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Anonymous   03 February 2022 at 17:41

Death aboard a flight

A passenger dies on board his flight while way back to India from Dubai. Ful medical attention might not have beem given to the ailing passenger. But proving this fact may be difficult. No overseas health insurance. Whether the ai is liarline carrier is liable to pay compensation?

Fahd Shaikh   03 February 2022 at 13:44

Conditional gift deed

whether the gift deed shall be valid executed by mother in favour of his Son which such condition that, the Son shall be exclusive owner of the gifted property only when mother or donor expired.

kunhi marakkar   03 February 2022 at 11:09

Speedy solution

One of my relative's past is very bad he was convicted in many theft cases now he want live in moral life and earn thru good way.but still police searching him and taking on cutsody . Court acquitting him after trial.this hurting him.police says there are many cases upon him in different police stations.can he approach upper court to dispose all cases altogether? How know total numbers of cases even in different stations until now?He want decision on all cases at a time to free from all pending cases quickly.will get direction from upper court?

Anonymous   03 February 2022 at 00:29

Sub registry of partioned land

I have a land which is divided between three brothers with a single registry of whole land in favour of three. The land is mutated in three parts in 1996 under nagar nigam and each one gets its own property tax and water tax bill.

Can i get my part of land registered in my name as it is mutated in nagar nigam only? If yes than what is the procedure.

Secondly my brother is claiming my part as his own and claiming that the mutation done is wrong? Can he claim my land?

The land should be divided equaly but there is small difference about 50 sq ft.

Anonymous   02 February 2022 at 23:05

Two marriages

I need urgent guidance and help-
My uncle was in police he had two wives ..he did his second marriage without giving divorce to his first wife .he has one son from first wife and two sons from second wife..after some time of his second marriage.his first wife also started living with some other man and it has been so many years she is living with his new partner with her son …now my uncle is passed away in an accident..he was in service the main problem arises..
When police department asked about my uncle’s legal heirs for pension and compensatory appointment in job his first son (from first wife) also claimed the job and first wife claimed the pension and provident fund ..because in the service record of my uncle still first wife’s name is mentioned ..
Now department has stopped all benefits like pension,fund,appointment etc..
The house of my uncle is registered in name of second wife ..
There is no proof of divorce of first marriage and no proof of second marriage (no photos ,registration etc) .
First wife is living with someone else but second wife and her children have no source of income and money to survive ..please guide what can be done in this case so my uncle’s second wife and her children can get something to survive ..and who will get my uncle’s pension and other benefits..

Anonymous   02 February 2022 at 14:28

Want to join a lpo

Respected experts,
I am a Law graduate with MBA (Fin.) having more than 15 years of experience in the field of Accounts and Finance at Indore in PM. Now, I want to join a LPO firm and want to make career as a LPO in future.
Kindly suggest, to whom should I approach and what all should I do for the same.

RangaRajan J   01 February 2022 at 22:05

Lease of agricultural land - vacating

Dear Respected Experts,

Brief of Case:
My Grandma had one-acre agricultural land in our village. She had given a “right to plow” to a person. (it is a lease kind of thing) We can call it as “Lease”. She DID NOT give her consent in a written document. It was only an ORAL SETUP. For more than 25 that person is doing agriculture and giving a small amount as “lease payment”. There is no receipt for that.

Two important points to note are that “there was NO written agreement between my Grandma and the person who is doing agricultural work and secondly, there is NO RECEIPT for the Lease payment”. Now we want to sell the land to a third person. Now the person who is doing agricultural work is not accepting the sale even though we are READY to pay him 30% of the sale amount.

My Question:
1) Kindly advise me as to what to do next to vacate him from the agricultural land?
2) Is there any possibility to vacate him without a prolonged LEGAL BATTLE?

Your reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Anonymous   31 January 2022 at 17:10

Registration under ipr

The Respected senior professionals
Can a label of a product(fall under Class 31) be registered under Trade Mark act 1999 and under Copyright Act 1957(as amended) at the same time?

kamal   31 January 2022 at 16:52

Capital gain

In 2000 at Noida, a Commercial property was bought through an unregistered sale agreement, jointly in two names A & B and a Power of Attorney was executed and Registered at the same time jointly in names of C & D.
Today A & B wants the Power of Attorney C & D to register the sale in their name through a Transfer from the NOIDA authority.

Apparently, NOIDA authority has stopped transferring the Commercial property in joint names, in this case A & B. NOIDA's recently started a policy to transfer commercial property only to single person, partnership or LLP or a Pvt Ltd Company.

If one has no alternate but to register a transfer/conveyance deed by creating a PARTNERSHIP FIRM of A & B ?

My Question is if any Capital Gain issue would arise out of this registration of Transfer/Conveyance deed to a partnership firm of A & B.

Is there anyway one can resolve this ?
Thanks for your time in advance.

suneetha Jain   30 January 2022 at 18:49

Original land documents not available

Sir, I am from Andhra Pradesh. Can I sell my land with certified copies obtained online (My original documents were not available with me). I also have my name registed in Mee Bhumi (I have e pass book in my name)

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