may happen. my advocate told to me contest divorce based up on RCR mediation fail and tranfer case to her place is dessertion. is it correct please help on this. most of the people suggest to clear RCR case and file divorce. but when transfer case cleared no idea.


Lakshmi Nair   17 August 2016 at 21:46

Contested Divorce

Hi due to physical abuse and frequent fights i have decided to file for divorce from my husband. He is also verbally abusive & forcibly kept all my salary with him refusing to give it back. Tried to convince him for counselling but he refused. Also refused to give a mutual divorce hence i have filed a contested petition but its yet to reach my husband. I dont wish to get entangled in a legal battle. Should i mail him to consider a mutual divorce again though i have already filed for divorce under cruelty? Is it ok for me to communicate with him now before the petition reaches him? I still don't want a divorce but doing because no way out as my husband has no intention to mend his ways. Pls help

Yaaros   16 August 2016 at 20:36

Can high court force the respondent in matrimonial appeal to agree for 13b?

Can high court force either respondent or both for mutual divorce (13B) in pending appeal on judgement from family court? If I don't agree for 13B even on advise from HC, and blindly ask for trail based on merit, will it adversely affect my side during trial?

afshan   16 August 2016 at 02:06

How to get a court decree or divorce certificate

I'm a muslim woman, i recently got divorced. My ex husband pronounced talaq infront of my parents. WE even got a fatwa from one of the institutions in the light of islamic law stating that i'm divorced and no longer his wife. After this he refused to sign any papers or help in any way and left the city. I don't know his whereabouts. Now my question is how can i get a divorce certificate or a court decree in his absense . i have the fatwa stamped and signed in urdu and english.

krishna   16 August 2016 at 01:32


Sir, I have filed a divorce case on my husband which is pending. My husband was running a shop from a property which was joint family property(HUF) owned by my father in law.My father in law has now sold that property which was the only source of income of my husband.
1.Can I challenge the sale of that property?
2.What steps can I take. The custody of a minor son is with me.

Sameer Khan   04 August 2016 at 20:23

Guardianship under muslim

Respected sir
I and my wife had no child since our marriage from 21 years. therefore brother of my wife gave his minor son [3rd number] to us immediately on his birth in 2013. Since then that son is with us. in 2015, my wife's brother and his wife made declaration of guardianship in our favour which is made on notary paper. I want passport of said son. However, passport office asked appointment of guardian by court. please advice me. I am muslim by religion and stay in bombay, maharashtra.



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