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Can i chat as some unknown person to collect evidence?

(Querist) 21 April 2015 This query is : Resolved 

My boyfriend is cheating on me. So to catch him, I created a new gmail id under some unknown girl's name and started chatting with him and he started flirting too. I want to mention that i didnt impersonate or use some other living girl's id. I created a new gmail id with some unknown name and started chatting just to catch my boyfriend red handed when he is cheating me., . Can I use this as evidence? Is it legal to chat in the name of some non-existent girl to collect evidence?

Guest (Expert) 21 April 2015
You have not mentioned, who initiated chatting first with your fake email ID, you or your boy-friend?

Anyway, for what purpose do you want to collect and use your chatting as evidence, when he is not your husband?

On what ground do you think that your boyfriend should not have friendship with any one else other than you only?

There is a difference of only one letter, "E" between the words "cheat" and "chat." If he is chatting with original name, only you are trying to cheat him by trying to chat with a fake identity.
ajay sethi (Expert) 21 April 2015
you are not married to your boy friend . he is free to flirt/ chat with other girls too
veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
Thanks for the reply, sirs. I want to know if civilians have basic investigative privileges?He has signed a stamp paper agreeing to marry me and the date of marriage and I am his legal wedded wife from that date. Can I use the evidence to file cheating case on him?He had cheated one other girl and that girl has produced a written statement to me that my boyfriend even promised her for marriage and used her physically. Is there anything I can do to file case on him?
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 21 April 2015
Dear Querist

U have no business to trespass into the privacy of UR boyfriend. UR relationship is not legalised,hence U may land into trouble for unwarranted reasons.
veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
Thank u,sir. He has signed a stamp paper putting date of marriage and stating im his legally wedded wife post the date of marriage. He is not breaking his promise and cheating with other girls. Is there a provision to fail a case on him?
Guest (Expert) 21 April 2015
Ms. Veedu,

Marriages are not solemnised by signing a stamp paper putting date of marriage and stating you his legally wedded wife? You must have sufficient proof of your marriage. Otherwise, your query is merely a vague & hypothetical query.

Even your earlier statement, "he has signed a stamp paper 'AGREEING TO MARRY' me and the date of marriage and I am his 'LEGAL WEDDED WIFE' from that date." There is wide difference between an agreement to marry and the real wedding. That itself proves, you are trying even to hoodwink the experts also by putting such a vague query.

veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
we both are Hindus but we exhanged rings and I have a photo of that. I have some few photos and voice records of physical relationship with him. Now he is threatening that he will rape my sister and abusing me and my family. i have the chat records of that. Just 2 days ago he said he loves me and he is interested in marriage then suddenly he started behaving violent and abusive using rotten words about me, my mom and my sister. I too scolded him back.Can I file a breach of trust on him?Is it a clear case?
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 21 April 2015
Now U have come out with the correct problem. ok, What are U going to do with the stamp paper,U think it is valid? U said he is not breaking his promise but also cheating other girls.In whose name is that piece of stamp paper?If it not in his name,he will certainly deny the contents.Are U only mentally or physically involved with him? If not better break away and start a new life. Fake email ids chatting gathering proofs of his flirts, U will be wasting time.

This is the best advice U can get.
veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
I am sorry if I am not able to express myself clearly here. I am really depressed because of him, i have been waiting for 5 years trusting him and he has cheated me this way. I am really confused regarding our legal system. Some places they say it is breach of trust to promise marriage and break it. Some places they say it is rape if on false promise of marriage and consentual sex. I just want to know if the guy broke any law so that I can teach him a lesson. All i know is he has cheated atleast 2 other gals like this. Is some justice possible in my case?
Guest (Expert) 21 April 2015
Yet another vague and unconnected and unconvincing story. Is not it quite strange that on one hand he states that he loves you but on the other threatens you that he would rape your sister!

If that be the situation, as explained by you, better snap ties with each other without any delay. If not possible, both of you need consultation of some psychiatrist.

veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
Hello Sainath, The stamp paper is in my name but I have recorded a call with him where he agreed he signed the document. He also got some money close to 50000 and has not returned that too. It seems he is asking money from girls whom he enters into relationship and also from his friends to do betting on cricket matches. When asked about the money he abusing me back. He uses rotten words and also saying he will go along with his friends to my sister's college and rape her.
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 21 April 2015
Continuing my reply to UR latest answer,bit by bit U are comming out actually not allowing the experts to study the case and reply properly.Now it is clearly understood that U are in physical relation with him and there by have given him complete access to him even to enter the life of UR sister.So he is not a stranger to UR house.I feel his mental approach as given by U is complete pretension, so that U will distance UR self from him.Breach of trust,filing different cases are of no use.
veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
Hello Dhingra sir, I am not cooking up stories. I am really serious about this problem and if i cook up stories I know its going to waste of time for me. Its a long story of 4 years where he kept postponing marriage with me stating some or the other reason. He is not telling he wont marry me but he is not marrying me also and he is dragging the marriage stating some excuses but in the background he is cheating with other girls.Can I file a breach of trust or should I wait for him to confess that he wont marry me?
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 21 April 2015
U are keeping on extending ur query.The best solution for U after so much of input I and Dhingraji have given,go and file a case against him in the nearest police station stating all the facts U have mentioned here earlier.Though I feel sorry for the problem U have encountered,it is for U to deal and U can also engage the services of active women's organisations in UR place who will be eager to help U out or at least assist U
veedu (Querist) 21 April 2015
Thank u Sainath
Guest (Expert) 21 April 2015
So far you have only wasted time by giving piece meal information that too vague on many aspects.

If you can't state the story of 4 years in summary shape, better contact some local lawyer and send a legal notice based on the so called agreement contained on the stamp paper, propose the marriage date and get confirmed or he should intimate changed specific date for marriage.
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 21 April 2015
Consult local lawyer and discuss in details.

Better leave your boyfriend and move ahead in your life.
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 21 April 2015
Thats what I have been advising her for a better future.
Devajyoti Barman (Expert) 21 April 2015
The query seems to be an imaginary one.
T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Expert) 30 April 2015
Though the query seems to be an imaginative one, the solution can be by lodging a complaint with the police.
Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Expert) 03 October 2015
are you the same person who poses as victim of dowry demand on other thread
SAINATH DEVALLA (Expert) 03 October 2015
Yes same person,habbit of repeating same queries.

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