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Member (Account Deleted)   01 October 2008 at 15:36

Adv. for Advocate

Dear learned friends,

I have come across a few instances where some advocates of Guwahati prefix "Adv." to their name, like in the case of doctors and engineers who prefix their name with Dr. and Er. respectively. For example Adv. Ram Kumar Das, Adv. Sultan Ahmad, Ad. Joseph Baruah....

Now do you think this is legally correct/fair??

Rekha.....   30 September 2008 at 21:01

I need proper proforma

Hello! Friends
My client is going to receive the cheque of PF from his company. The documents such as LC, Ration Card, Certificate of cast are mentioned his name as RAVINDRAKUMAR which is correct. But in his Said PF Account by mistake his name is entered as RAKESH for this he needs Affidavit. SO PL CORRECT THE FOLLOWING AFFIDAVIT ACCORDING LY OR ALTER AND GIVE ME ACCURATE PROFOMA OF AFFIDAVIT FOR THE PURPOSE
I ,the undersigned deponent:
Ravindrakumar....... , Aged:.... years, Hindu-Koli by religion, Occupation: Service,residing at......... State,India do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that:

That my name ”RAVINDRAKUMAR .........” is mentioned and recorded in my every documents and papers which is true and correct.

That my name ‘ RAKESH.......... ’ is entered and recorded by mistake in my Provident Fund Account No..........

THAT the purpose of making this affidavit is to confirm and rectify my above name i.e.‘RAVINDRAKUMAR ........’ and ‘RAKESH ....... is belong to one and the same person only and that is myself establish this confirmation with the concerned offices/departments and authorities, I do hereby execute this affidavit. This is the sole purpose of this affidavit.

THAT all the facts stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
THAT I know that to make a false affidavit is a criminal offence.

DATE……… ____________________

Identified by me and the contents
explained to the deponent in
Vernacular language


Solemnly affirmed before me by the abovenamed deponent who has been identified by…………advocate
to whom I know personally.

rahul   30 September 2008 at 19:46

human rights

what are the job oppertuinities for llm students in human rights.please give in details about it.

Member (Account Deleted)   30 September 2008 at 18:13

difference betwen a lawyer and an advocate

what was the difference between a lawyer and an advocate.......?

does both are same or having differences..?

Rajaram C Iyer   29 September 2008 at 18:54

Recovery of money on leaving job without giving notice (period)

Dear Sir,

If in the appointment order there is a clause ( agreement) between the employee and employer that the employee will not leave the job without giving proper notice period. In these circumstances, can the company sue for recovery of money from the employee for not adhering to the contract?

Please give your expert advice

Legal_Query   29 September 2008 at 13:02

Restore the previous practice of appointment of Judges

Dear Brothers & SIsters,

Previously it was the practice that whosoever wanted to become a judge would have to go for training under the guidance of a lawyer. This practice had been stopped for the sake of fulfilling the vaccum of judges in court. The intention was good, but the resultant is not favourable as far as the quality of judgement people are getting.

Judges now getting appointed do not have the requisite site of seeing things beyond books and have shortsightedness regarding the practical nature of law. It is saddening to hear from judges "... why would police file a false case" or "...since the police have said against the accused he is guilty as they do not have prior animity against the accused". If prosecutrix will become the investigator and the witness what defence will a normal lay man will be left with, everyone is not mentally and economically strong to fight to the supreme bench. These type of judgments are not only breaking the criminal justice system but also the lawyers who are in the field.

We are also seeing judges who want judgements / citations regarding the settled principle of laws, acts. The type of judges reaching the chair of justice is saddening, they are themself acting as brat, egoistic, rigid and have no ears for listening to things contrasting to their beliefs. Why should lack of proper investigation be going against the accused. If these type of judges are continued to be appointed the lack of quality judgment is going to be seen. Fault of investigating agencies cannot be burdened on the accused, but in reality what is happening is heartbreaking.

Judiciary for whatever reason is going for the quantity of judgement rather than quality of judgment. Speedy trial without quality cannot be a solution but more appointment of people having right calibre and attitude will be. This will not only restrict the no. of litigation but also enhance the no. of judgment.

Seeing present situation it seems proper to suggest that all the students of law should be sent for training under a lawyer after their final year and degree be awarded after the said period or after getting the degree they be trained under a lawyer before getting to sit in for civil judge (the previous practice). Citizens life and carriers are on line of fire, people giving justice should have the nerves to show through their judgments rather than saving hands and contributing to no. of pending cases.

Judgment in a case is never satisfying for both the parties but it is of prime importance that quality and nature of justice be maintained.

"Restore the previous practice of appointment of Judges"


jayachandran   28 September 2008 at 11:04

legal assistance or help

Anybody inform me, whether there is any decision by a High Court or Supreme Court under the Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 200

shantilal k. patel   27 September 2008 at 14:31

Reg: Voting Rights of a Member of a Co-op Housing Society

Dear Friends,

Can a member delegate the voting right to any other person in the election of the
managing commettee members by General Power of Attorny?

If no why?


sandhya   27 September 2008 at 14:17

Dealership Laws - URGENT

Hi, Could anyone help me the laws appplicable to expansion of dealership network in India?


susanth nair s   26 September 2008 at 07:24


an affidavit which is attested by a notary advocate and sworned by the deponent on 10/01/2007 now can it be produced it is an affidavit required to be produced for recruitments of jawans whether notary affidavit is valid for a specific period plz help me