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Queries Participated

shashikant gharge   15 June 2016 at 22:32

Breach of contract

Hello Gentelmens
I am doing business of carrying and forwarding agent.last year one company approach me and we made an agreement of c and was new in field.agreement done in month of may.they recruited two employees and requested me to pay their salaries and expenses on behalf of company but that was oral discussion they appoint the employees after interview at their office without appointment letter ,initially due_to technical problem they couldnot supply material they supplied material in the month of july.but the material which they supplied was out_of demand .employees forced half of the material to retailers as a result they couldnot collect payments in time and as a result company told me to wind up their activities .and terminate employees ,and lifted unsold material .now my query is that I paid four lacks to employees .and spent fifty thousand on transport .now company is denying to reimburse my payment and send me notice through advocate of breach of contract bleming that we didnot keep stock records .and not appointed any employees .although they took meetings of employees on their sites we have minutes of meetings ,mail records of correspondence but purposely harresh me ,on the ground of notice please suggest me .what to do ?

shashikant gharge   20 May 2016 at 18:42

Carrying and Forwarding Agency.agreement

Dear Experts .I am doing year ago I did agreement with one company of C& per agreement my role was carrying their stock and forward to dealers as per their appointed two sales person on temporary basis they collects orders from market we supplied material as per orders after four months company couldnot fulfil orders .and not paid salary and expenses to their staff and told to quit the company as a result staff recovers their payments from market and from dealers are not responding for balance payments .in this situation company blaming and asking payments to me and giving notice to me of breach of contract .please advice me how can I responsible for their dues.

shashikant gharge   05 July 2014 at 19:58

Sale deed

Respected Experts

in 1999 i purchased a house from one person I paid full amount through cheque.he gave me possession of house(Sill iam living in that house)but that time any type of paperwork was not made.afterthat party avoids to make sale deed recently before months he agreed but demands 8 lakhs more.i agreed and pay him 3 lakhs and made a registered sale agreement and agrred to pay remaining 5 lakhs in two months.but due to improper documents of that property bank do not sanctioned my loan and i could not pay him within two months.I make some other arrengements but now he is not agree for sale deed he demands mre money please advice me in this situation what to do?

shashikant gharge   08 October 2013 at 12:06

Cheating case

I was in partnership business.ours was a registered parnership firm.we did business from 1998 to 2003 in 2003 partner told me to leave partnership.meanwhile he didnot give me my share and purposely hidden accounts from me.we were did audits.we still not dissolved legally our parnership deed.all documents are in his custody.he is refusing to me handover deed and other this circumstances should i file case against him?or can claim my profit?under which law i can file a case against him
please advice

shashikant gharge   29 September 2013 at 14:00

Partnership business

Dear Sir

From 1998 to 2004 i did business with one partner ours was registered parner was looked after all the accounts and i was five years he was avoiding to settle the accounts he gave me amount only for expenses.he porposely kept away me from accounts but our business was profitable.we did leagal audits. in 2004 he told me to leave partnership.we cancel cst no's and stopped activities that time he was agree to pay me my share but year after year he is avoiding in this circumstances can i take leagal stand? and what point.please advise

shashikant gharge   29 September 2013 at 13:49

Sale deed

ear Sir

Iam living at Nashik. In 1999 I made a transaction of house Owner offer me his house 640 s/ft at Rs.250000/- I transfeered Rs.190000/-by cheque & remaining in Cash.He gave me immidiate possession.since then (1999) i am living in that house.that time no sale deed or any written agreement was made.because He was close in relation & house was mortgaged to Bank For his personal loan he agreed that as soon as he repay the loan he will make a sale deed.but till this date he is avoiding to do sale his behavior is changed he is not accept the transaction because price of house is much increased.and trying to sale somebody.please advise me in this situation How can I defend against him? Can he do sale agreement with third person? please advise

shashikant gharge   22 September 2013 at 22:39

Recovery suit

I am doing business one party from ahemadabad sent me without order material in high prices i do not agree and as per his telephonic instructions same material i transfered to other party but piarty was asking payment to me. finally he charged recovery suit upon me i havenot received notice my neighbour took the notice after that he he got pledge from court and on support from that document he took post dated cheques from me i was enable to pass cheques but i sent him same amount through NEFT till this date i have paid him 80% amount but now he is refusing that he have not received the amount please suggest me in this case what can i do?

shashikant gharge   22 September 2013 at 22:17

Purchase of flat without agreement

dear sir
in 1999 i Do orally agreement with my business partnres father regarding home he agreed to purchase his home to me according to that i transfered full amount in terms of cheque and cash to him but sale deed was not made because his house was mortgaged to bank for his business.he told me that as soon as mortgage is cleared he will made agreement he given me possession of house in 1999 still iam living that house but till this date he is avoiding to do sale agreement now he is trying to sale same house to other party.and threating me to leave that house in this case what i can do .please suggest

shashikant gharge   27 February 2012 at 22:06

Request for suggestion&guidence

Respected all experts.Before 15 years i was in partnership business.i was associated with my partner upto 6 years ours was resistered partnership firm we did very good business& earned good profit i was looked after marketing part &partner was handling accounting six years i have not received or my partner don't give me any portion of profit.after six years he pressurize on me to leave the firm.i left from firm till date neither he settles our accounts nor he clears debters,actually we collects all outstandings from market.but purposely my partner denying to settle our accounts in this situation what can i do? another issue is during that period i purchased his fathers house i paid one third amount through cheque & remaining in cash sale did was not made because house was morgaged to bank & with mutual understanding of us it was decided to madesale deed after clearing bank loan.but here also now he is denying to transfer house on my name.since 15 years I am living in that by day he is pressurise me to leave the house and indirectly demanding more money.and trying to sell house to other party.due to this mental stress day by day I am suffering from illness I become totally frustate i know leagally i am not all are requested to suggest me any way.

shashikant gharge   13 February 2012 at 11:27

Account confirmation

being a small businessman i would like to place my query before honourable experts,that i made various transactions.purchases& payments with company.i made extra payments & have credit balance to company but company is denying to settle how can i recover my money?


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