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Priyanka   13 July 2008 at 15:42

Devolvement of Property on Death to Heir- Whether Transfer ?

Facts :
A(Husband)& B (wife) are the joint holders of a flat in a Co-operative Hsg. soc. (Mumbai).
A dies, B remains as a single holder. They have 3 daughters, no son.
Now B wants to make 2 daughters (unmarried) out of 3 to become joint owners with her.

Query :
1. Whether such case can be considered a "Transfer", & thus, liable to "Transfer Fees" ?

2. If yes, then how much "Transfer Fees" are liable to pay ?

nirantara jo   12 July 2008 at 12:48

Need a expert judgemen

we are having the case of a flat currently case is pending from 1984 & the tenant is staying there because court give him a stay in only kitchen portion, so what i need to do

AJIT KAWATKAR   10 July 2008 at 17:45

legal value of LL AGRMNT on stmp ppr[expired]

it is n maharashtra.Lessor is Unmmarried SR citizen 80+ Leasee couple{male] purchased stmp ppr of rs50/-in his name typed terms for lssor.with sweet talk & without paying scty deposit in full manage to get possession.later on it was noticed by lssor's relatives that stmp ppr.being old/expired[more than a yr].just before LL period of 11 m.leasee died with huge arrears.his wife is now refusing to pay &vacate. The Lessor wants dues'; repossession. i would like to know what is the legal value of agrmnt on expired stmp ppr. will she able to reposses her ownership appmnt.&dues?how? is there likelyhood that Leassee be declared PROTECTED TENANANT?in that cse will the Lessor get her outstanding dues? Please guid.

Pravin Desai   10 July 2008 at 15:46

Agricultural Land Ceiling on holding

Is there any maximum ceiling limit on holding of agricultural land for a company in Maharashtra?
if so how much?
is there any law for the same

anushka   09 July 2008 at 11:56

Ceiling on holding of agricultural land in Maharashtra

Dear Sir/Madam

There is ceiling on holing of agricultural land in Maharashtra under Maharashtra Agricultural Lands (Ceiling on Holdings) Act of 1961.

Is this ceiling applicable to a private company?

I would be grateful for the quick reply on the same.



Amit   08 July 2008 at 14:09

Land acquired by Developement Authority

We have our Agriculture Land which is costing Rs.1.05 Crores if we sale it to any party,but now we are listening that this land has been acquired by the development authority for colony development,for which we will get around 5-7 Lac for the same.It will be big loss for us.
1.what are the options for us so that we can good money ,if it will be acquired by the Devlopment Authority?   07 July 2008 at 17:22

Property given on rent

Can any1 please tell we have one shop given to person 20yrs back on a declaration dat he will to sewing work in half part of shop. he was regular in payment of rent. And since he has no income we never asked him to he dnt do his sewing work there but not ready to relese my shop. he is senior citizen.what step we can take?

Madison   06 July 2008 at 10:52

Probate of will

My father has left behind a will in my mother's favour covering a residential building. The will is registered at Bangalore. The will is yet to be probated.

My queries are:

1. Is there a time frame for obtaining probate of the will?

2. Can my mother make a will of the property in favour of her children on the basis of the will left behind by my late father which is not probated?

3. Is it necessary for probating the will during the life time of my mother.

Please reply at the earliest.

Madison   06 July 2008 at 10:35


My mother wants to make two separate wills for two properties. One property is a site allotted to her by a urban development authority and the sale deed is executed in her name. other property is inherited by her through a will executed by my father in her favour. My query is:

(a) can my mother execute two separate wills for the two properties which are situated in the same city in India?




AJIT KAWATKAR   05 July 2008 at 17:37

assigning jnt. apmnt. on lease by one owner its effects etc.

A apmnt ppty is owned jointly by two sisters. one of them got married--shifted out. the other one is widow without children--staying alone. some 2yrs back she leased the apmnt to a couple &shifted to her relative for social security without jnt holder'consent.Q.can the other sister[married] object to the dealing & move eviction proceedings against the leasee as well as NOTRUST/other suit against the sister[widow]?doent the whole dealing becomes illegal/invalid?

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