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Queries Participated

dewakar   22 April 2021 at 23:46

Section 156 crpc

Please help
Magistrate Forwarded a complaint under Section 156 (3) CrPC to Register FIR. Under 498A IPC and other offences. The IO wrongly entered facts not mentioned in complaint. So,
"What is the remedy available to complainant if IO by mistake mentioned wrong Facts while registering FIR."

Anonymous   18 April 2021 at 21:15

Cheque bounce


Am married now.before marriage without my knowledge my mother used my cheque for borrowing money. The signature in the cheque is also not mine. After marriage I recieved a notice asking 7.5 lacs.i did nt even know the lender. Then I came to know that my mother borrowed 1 lac from him and given my cheque.we replied to the notice stating that I ve not borrowed any money. But then he filed a case against me for cheque bounce. The case is in trail now. What will be the to come out..please help

Anonymous   19 January 2020 at 13:53

Forged signature during property transactions

Hello ,
My mother purchased plot during the year 1987 , she took loan in 1991 on that plot for house construction and pledged documents in the bank.
Loan was cleared by 2003 during her retirement, due some accounts issues plot documents not released by Bank.
My mother expired in 2006 , but she has not done any WILL.
In 2011 some X person sold the plot to Y by forging my mother signature.
What is the legal procedure now to get the land to legal heir which is me her Son.

anil deoram kute   18 January 2020 at 10:19

About filling of malicious proceedings under law of tort

i am acquitted from the case under section 354 of I P C which was false one. Now i want claim damages for the same. for that what should i do. under which provision of law and to which court i should file my claim.

Anonymous   20 August 2019 at 21:28

Partition deed without having title.

X has filed a civil case for specific performance suit vide O.S.No.291/1981 on the file of District Munsiff, Hyderabad for allotment of an extent of Ac.12-03 gts ( from out of total extent of Ac.20.11gts) and after entering into a compromise by both the parties in the said O.S.No.191/1981., before the court. And they further informed, the said court finally on 29.12.1981 Passed a Final Decree in favour of X, by allotting an extent of Ac.12.03 gts in Sy.No.56 in the name of X. And X updated his name only in Pahanies that too in Possession column, as possessor in the revenue records of Mandal Revenue Office, as per the court compromise decree.

X never filed any Execution Petition for enforcing the above Final Decree, which was passed in his favour on 29.12.1981, before the Court. till now no Execution Petition filed to get the title in his name.

On 30-08-2014, the family members of X, have executed a Registered Partition Deed vide document No. 6345/2014 of SRO,Rajendra Nagar on the basis of the above said Final Decree dated 29.12.1981, Now they are registering sale deeds basing on Registered Partition Deed.

Q1. Is partition Deed valid or not because it is based on Court decree and Court decree itself is un-executed
within a stipulated period of 12 years.?
Q2. How should i cancel the Registered Partition Deed ?

Anonymous   29 November 2018 at 16:57

Eviction suit


I am a Landlord want to evict my tenant who has been on rent for last 30years, for my own bonafied requirement.

I consult a Lawyer he advice me to directly filed eviction suit, without giving prior notice and time to tenant.

I want to know whether the step is correct , whether any problem will occurs later on.

Please provide your valuable suggestion in this matter.

Arif Shaik   10 November 2018 at 00:27

How to defend against insolvency petition

My friend received a notice from the Court that he is the 30th respondent and the petitioner stated him as financier and creditor. but he has done business with the petitioners. but the petitioners sold the property and received a amount of Rs 1 crore but they didnot given a single paise to my friend and served a I.P notice to my friend. the petitioner has many debts, one of them is my friend. the petitioner stated that illegal business and call money means in the notice which is false. my friend waited for the period of 3 years for Rs.2,00,000/- the petitioners with sweet quoted words ensure my friend that they will give him the amount. the petitioners even didnot serve any promissionary note or cheques to my friend. How can my friend defend against the petitioner.

My question is that How can My friend defend against I.P suit which is served to him ?

Uday Kumar   27 October 2018 at 18:10

Can i file an appeal against the acquittal in a fir ,

Expert Sir,

Kindly advise if Appeal against the Acquittal in a FIR is maintainable
If so, in which court it is maintainable and in which section it is maintainable

R K Gupta

Anonymous   27 October 2018 at 14:02

Changing advocates

What if a hired advocate results non performing and denies for NOC, the party has paid fee to which he heavily charged, but now escaping from responsibilities and not responding to required merits. here the law is devoid of interest of party, can the party appeal for change of counsel directly before practicing session or HC judge?

Anonymous   26 October 2018 at 21:13

Agreement for sale

I have booked a flat at Navi Mumbai and have paid more than 20% of the agreement value to the builder. I have registered a proper agreement for sale with the builder last month. Is it mandatory to have a sale deed with the builder after full payment?


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