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Queries Participated

Devaraj   29 June 2015 at 14:35

Is my mother have right to take share in her mother property

Sir/ Madam,

My mother age52 and her married in 1970's, here i have doubt that my mother's mother (my grand mother)having a property Tumkur District Urdiger hobli, Karnataka, is my mother can get or ask equal share in that,
please let me know.

my grand mother has total 5 children 3 doughter and two sons


Simerjeet singh   22 June 2015 at 11:56

Party wall dispute

hello sir ,
issue is this that we have a common wall between us and our neighbors. the wall built by us... now the problem is they are doing reconstruction to their house. they are inserting a beam in wall i have 2 questions
1. at what length they can insert the beam in wall

2.if the beam cross the common wall and and enter into my house who will pay the cost ... can police help in this case or court

Nikky abraham   13 June 2015 at 09:46


Dear experts I stay in hyderabad nd have purchased property from A in 1990 which is registered in my name (area 1 acre).after so many years brother of A i.e B claim the land for partition as it is ancestral property decreed by court of law in 2012 between two brothers giving half of share each in which property purchased by me also includes..what problem can I get from B legally or can I challenge with the registered deed stating that I'm in possession..please give me your valuable suggestions.

Jiten   15 December 2014 at 10:05

One original agreement for two property


We have jointly owned family property (Factory in a Reg. Society)) in Maharashtra originally bought by our father in 1975 by entering in to an agreement in 1975. Now last year, we have divided this property in to two equal parts (within family). Society has divided and transfer the shares accordingly. I want to know the fact who will retain the original agreement of 1975 as owner of the both part wish to sell their portion of the property?

Waiting for reply.

Thanks a lot.

ChandanLawyersclub   10 December 2014 at 12:04

Apartment without (oc) occupancy certificate

Dear experts,
I have seen a flat in Bangalore for which builder is not providing OC( occupancy certificate). Apartment is ready to move .
Actually I came to know there is deviation in compound wall and building distance where deviation is 30%-40%( distance left is lower). Builder is saying it will be converted in A khata in next Akrama – Chakrama by paying some money. SBI is giving the home loan.
I have seen 60% builder are selling without OC.
What are the risk if I book such flat? How govt. is allowing such construction in Bangalore 60-70% construction is without OC. Can BBMP demolish such buildings latter on?

suraj j patel   25 November 2014 at 23:44


A. Father
B. Only son from A'S first wife
E.Son ( three sons from A'2 nd wife )

B dies in 1989,

A,C,D,E has executed a gpa to F in 1995, A, Dies in 1998.
F sells the property to G in the year 2002.

RTC was in A's name

Query 1:The sale deed was created by F in favour G Via GPA after the death of A ( B,C,D ) are still alive.

I am the only son of B, What is my rights & B,C,D rights over the said property.

Query 2: Can i challenge the sale deed made by F in favour G Via GPA after the death of A.

Query 3: Can G fight for the share of ( B,C,D ) as they are are still alive.

venkat b.   28 May 2013 at 12:02

whether tenancy of a proprotpry firm is hereditory?

My late father had given shop on rent tp a proprietory firm to a senior citizen. They are not willing to vacate. Pl. Advise me whether his son who is conducting the business will have any right as a heir

Anonymous   28 May 2013 at 11:57

Mother's right on property after son's death

My uncle had passed awaya a few months back
The property is on his name(12 acres of land)
He had a daughter (of age 1month) also died a month before my uncle's death
Now how much property vl go to his mother
And how much to his wife?

Deepak Parmar   28 May 2013 at 11:33

Correction in name - need advice

My Ancestors are from Gujarat State, I have been born & bought up in Mumbai, as I have property in Gujarat (Agricultural Land & Bungalow0 at my Native, my Name appears with BHAI everywere at the end of my name, even after making correction at various records, any one adds bhai after my name, they say its tradition in gujarat to add bhai after the name.

But the issue is that as my School LC, Passport, PAN Card, Aadahar Card has only name & no word Bhai is added to it.

Whenever I submit my PAN Card at Local Bank in Gujarat he says the name differs as the name Bhai is not in the PAN Card.

Should I make official gazzette in Mumbai & add the word bhai in my all documents.

Kindly advice

devraj   28 May 2013 at 07:53

Noc for leave and license

We got possession of our flat in Navi Mumbai in October 2012, and we want to give it on leave and license, but society is not yet been formed, and maintenance is given to builder. To obtain NOC from builder for to rent out our flat is it legal for him to demand any charges? Do we need to give him details of our tenant or only to the police? Can he charge more than 10% of the maintenance charges from us?