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Queries Participated

Anonymous   12 July 2019 at 17:07

How a muslim women get divorce from her husband

What will be the Process to get Divorce for a Working Muslim Women(Government Job) from Her husband.. she is not happy with him. and also her husband deny him for Divorce.

prabhakar Waghodekar   10 July 2019 at 02:36

Validity of marraige

In the marriage of my daughter in feb 2016 no saptapadi took place . we have approached the family court in Feb 2017 for invalidity of marriage as no spataadi took place. We are advised to go for divorce. Being Hindus we do not want to opt it. please guide.

Ravi   08 July 2019 at 16:24

Rti requested by wife

Myself and wife are living seperately for the past three years. I work in a MNS and she is working as a lecturer in a college. We have a son out of wedlock. We wanted me to abondon my parents and that caused some misundersanding between us.

She has filed a complaint some three months back stating and harasement all of a sudden and Now I received that she requested my salary and income from incometax department. They have raised me to raise an objection or to provide the details in three days. How should i be handling this.

Anonymous   07 July 2019 at 18:55

Marriage problem

iam a hindu,loving my relative since 6 years but major problem is we are parallel second cousins.under HMA it comes under prohibited relationship but i have heard that our marriage can be registered under special marriage act under which it doesnt come under prohibited relationship.we got married in month of may in temple but my parents didnt accept our marriage and threatening us that they will kill if we meet or talk again.I have been tortured and house arrested for 2 months.Can i go to police station nearby to get justice or any other option to come out of this problem.

Will john   05 July 2019 at 07:41

Is DV IS maintenable after mutual consent divoce

I and my wife filled for HMA 13B With terms of one time allimony of 2.5lakh draft which i deposited in the family court In one condition it is mentioned that she will widraw cases 1. 125(3) 2. DV ACT case 125(3) is not pressed by her In DV ACT she has given application not to continue the case and plz dispose But the judge is not ready to dispose it as per judge first 13b is decided then he will do it My question is can she not press dv case as well Or shall i wait for 13b judgement I dont trust her in future once 13b is decided she will get the money and can change the mind for widrawing the dv act case Plz suggest

Senthil   03 July 2019 at 18:10

Regarding divorce from my wife

i am separate from my wife from past 7 years and i have 6 year old daughter with my wife custody.No improvement in my life.Also my father-in -law frequenlty giving false police compliants against me. i am able to handle police that is not an issue.How to proceed divorce from my side.please help us and advise me.

Anonymous   30 June 2019 at 12:02


My old mother is the sole owner of the property. We are a Christian family. I have two sons, both adults (unmarried). I do not have any property, assets or savings. I live in my mother's house & we are looking after her. I have a brother and sister, both older than me, & they both have their own houses. My sister has a son & my brother a daughter, both adults & married. My sister has a grandson, my brother two grandsons. My query is in the event of my mother's natural death, what would be my position legally to claim an "equal share" of the property. I do not know the contents of my mother's will, as I did not bear witness to it, so it is cause for concern. At the time of the will being registered, I was not informed about it, so I have no clue the contents of the same & how it might impact me and my family.

Am I entitled to an "equal share" of this property, and are the grandchildren entitled to a share? I am currently living in my mother's house. My concern is that since my siblings are not in a good relationship with me, I just do not want my share taken away, I just wish that the shares are divided equally amongst my siblings (only after her natural death). To say in simple terms, all 3 siblings get an equal share after her natural death of my mother, this is what I mean without the complication of someone getting more or less.

sai   29 June 2019 at 17:10


Hello sir my divorce final judgement day was 27 the may 2019 in family court Bandra. That day judge only announced about divorce and not about the order . Later from my advocate I came to know that No final alimony is granted to me {Wife }. But I want to appeal this in high court .. On how many days I can appeal. How much it costs approximately? How many days it take to close appeal. What are the chances of getting order in my favour. Please guide.

Chandan Mukherjee   27 June 2019 at 12:44

Doctors chamber inside medicin retail shop

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I have retail medicine shop since 1978 and a qualified doctor's chamber situated in side the shop. Now the Drugs Control authority govt. of West Bengal issued a show-cause that it is illegal and my drug license may be cancelled due to that reason.
My question is the doctors chamber in side shop is illegal or not, please specify with the rule and oblige.

Nikhil chaudhary   17 June 2019 at 17:26

Burden of proof?



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