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Manav Kalia
Arguing my own cases..

About me

  Member Since : 03 September 2011  (New Delhi)

To know more about me, or for any help, call me @ +91 - 8826368867 , or mail me at , or look me up @ , or read my articles @ .... :-)


Had DV, 498a, 406 against me. I filed divorce but ex wife said she wants to stay married to me after calling me a monster in her cases. On top of that she moved her residence from her old place which was very near her workplace to a two minute walk from my residence after separation and was wasting hours in traffic and thousands in petrol costs just to stay very near me. For that she earned for herself adjectives like strange, abnormal, weird, bizzare, crazy and funny etc among people who know both of us. Am really grateful to her for creating a constant source of amusement for me by all this... ;-)


I also had a brain stroke (aneurysm) in January 2009, which permanently destroyed 40% of my left side of the brain. Lost the ability to read, write, type and speak because of that. Have learnt to do all that all over again. And am still learning. One positive from the stroke is I gained an enormous amount of courage and will power. So I read up on law myself and argued all my cases in court myself without any lawyer..


Really grateful to the people on LCI for helping me.... :-)


PS: All my cases are over now in my favour and the ex has also agreed to give divorce.. ;-)

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