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GHANSHAM A. JETHANI   09 October 2010 at 22:15



Parthasarathi Loganathan   08 October 2010 at 19:06

Media Popular Advocates

Though this is not the forum to take up this exercise. I want our experts to sincerely participate in this thread and post their honest replies as to how special are these Advocates. I have been regularly following the career of the following advocates for the last 20 years. I found many aspects are Very Very Special in them in their own way.

1. Ram Jethmalani
2. Harish Salve
3. Arun Jetley
4. Manish Tewari
5. Ravi Shankar Prasad
6. Majid Memon
7. Jayanthi Natarajan
8. Abhishek Manu Singhvi
9. Mahesh Jethmalani
10.Kapil Sibal
11.Soli Sorabjee
12.Shanthi Bhushan

Experts need to clearly spell out as to:
(a) Why they are best?
(b) What is their success formula?
(c) Who are all their mentors?

My honest intention of this post to benefit upcoming lawyers who can take a cue from the experiences and feedbacks shared by our beloved experts.

jayachandran   07 October 2010 at 20:46

appearance of party

Anybody can answer me
Whether the appearance of a party is mandatory in the case before Family Court. If suppose any of the spouse live in abroad, what is the remedy. Kindly answer with details/provisions and any decision by High Court or Supreme Court in this subject

Anonymous   05 October 2010 at 12:40

Divorce Lawyer


I need assistance in divorce case in mumbai. Can anyone help me.

I have already appointed a lawyer from mumbai but somehow i am not confident of that lawyer.

My husband lawyer is very smart and he has filed for RCR, even though he doesnt want me back neither i wanna go back.

He has started collecting evidence against me to prove that i am adultress.

I will send all the details of my case proceedings.

I know other lawyers dont take case of other lawyers but if will be glad if anyone can provide me consultancy to get divorce from my husband and the child (6 years and 5 months)custody

Do let me know if anyone can help me.

Its very urgent. I m filing the RCR reply today and the arguments are scheduled for 20th oct.

Please please anyone help me.
I want divorce from my husband and my daughter.THATS IT.

Mutual consent cannot be done as he wants daughter too.


Anonymous   08 September 2010 at 11:34


Mine is a ceremonial unregistered marriage between Indian Hindu and Japanese Shinto. I have filed for annulment in Family court of Bangalore because her religion does not come under Hindu marriage Act 1955. My wife has left India and will not appear in court for her statement. Exparte hearing will commence as court has served summons and newspaper ads for the same. Could you please advice how to argue for annulment because I cannot find any evidence (as in her passport copies or registration papers) to prove her religion. For japanese both buddhism (as governed by Hindu marriage act) and shintoism (not governed) prevails.

Adv. Deepak   07 September 2010 at 23:31

Co-operative Housing Society Employees.

Resp. Members,
Are Labour Laws applicable to employees employed by Co-operative Housing Society? If Co-operative Housing Society decides to terminate the services of an employee illegally, what is the remedy for such an employee? Please advise.

Anonymous   07 September 2010 at 23:22

collecting funds from the public

if a business organisation collects money from public in instalments around 1000 per month for 20 months and they pay them back including some money they collect nearly 20 laks per year do they need to have any licence for doing that......

Anonymous   07 September 2010 at 23:11

civil procedure code

if the case is fixed for evidence and plaintiff does not file list of his witnesses. can plaintiff file an application for issuing summones for one of his witness.?

anupam sharma   07 September 2010 at 21:56

lease deed

a lease deed was signed in 1993 but was not renewed afterwards.the lessees are paying same rent till date even though there wa a clause in deed that 25percent increase in rent if the lessor keeps the building after lease peroid>> the lessees have left the bulding now aand new rent agreement with new lessess has been done but no luse of enhancement is written in new lease deed.what is remedy of lessor against both the old and new lessees????

Anonymous   07 September 2010 at 20:12

occupancy certificate

Dear seniors,

it is really occupancy certificate need????

please advise !!

one of friend he is going to bought an apartment in bangalore, and he is planning to move in soon. But recently the site manager told him that they have not yet got any occupancy certificate and that will take another year or so. He has constructed 3 wings and there are approx 4 odd families living in them !

When he asked how they were living without occupancy certificate, he said that they gave the residents furniture permission (saying that they are renovating) and not a possession letter. He says that it is safe and that there is no issue. Also, I have to start paying maintenance from the day he get that furniture permission. he is not quite sure if it is legally right to go and start staying there (all water, electricity connections are working - only piped gas is nonexistent for the time being).

he is little desperate to move there as the place to staying in is not going to be with them for long. Any advice is appreciated.

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