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    queries relating to divorce cases, summary suits, winding up petitions , consumer forums ,bank cases, coopearive hosuing societies

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  • khurana says : Protection to Life
    I am Petitioner and have filed a Writ of Mandamus under Article 32 which pending Listing, however can I file an urgent and independent I.A, for protection to life and property

  • khurana says : Selling House without Probate
    There are two owners of a house. One Owner' death has willed his share to his son . Can the second owner and the Vaaris (the willed heir) sell the the house with out going thru the process of Probate.

  • SAMI FAROOQ says : 138 case
    Sir I have a case in 138 NI act and a NBW is issued against me even though medical certificate and exemption application was filed. Now the case is posted on 18-12-2018 for judgement. I cannot travel due to my illness as i am bedridden. Case is in Bangalore, I stay in Mumbai. What is the remedy i can seek?

  • Mustafa Bhat says : 498A & 406 Written arguments
    Sir, In my 498A & 406 case oral arguments was done, after oral arguments both counsels requested for written arguments which was allowed by Court, Now the prosecution is saying that they will submit the written arguments one or two days after the defense will submit their written arguments and after providing a copy of defense arguments to prosecution. Can any one please guide me what is law on it. Is persecution correct.. Any Law / Judgement plz.

  • Kaushik Nandy says : Tenancy Vs Encroachment
    One of my tenant is occupying tow rooms at my residential building and being used for dwelling purpose but Monthly rent bill i issued for one room as it is being issued by earlier landlord from whom I had purchased the building in 2010 and residing in the building since then. at this stage Can i suit civil case against the tenant/ his son( who is staying in another room) for encroachment of one room and get eviction order if so then what is the process.

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