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shan ahmed   03 November 2022 at 00:20

Spa business advice

Dear Sir / mam
My name shan i have spa in jodhpur. I am working professional spa . Always follow the rules i have male female both therapist and they all are working professional cross spa. But so many time police distrub us so please what i do to work strongly according to government law.

Dinar Thavi   02 November 2022 at 22:58

Society not transferring the sra flat to widow.

Respected Sir,
With reference to above subject, kindly note that the husband of the widow is passed away on 25.11.2022, in Mumbai After a written request to Housing Society by the widow to transfer the entitlement of flat from her deceased husband to her name, the governing body expressed their incapacity of doing so for want of special order conferring them the power to carry necessary procedure to transfer the ownership of flat from her deceased husband to her. When MHADA SRA office bearer said that it is to be done at society level and no special letter instructing society to carry out transfer is possible. They had given the reference of MHADA circular No.152 issued at 5th June 2015. As per the plain reading of the circular what can be understood is that the husband and wife are naturally join owner of MHADA SRA flat even if Husband's name only appears in Annexure 2 of MHADA SRA Allotment Letter. Please advice what step to be taken to move the society Governing Council to transfer the flat from Deceased husband to Widow? Thanks
Should Children of the widow make any disclaimer on bond paper?
Please advice.
Dinar Thavi ( Son of the widow)

Anonymous   02 November 2022 at 16:24

Meaning of lrs, anr & ors

What is the meaning of Lrs, Anr & ors

Vinod Reddy   02 November 2022 at 14:29

Property boundry

Property seller has included a part of the land which is already being used as a public road (even buses ply on this road) in the total extent of land sold to me.

Is this allowed?

Anonymous   02 November 2022 at 13:10

Birth certificate

I am from Chandigarh and i was born in haryana and my all the documents have the same date but my brith certificate have a date 1 year later o was born in 1996 but on certificate it is 1997 they refused to change the date or they said it's not online yet so what can I do for this???

patel   01 November 2022 at 14:55

Probation confirmation

Sir, I was posted as a junior engineer in govt department in 2013 as probationer which will complete in 2016. But in 2015 I was suspended by department and kept on suspension till 2016 mid ,after that reinstated and departmental enquiry continues which ends in 2018 and minor penalty awarded . From that time to till now I was working with outstanding record . But after completing 9 years of service I have applied for higher grade pay department say that I was not regularise till now , so as you are not regularise so higher pay can't be given. Now they say that after 9 years you might be terminated due to suspension at probation time and not completing probation completely. They never intimate me about any extensions or any thing about probation. My department have 2+1 max year rule for probation. Sir pls suggest me what to do now , is this legal . And what remeady I have.

Read more at:

Reva Chandran   01 November 2022 at 13:43

Can i file complaints against husband

My husband and i had a verbal fight over something and he started abusing my mother with very bad words(in our mother tongue - malayalam), which i Couldn't tolerate and hit him on his face on his left side chin area, slight hit ( that was not a hard slap with noise) as a reaction to his words against my mom. And he slapped me hard 6 times on left cheek area near ear. Can i file a complaint against him?

Keshav E   01 November 2022 at 13:36

Carrying alcohol from madurai to munnar

Hi experts,
Is it legal for me to carry alcohol from madurai to Kerala via road? If not is there any other alternative way to carry alcohol?

Thanks and regards

Anonymous   01 November 2022 at 10:21

Indoor case papers mandatory psychiatric treatment


We have admitted my mother for psychiatric treatment in the hospital for 4days and post that I've applied for the reimbursement for the same . The insurance people are asking for the Indoor case papers after providing all the documents. So I spoke to the hospital people for providing those indoor case papers and they are saying as its Psychiatric department the indoor case papers are not allowed to provide out of the hospital and it's a kind of confidential itseems. So they are not ready to provide a copy of those papers and I've informed the same to the insurance team but they are saying they will not be able to process the claim without those papers.

Please suggest on this .

Thanks in Advance.

Anonymous   01 November 2022 at 09:54

Builder change ibms to ifms

Dear Sir/Mam,
In my residential society, earlier it was a IBMS but from 2016, Builder change it into IFMS means before 2016 sell out flat has IBMS and after 2016 sold out flat has IFMS now there is two types of fund in one society even if someone want to transfer his flat to other (via sell) then forcefully Builder changed it to IFMS. IS this legal as per RERA or not can any builder run two rules in one society.

Note- Few Person in this forum like Mr. Rajendra Kumar Goyal is giving a very fake advice so I request him not to give his advice, Some time he simply say file consumer complaint, Everyone knows it but before consumer complaint it is just evaluation so please stay away with this post.