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Queries Participated

ANUSHA   13 April 2017 at 20:34

One advocate mr arunagiri who is a top member here verbally abused me very badly after taking 1 lac

In the public interest i am posting this. I don’t want others to go through what I went through. Mr. Rajkumar is really doing noble service by exposing Advocate V. Arunagiri true colour
I am a victim and only after hard experience I understood Mr . V Arunagiri is a most dangerous element in the advocate profession. He behaved very unruly with me and uttered a several cheap bad words in colloquial tamil just for asking him in capacity of client for having paid more than 1 lac for no service. I have recorded evidence for that. He took me for granted as I am a single lady who also lost my mother in the horrible medical criminal act in Apollo hospital. If somebody is of weak mind they may even commit suicide after hearing his most cheap words. Myself being a member of both ICAI – 220336 as well as ICSI – 23516, should sit through this, I just could not think about the plight of others.
I could not reach him through phone as he put my number in call block after taking my 1 lacs and he is threatening criminal trespass, if I go to his home cum office. unfortunately he did not have seperate office.

About my case. I approached him for a medical negligence case. I narrated all the details from start to end and also submitted a written clear compliant drafted by me which he copied verbatim in the name of petition and he demanded a sum of Rs 50000/- for petition filing and in desperation to move the case forward quickly, I gave the cheque immediately without fretting and fuming and he promised that he will help me in getting me medical opinion which is a prerequiiste for the case and only for that I engaged him who claimed that he knew several doctors.
He also misrepresented himself as senior advocate, currently fighting a corporate medical negligence case and other party advocate being top supreme court lawyer
Within 3 days he drafted only part of the petition from my written compliant and started extorting another Rs 50000/ after encashing first Rs 50000/- with the ulterior pecuniary motive and I made fund transfer of the same. In otherwords he took 1 lac for petition drafted by me without even understanding the contents and and just filing through his associate Mr. Ashok Kumar
He failed to help in getting medical opinion as promised and so my petition is incomplete for want of medical opinion. On the hearing dates, his associates (hired just for a day he did not have juniors nor has any infrastructure) would change the dates by telling that the compliant is absent when I was very much present and came to know about it later.
After taking my 1 lac+ he avoided my calls and even put my calls on call block. He washed off me in half through by not getting me 156 order as promised, by throwing a garbage at me with his words – which is verbal assault on a women for asking a legitimate question in the capacity of client. He even sent a defamation notice on me. He threatened me that he would go to any extent, and also said that he knew my address.

Please advise me what shall I do next

Bibhuti kumar singh   12 April 2017 at 06:36

Avoidance in lodging FIR

Respected experts! Kindly guide me. I am a retired army personnel and retired on 31 Dec 2016. During my service tenure on 10th of November 2016. I had complained by speed post to my PS for my 100 plant damages and my land grabbing by some miscreants. Police didn't lodged my complain till now. The police is under influence of culprits. What should I do if police is not lodging my FIR.

Swapnil   11 April 2017 at 07:33

Post dated cheque

Hello Friend I need your help on following situation.
I have given society maintenance post dated cheque to society office on 3rd April 2017.
Cheque Date was mention as 15th April 2017. Society has given me proper receipt for the same. Society Admin deposit my cheque on 8th April 2017. Bank has rejected my check and charge 405 rupees as fine. I have told this incident to Society Chairman. Instead of accepting admin officer fault he asked me why you have given post dated cheque? and from next please make sure to given us current date cheque.
I want to understand what our law said? Can i legally reply to society?

Mr. Indra Rongphar   10 April 2017 at 23:32

Action taken report on fir registered u/s 409 ipc

I lodged an FIR against misappropriation of developmental funds and it has been registered in Police Station U/S 409 IPC. In this regard, may I obtain the details of Action Taken Report in black and white from the concerned Investigating Officer ? Under what section of law can I approach to the concerned Investigation Officer with a view to get the details of Action Taken Report ?
Please, suggest me.

Raja baba   10 April 2017 at 23:21

Use of Old loose cheque issued in 2012 in 2017

A bank transferred a huge sum from an account to another account in the same bank using loose cheque which according to the bank was issued 5 years earlier prior to issue of regular cheque book.the bank has done so to get an npa account settled despite of notice not to transfer the amount.what is the remedy.

Dr Shahid Nadeem   09 April 2017 at 14:10

Candidate not duly Qualified on the date of interview

Respected Experts...
There was an advertisement in paper that candidates​ are invited for the interviews, for the seven (7) post of teachers in Private School of Maharashtra state....One B.A B.Ed candidate who was not duly Qualified on the date of interview, appeared for the interview (as this candidate was doing​ his B.Ed on the date of interview)...
Latter on this candidate was given appointment Order by School Management on the post of Assistant Teacher after six months of the same interview on the basis of same selection process and same interview......

Is his appointment is legal and valid ? Can a candidate who is not duly Qualified on the date of interview, may be given appointment order after the laps of six months period to the same interview, after the completion of his qualifications required for the said post ?????

mohammed qadeer.M   09 April 2017 at 02:08

Retrenchment under sec 25f of ID Act

After serving more than 10yrs..The management regularise the salaries but hasn't regularise the employment and all of sudden retrench u/S 25 f of ID Act....What remedy the employee have in this case...

Raj   07 April 2017 at 09:34

Partition suit for agriculture land

My father and his brothers have a agriculture land.we have to partition it now. But his brothers are not coming forward for partition. We both have cattles and we depend on that land for feeding cattles. Now if we file a partition suit won't we able to use that land. And how long will it take to get partitioned.

Sashi Kumar   07 April 2017 at 04:25

Writ petition

A Plaintiff got a Writ Petition order passed by high court without informing or serving the defendant with the notice.

Who is responsible to deliver notice to defendant.

What can we do to cancel this order.

souren ghosh   07 April 2017 at 01:24

Wife lodge dv case after 3 years of seperation

My wife lodge a DV case against me and my parents after three years of seperation.
(a)In this complain case her allegations against my parents are only mental torture and no physical abuse.Incidentally she is not connected with my parents for last 10 years, i mean she has not seen them.
(b) against me she has complains about physical and mental torture and i have thrown her out from house.She has not submitted any diary of physical torture though some letters to human rights and women right organisations were attached.
(C)She said that i am an womanizer and have relations with many women.
(d) Along with myself and parents she has made respondant to one known female of mine in this case with the allegation that i have illicit relation with her and so i neglected my wife.Incidentally she is a divorcee.I knew that female but i had no such relation. To my utter surprise that female said in her written statement that i had given her marriage proposal but she refused that proposal understanding that i am a characterless person and she later on left that relation considering her prestige in the society.Thus she had no illicit relation with me as my wife alleged and she wants departure from this case.
(e) while asking for relief from the case she has just sling mud in my character which seems to me a conspiracy. I have already collected the copy of her written statement.

Now my question is while writing my written objection against my wife's DV petition point wise should i also refer to the female's written statements and also counter that female's allegation that i had given her marriage proposals.

or i should simply say that the allegation brought in by my wife with the female is wrong. That means i will not refer to the written statement of the female.

please throw some light on this.



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