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Anonymous   02 December 2022 at 11:17

Upsc recruitment and selection rules

Dear All,
Can government grant IAS post to individual clearing all three stages test successfully on merit, convicted for life imprisonment by trial court and subsequently acquitted by High Court later.

Kindly give legal advise in this case? any supreme court judgement in favor of this matter.

Anonymous   02 December 2022 at 09:28

Granted land

The land was granted in 1996to a single person with condition of prohibiting him to transfer of title for 15 years, he has devided it with his son in 2001 before it got survey and tippani which was done in 2008. What are the risks to buy that plot?

Wayn Adams   02 December 2022 at 03:25

Dr dominion helped me win the lotto

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ARNAB MANNA   01 December 2022 at 11:45

Purchasing an unit in a divided flat

A flat has been split into two by the owner. The owner stays in one part and she's selling the other part which I am planning to buy.
Is it possible to split and sell like that and what precautions should be taken before purchasing one part of the flat? It's registered everywhere as a single unit. The location of the flat is in Kolkata.
Also what all necessary approvals needs to be taken before doing so?

shyam lal   01 December 2022 at 07:35

Indian evidence act

Instead of writing a RTI to the PIO concerned. to save time can I just apply in in writing to the same PIO seeking information Quoteing Section 76 of the Indian Evidence Act .

Anonymous   30 November 2022 at 18:59

Father name spelling mistake in ug transfer certificate


My father name is mispelled in my transfer certificate. I completed UG. I noticed this issue after my graduation.

RKP   30 November 2022 at 17:04

Divorce case ia maintainence related query

I am located in Bangalore
I was married 5 years back with no children till date as no physical relation till date due to wife's disinterest.
Based on various cruelty I have filed for divorce from my wife 2 years back.
My gross salary is 1.5L and net salary is 1.15L and expenses is 1.05L for me and my mother and saving of some 10k per month.
My wife stays in my flat and I stay in a rented house along with my mother.
I voluntarily pay 6k maintaince to my wife through money order apart from paying apartment maintenance and other utility bills of my flat where my wife stays.
Still my wife who is BA qualified but purposely non working had asked for maintainence of 50k plus 50k litigation fees in her ia advance request.
In her asset liabilities request she mentioned her expense of 25k without giving any proof.

Recently family court judge has awarded her 25k maintianence plus 30k one time litigation fees to be paid by me.
Judge did not consider the money order receipts I submited in court as proof of my voluntary payment.
Judge did not consider that she is staying in my flat.
Judge did not consider that I am only saving around 10k per month and mentioned in the order that I am saving 10k which entirely can be given to the wife as she is not earning, so awarding her 25k maintenance.
Judge mentions that if I have shown 10k as saving then my saving will be much more based on my gross salary so he is awarding 25k to my wife.
Judge also mentioned that since I dragged my wife to the court and since she is not earning so I as husband and petitioner should pay her the litigation charges.

I am in dillema as how will I pay this amount of 25k when I am not saving that much amount.
Planning to approach high court.
What shall I do now?

Anonymous   30 November 2022 at 16:57

Willed property

A property acquired by my biological father and he gave GPA to a person, for managing these properties as he was living away from these properties. In one property the GPA holder enteted in to a compromise, in a court case , and in which he added his name along with two of his family members names and my biological father's, thus 4 parts on our sides 40% ( rest 60 % to opposition party).
(Aftet the demise of my biological father thease properties came to me from his WILL.)
On knowing this discrepency i questioned this Compromise order( which was done in Writ Appeal in the High Court) in the same high court, but court is refused my writ saying the above compromise is not questioned by my biological father during his life time and hence i cannot question this Compromise, now.
Can some one kindly advice, course/ remidy for this please.

Sowmya RK   30 November 2022 at 16:53

Forged power of attorney

My uncle transferred my property into his name in 2008 through a special power of attorney. I did not write any special power of attorney. I came to know this matter one year back and asked him to return my property without police/court cases.
I came to know that he did not create any document of special power of attorney in 2008, but with his influence he managed the transfer.
But, when I insisting him recently, to return the property, he created a forged registered special power of attorney and I got its copy from registration office.
When I inquired in the registration office where it was appeared as registered, they answered me that related documents were lost in rain.
what about computer records of said special power of attorney? how to proceed now?

Anonymous   30 November 2022 at 14:19

Divorced couple wanting to get daughter married

We are a divorced couple and my ex wife is remarried now.
Our daughter is to be married next year. Daughters husband and In laws are well aware of our status.
Just wanted correct opinion on whether we can jointly sit for the wedding ceremony of our daughter, for Kanyadaan and other ceremonies.

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