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Jibanananda Goswami   01 March 2010 at 02:14

Registered Society

Kindly visit the link. If the page have any problem, download the zip file. I have never heard of this type problem before. If anybody have seen this type problem, kindly post an article in this club.

The main question confusing me is "Why these are going on?" This is not a normal situation. Most people generally search legal advice in abnormal position. But this case is beyond my range. I can go to the Court and fight and win, but I failed to understand the reason on the actions. So I am putting the problem for the world. Kindly analyze and help.

Manish Kumar Gupta   05 February 2010 at 19:28

Rent on Service Tax.

Dear All

We remember that levy of service tax on ‘Rent’ was held ultra vires by Delhi High Court in case of Home Solution Retail India Ltd. Vs. UOI and others (2009) 20 STT 129. Union of India- who was the respondent in said judgment filed a SLP in Supreme Court, praying inter alia for stay of operation of Delhi High Court judgment. However, the Supreme Court did not stay the operation of Delhi High Court judgment, but issued notices to parties concerned to file their replies. During pendency of matter in Supreme Court, Revenue authorities instructed their field officers by way of Instructions dated 15thJuly 2009 to take necessary action to safeguard revenue by either pursuing the tax payer to pay up the service tax or resort to means under law. The Instructions issued on 15 July 2009 were challenged by SSIPL Retail Ltd. in a Writ petition filed before Delhi High Court who has taken strong objection to said Instructions and it was assured by Additional Solicitor General, appearing on behalf of the Union of India, that corrective steps will be taken to issue further instruction, in super session of earlier instructions, to not to demand service tax till such time Supreme Court decides the SLP.

We want one clarification that if it is applicable on the properties situated in other states.

Please resopond.



vinod kumar singh   08 January 2010 at 11:06

Maharashtra Rent control Act, 2000

I want to purchase a premises of which Rent Reciept is in name of Pvt Ltd. Comany.
in view of that i am taking over the company by purchsaseing the shares of compnay in my name. Rent receipt shall be contiune in the name of original name only.
in future, can Landlord sue that there is a trasfer of shares violate the provision of tenancy laws and can file eviction suit against purchaser.

M. PIRAVI PERUMAL   07 January 2010 at 14:12

Affixing special adhesive(NJS) in notarized affidavit

Can any of our learned members provide me any GO issued by Government of Tamil Nadu in respect of usage of special adhesive (NJS)in affidavit to be sworn before notary public ?

Sekhar P   02 October 2009 at 17:17

Revocation of Gift

Father gifted the house to ist son with regd gift deed with love and effection and no conditions mentioned.
After 6 months of gift deed, father revoked the gift deed with revocation of gift deed with mentioning that the son is not taking care and not providing food etc.
Immediately after 1 week, father executed transferred the house with sale deed on second sons name.
Please let me know/advice: Is it right that revocation of gift is correct and further steps to be taken.

akash jain   06 September 2009 at 17:08

a valuable adviced seeked

I have purchased a residential property near about 30 yrs back.We got the sale deed Registered through the power of attorney holder of the seller.
The property is muted by us in Muncipal records from then and we are staying there peacefully till now and paying all dues etc in our name as owner.
Recently the owner,3 years back ,after knowing that we lost the copy of power of attorney of seller,refused the registry and given ground that he left the place at the of Registry,and he never sold the property to us.
The registered deed of sale contains Income Tax permission under Section 230A[1],of I.T .Act 1961,which was signed by the original parties and is attached in the Registry.The I.T. permission was from the other State,where the seller was filling Income Tax returns and having their Head Office.
Now,can I call the Income Tax Dept of that State from where the order was issued to Seller,for witness in Civil Court,where I filled Title deed suit against the Seller.The said Order or Permission Order U/S 230A[1] of I.T Act,1961 ,was taken before 30 yrs by the seller.
-what is the process to call them?
-IS Civil Court of one State is having Rights to Call for witness from some another state of India,Or we have to go there,to that State,with my Lawyer,Oath Commissioner,appointed by Court for taking the statement Income Tax Dept of that State?
-Can I will get reply from that Dept. ,after 30 yrs about its verification of that order?
-Can I take use of Right to Information Act,and get some useful reply from that Dept. and avoid going their,so long and incurring so much expenses?
-If I can take use of Right to Information Act,what I must ask to them and for expenses ,what and in which Form I have to send money for getting information from I.T Dept.?
_ I.T Dept may refuse to give reply,as the document and information needed by me is of more than 30 yrs old,so what may be appropriate way to ask them ,so as to get reply required for purpose?
What else help and valuable opinion of yours can be received to me in such a matter?
What was the clauses of Section 230A[1],of I.T .Act 1961 and what was the process in Year 1978 to get the Permission under that section of I.T Act,1961?
Please help me and oblidged.
Thanking You sirs,
Akash Maheshwari

venkat reddy   02 August 2009 at 13:27

summary suit

what is summary suit how it is to be filed
please let me know.