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Queries Participated

Sumir   28 December 2011 at 20:17

Ragging/ want a lawyer in mumbai

Ok, I must have asked this query many times..
I am a doctor. In 2005 I faced ragging(verbal)-->complaint---> Inquiry was set up--> Committee found no ragging--> I was not satisfied--> I complained of same to university and police--> university asked college to file FIR---> college asked police to file FIR---> police asked the Dean to come to police and file FIR--> College states don't file FIR under pretext my mental condition not proper--> Police states even they feel my mental condition not proper, hence they are not filing FIR---> College ask not file FIR even on my direct complaint to police.
I am continously writting letter to one or other. College says (to their superior), police stated my mental condition not proper and hence FIR can't be filed, and police says (to their superior) college stated my mental condition not proper and hence FIR can't be filed.
This is going till date. (their is no one common authority who can make answerable to both police and college. Last I wrote letter to Bombay HC, who has asked comment of university, which is still pending)
Now, I want to approach court (either HC, or Magistrate or any other court)
Till date my father was not supporting me financially, but now I earn.
Also let me know what can be likely outcome of such a late (old) case, from your experience.

TR Madhavan   18 December 2011 at 20:54

Charge sheet

A private criminal complaint was filed in June 2010, FIR registered and named accused obtained anticipatory bail. Its more than a year and half matter is still under investigation and collection of evidences. Charge sheet not filed.

1. Police is at liberty to file charge sheet at anytime during limitation period. What is the limitation period as per law?

2. Filing progress report before the concerned court for further investigation means?

3. Investigating officer is not bound to record statement of accused and collect evidence. Still asked for evidences and written statement was given. But, ignored the same.

4. At this stage should the accused wait till he receive the summons or go for quashing proceedings?

M. Jayalakshmi   18 December 2011 at 15:59

Written statement submission

A false private criminal complaint has been filed against my husband and another person. The association president and secretary too have given false statement before the investigating police officials. Other members who are in favour of my husband want to give written statement of facts related to the case. Can it be a joint statement or every individual has to give separately in writing? Whom should it be addressed to?
Inspector of Police of concerned police station or commissioner of police or concerned metropolitan magistrate who ordered to investigate and report? Please advice.

Manav Kalia   09 December 2011 at 21:20

Its ipc 406 bailable or non bailable?

Wikipedia list IPC 406 as bailable. Whereas other sites list it as non bailable. Confirm please on the issue. Thanks..

anckoora   09 December 2011 at 19:45

Compensation to a flat owner

Dear Sir,

Facts : In Mumbai, a flat ( worth 50 lacs ) is purchased on 5th floor in a Apartment ( having total 7 floors ) which is 5 years old and it is a duly registered co-op society.
Now, in a major earthquake in Mumbai, this apartment collapses totally.
So, my 50 lacs is gone. What can all flat owners get from government ? Will government build up the building and give flats to all the flat owners ?
In short, in few seconds , is my 50 lacs gone ? or I have any other alternative ?
pl. advise. Since the society was registered, the land on which that apartment was built, again apartment can be built (if all flat owners agree ) ? If yes, who will give fund ?

In short, what can be scenario in such situation ? If answers to all above question is negative, then it means that as a clever man, one has to buy tenement. Incase, this tenament is collapsed, then land is still there with you & you can re-build. As a flat owner, you loose everything. Am I right.

Experts, please give your expert views on above...


sumeet   08 December 2011 at 22:39

Voice identification

Sir, In my office one of my subordinate (earlier worked under me for one and half year) was caught red handed by CBI. Now CBI has requested my office for voice verification of the accused, Office deputed me and one my subordinate for voice verification. After careful listening we regretted that we could not identiy the voice of the accused. The proceedings were recorded by CBI. CBI is now giving threatening that they will take severe action against us for non recognition of the voice and we can be arrested for non cooperation. The same is not understood. kindly guide us.



mallikarjunareddy   05 December 2011 at 15:16

Govt job eligibility

Dear sir, my brother was recently selected for the post of sub inspector in central police organisation, in CISF department. two years back he was binded over before mandal executive magistrate(mro) for 6 months u/s 108 . Police in the fir wrote that he is a sympathiser of the banned maoist party, he succesfully completed the bind over period without any remarks. He do not have any cases before the bind over or after till now. only he is having is bind over u/s 108 in 2009. Now as he got job , will this become any problem for his job in the police enquiry?
Please help in this matter and show us a solution sir, this is his life matter.

Thanking u,

Yours sincerely,

J.C.Mishra   28 November 2011 at 18:03

Non arrest

accused No.1 and No.2 as per the FIR WHO have been booked under 307 ipc and others act and 25 arms act in a firing incident have not been arrested even after passing 1 year to the incident and now the police has submitted the final charge sheet in the trial court by not filing charge sheet against them and completely omitting their names from the charge sheet. What can be done in this case to get the accused persons arrested and charge sheeted ?
Can any petition be filed in the High court.

Prashant Deshpande   19 November 2011 at 21:58

defamation suit against news paper

I am working as Govt servant. one news paper has published a news containing my name that I used to collect "Hafta". which is personally insulting to me . there is no such evidence occurred , can I file defamation suit against the news paper and concerned representative of the paper?

vigneshwar   05 November 2011 at 21:48

Wrong and unevidenced complaint on me

we are living in a rented house for the past three years and suddenly another person comes to the house and claiming himself as the owner of the house,we don't know about the dispute and the terms and agreement about our house owner and the new claimed person .Now the so call claimed house owner sent a letter to my organisation and asking to take actions on me.But the complaint they waived against me was totally incorrect and nothing was true in that complaint and they don't have any proof for the information provided by them in the I want to know "is there any legal procedure that I can file a case on them for giving a wrong complaint on me and misusing my name in the organisation",and further I didn't put any (rent) agreement with my house owner till date.
The other party is threatening me to give the rent agreement and they are warning me that they will "file a case against me on collusion basis with my house owner"but i didn't put any rent agreement.Please guide me to resolve this issue


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