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Steve Martin   07 August 2023 at 19:44

Lawyer is demanding too much fee

Hi All,

My mother involved in an accident in 2006. The lawyer took the case and he paid RS 5000 in 2006 for expenses. Now after 17 years, court awarded RS 2,37,000. Lawyers asking 15% from the award and RS 20000 for other expenses and he said he gave RS 7000 for expenses to my mother. All added comes around RS 92000 in fees. Out of awarded 237000, my mother ll get around 150000. Is this normal? I see this as unethical. Not sure what do to do. Any sort of advice is highly appreciated.

Anonymous   07 August 2023 at 14:13

Appear in high court

I have filed Criminal Writ petition in Bombay High court
If my Advocate misses certain points can i speak alongwith him
what is the prcedure to speak to Judgrs

Anonymous   07 August 2023 at 13:55

Hello can anyone help me

hello can anyone help me

Anonymous   07 August 2023 at 09:00

Property transfer to his nominee

Mere father ki Nov 2022 ko death hui. SRA Mumbai society ne annexure 14 under by law 32 ke tehat Nomination form bharke liye tha jisme meri mother aur ham 2 bhai ko bich me saman hissa rakha, aur 2 bahene hai unka naam usme nahi dala gaya tha.
Questions: Abhi flat mother ke naam pe kaise kar sakte hai? Kya meri 2 behne se koi documents lena hoga? Mother ke naam par flat karne ke liye kaunse document banane honge? Aur future me mother ke baad kisi 1 nominee ke naam par karna hoga to kaise kare?

chiranjib mukherjee   06 August 2023 at 19:13

Section 306 i.p.c.

A lady committed suicide leaving suicide note in a piece of paper stating the name of the accused person. The hand writing of the suicide note was compared with the another hand writing in the exercise book of the lady and the hand writing expert opined that both the writing are same. On basis of the hand writing expert opinion will the accused be convicted? if it is no then please refer some judgement.

Anonymous   06 August 2023 at 18:47

Content of document admitted into evidence, hence exhibited

Whether contents of public documents Ordered by Court to be admitted into evidences and hence exhibited is require to prove?
Dear Experts,
1) In anticipation, I am thanking to all experts for giving their valuable time.
2) Appellate Court allowed additional evidences filed by Plaintiff and remanded mater back to Trial Court for taking evidences in that regards.
3) Accordingly, Plaintiff filed those documents to Trial Court. Said documents were obtained under RTI Act from Municipal Corporation and Police.
4) Trial Court on 30.01.2019 has ordered that- “Considering the admission & denial of defendants the documents filed were given Article numbers 1 to 4 instead of exhibits”.
5) Trial Court but afterwards on next date 31.01.2019 again passed 2nd Order that- “In view of findings recorded by Hon’ble Appellate Court, the certified copies of Article 1 to 4 are Public Documents. They are admitted into evidences. Hence exhibited as Exh. 96 to 99”.
6) The said 2nd order dated 31.01.2019 of Trial Court admitting documents into evidence hence exhibiting same is not challenged by Defendants till now.
7) In view of 2nd order dated 31.01.2019 of Trial Court, the Plaintiff also has not proved the contents of said documents.
My Question:
a) Whether Plaintiff, for proving his case, can rely on CONTENTS of said documents without PROVING contents, because the Defendants has not challenged 2nd order of 31.01.2019 specifically passed by Trial Court admitting documents into evidences hence exhibiting same? OR
b) Does the Plaintiff is require to prove CONTENTS of said documents to rely on it for proving his case, even though the Defendants has not challenged 2nd order of 31.01.2019 passed by Trial Court?
c) Kindly provide Citations in support thereof.

Rohit Kumar   06 August 2023 at 15:59

Qnet distributorship scam

Hi , Rohit here

Recently I took some distributorship of a Network Marketing company “Qnet" due to one of my college batchmate by a misleading process/trap.
You may explore Qnet's site, products and policies at ,

They( your friends and acquaintances ) may approach you for Qnet business as an e- commerce platform business opportunity to earn crores by investing few lac rupees without telling the company name and what need to be done in this business which is unethical according to the company policies. And then they make you to add more people like you was added by investing few lacs

Yes I fell into the the trap and lost a big amount of money, and now will fight the legal battle against my batchmate and spreading awareness about it so that other people are saved.

So you may also please spread awareness about Qnet’s name & website and save other people from falling into this unethical activity.
I also need legal help. Lawyers related to this case in Bengaluru please help me !

Thanks for reading the message !

shyam lal   06 August 2023 at 15:56

Mou of family settlement

A share holder of undivided immmovable property as per MoU of family settlement unregistered wants to sell his share.
Note no where in the MoU it is stated a NOC or consent has to be obtained from orther share holders.
Can one sell his share under these conditions.

Anonymous   06 August 2023 at 15:46

Pay protection when govt employer was changed inbetween

When I have applied a lateral post my basic pay was 86000 in Org A, after that I have changed to govt Org B with basic pay 60000. Now I am joining in the new Org based on the experience of Org A, so will my last drawn 86000 pay of Org A will be protected or I will be given protection based on the Org B pay 60000 only. Rule is not clear about it

Nitin Modak   06 August 2023 at 12:41


There are 2 properties of a single owner. I want to buy those 2 properties. Can i make only single purchas/sale deed.