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ashok khare   25 June 2012 at 19:53


Sir, Please guide,

ABC is Partnership Firm (Service Tax No. 123), there were 2 Partners 'X' & 'Y'. "Y" retired from Partnership Firm, they made Dissolution of Partnership Deed on 15.5.2012. Now "X" wants to introduce or take new Partner i.e. "Z" in the same Firm.

What should "X" do?


prahalad bagda   19 June 2012 at 17:05

Termination to private employee after poor performance

Limited Company has terminated his confirmed employee due to poor performance. The Employee was joined the company in 2008. 2009 to 2010 his performance was very poor and given to him termination notice but after his request company was given to him again chance after management approval. In 2010-2011 year his performance was so-so and in 2011-2012 his performance was again poor. Finally company has given one month termination letter as per terms and condition. Appointment letter wherein terms and condition were incorporated not signed by him. Finally he has terminated. He has given notice to company for retain to him and withdraw the termination letter.

Kindly guide to us that employee has any remedy with any authority while one month termination period salary paid to him.


sahil gupta   19 June 2012 at 16:18

Winding up

Dear Expert,

Our company "A" has rented a shop in a mall (at Indore, M.P.) on leave and license basis to a Restaurant chain (owned by a company "B"). "B" has not paid License fees and Service Tax (Rs. 4,63,639/-) as agreed in Leave and License Deed. "A" has furnished statutory notice under section 434 of Companies Act on 27/4/12 via Regd. Post.
My Question is:
A. Is "A" entitled to file Winding up petition based on above facts.
B. Any court fee is to be paid by "A" if it wishes to file a Winding Up petition.
C. What is further course of action (Steps) to file Winding Up.
D. Any alternate remedy to recover these dues.("A" wants to avoid Court Fees)

sobhit   19 June 2012 at 13:43

Property of father

my father have a house in karnal HUDA.
the plot is alloted to him early but no registery was done. my father died last year without doing anything.
we are 3 brothers , 1 sister and my mother.

we want to get the house registery.
are we all are having equal share in the property or not ? please help the process so that i can get my share as i live outside karnal.

pawan kumar   17 June 2012 at 16:05

Tenant laws

court has passed eviction orders ag. tenant as well vacate within 2months. sublettes have left after giving possession to me while tenant is demanding money to vacate portion in his possession .before filing execution of eviction orders should i send legal notice or straight way file execution

Sanjeevappa. L   17 June 2012 at 15:56

Advocates act

Advocate had scribed a will. whether the same advocate can file a suit on behalf of the benificiary under the said will?

Deepakshi Aggarwal   17 June 2012 at 14:47

Joint family property


27 years back, my father & his 2 elder brothers purchased a house jointly, using the income which was earned through the family business. My Grandfather had no property in his name & thus, this has been the only property with all the 3 brothers so far. At the time of registering this property, the elder brother got the entire house registered in his wife's name without anyone's knowledge. Now he is no more & his son is claiming the entire property without giving any share to any of the remaining two brothers. Please suggest how can we claim our ownership in the same?

Thanks 4 ur replies.. Yes, its not an ancestral property & the business through which it was purchased was a partnership at that time, but the money put to purchase this house was a collaborative effort, not only of the elder brother's savings. The wife of that brother is still alive. But this is where we lacked that we did not keep any account of the source of money, though we know that all 3 of them pooled in the money.

pratik   16 June 2012 at 00:00

Prosecution lawyer.

As i was watching a telivision program on Sony TV Aadalat in i have seen that a prosecution take the defence lawyer evidence. in short can a prosecution can ask a defence lawyer to give evidence who case the defence is fighting the court.

Eg: A prosecution lawyer , b Accused & c is the lawyer of the accused can prosectuion A tell the judge to bring the C the lawyer in the evidence box & give the evidence or can court give the premission that a defence lawyer who is fighting the case as a defence can give the eveidence.

it is permissible to take the evidence of the defence lawyer if yes pls can anybody tell me the section as the advocate act, 1961 allow a lawyer to be a witness in the case of this client of which he/she is fighting the case.


DILLI BABU S   15 June 2012 at 20:55

To vacate tenant


our tenant 60 years old with three sons refusing to vacate means lot of excuse from our side last 2 years asking regularly 3 months every time with writing, tenant she was staying last 10 years, how to approach her.

sudhakar s. yeradkar   15 June 2012 at 18:26

Difference between slp & appeal and its time limits

Dear Sir,

Once again I would to have your expert opinion/advise on below.

1)It is a case of Real Estate (Property)disputes & Hon'ble High court has been passed order against petitioner on 29.03.2012.

The Petitioner intend to go for SLP within next 15 days.

Question: In case SLP rejected by Hon'ble Supreme court then...

Can Petitioner file an Appeal before supreme court & what is the time limit?

Please advise

Thanks in advance.

Sudhakar Yeradkar


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