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sachin gupta   15 November 2008 at 12:24



I want to ask that any amendment in law that girl and boy can stay/living in hotal/home or any relationship exist between them without marry is not illegal.which is presented in parliment. is this law has been passed or not.

M. PIRAVI PERUMAL   14 November 2008 at 16:59

Consumer Protection Regulations 2005

In Consumer Protections Regulations 2005 it has been stated that in case of any exparte order being passed, on receving the objections are not the application has to be disposed off ? In the Madurai DCDRF the Fora is closing the interim stay petition stating that 45 days have elapsed ? Is is correct.
I have filed the main complaint on behalf of the complainant for return of the vehicle seized from him unlawfully by engaging goons. Meanwhile i had sought an interim stay restraining the financier from selling my vehicle during pendency of the complaint ? Interim stay has been granted to me, but the Fora states that the stay petition will be automatically closed within 45 days and no orders shall be passed in it. this being so if the interim stay petition is closed the financier will sell the vehicle and my complaint becomes infructuous. Pl. clarify the rules and regulations regarding diposal of interim stay petition.

R Murali   13 November 2008 at 17:11

Refund of NJ stamp papers

I have purchased a property from "X" and got registered with the Sub-Registrar. Next day I was informed by the Sub-Registrar that the deed executed has to be cancelled as the property dealt is attached by Registrar of Co-op bank & refused to give the sale deed executed. A written statement has also been obtained by me from the Sub-Registrar to this effect to cancel the deed executed.

My query is

- In case I cancel the deed executed based on the advice of Sub-Registrar, whether I can surrender the the NJ Stamp papers for refund
- If so whom should I surrender
- Can I get full refund of the value of stamp papers used

Anubhav   12 November 2008 at 22:04

Preist Stopping woman from performing pooja

Hello Sir,

Can someone please let me know what are the consequences to the preistof a temple for stopping a hindu woman from performing puja (jot jalana) and insulting her ? Please let me know as I felt insulted when a preist of a temple did this to a woman in my pressence. I am a CA student so i dont have that much knowledge of law, but i want to make that preist learn for what he did. Moreover, please let me know under which sections and act the above case will be covered.


amit gupta   11 November 2008 at 15:04



allurisivajiraju   10 November 2008 at 22:26

about the Madras Act

Respected Seniors,

Dear Sir " The Madras Act " ( Act No. 3 of 1905 ) is in force or repealed.

Thanking You Sir.

tarun   06 November 2008 at 23:57

about acceptence of a petiton in district consumer forum

A motorcycle was found missing from a vehicle stand which is licensed/permitted to be run from city corporation Varanasi.The Consumer had retained the receipt given by the employees of the vehicle stand owner.The Police registered the case under Section 406I.P.C. and Insurance comany is saying that the claim can only be given when the COURT concerned would accept Final Report sent by POLICE.The District Consumer forum also is not entertaining the Petition and saying to go to Civil JUDGE which will take indefinite time and money while I think that it should be dealt under consumer laws for a quick remedy and as a Consumer I have a right to get a remedy from Consumer Forum.

Rajaram C Iyer   05 November 2008 at 19:16

Registrars in High Court.

Dear Learned Members,

May I know the role of registrars in the High Courts. what is the difference between Registrars and a Judge? Please elucidate

A K SARAVANAN   05 November 2008 at 11:40

patta valuable or not

A Dispute between land owner and super structure owner from long years, finally the commissioner of Land Adminsitration was passed a order in favour of us on 1992.
Land vested to government and super structure owner can move to patta.

The Land owner Writ petition filed to Madras High court on 1997 (after five years), case is pending till date. (01.11.2008) In the connections ,We are moving patta during the period from 1992.

Now we are trying patta under TN Free townside vested land patta Scheme.
Our doubt:
1. Writ petition is pending in the case
2. If we are getting patta from government under TN Free vested land scheme, the patta is valuable or not.
3. Writ petition filed after 5 years, the case is stand or not (I think time barred)

Vir Kashmiri   02 November 2008 at 06:09

Immigration. Reclaiming Indian Nationality.

How can an Indian born citizen whose parents migrated to Pakistan at the time of Partition when she was 3 years old reclaim her Indian nationality. She is a US citizen now, living in United States of America.
Can she also apply for her three kids. Two adults and one minor.