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Queries Participated

Anonymous   29 February 2020 at 18:59

Order placed-neither supplied nor payment return back.

Dear Experts,

I placed an order for supply of an "Item" from a foreign based Company" 18 months back. The company is also doing business in india. The owner of the company is staying in India. On several reasons the company neither supplied the "item" nor return back my money. Mail correspondence is there. The owner of the company agreed to return back my money, but failed to do so. The cost of the Item is rupees three lakhs ( INR) Shall I book a 420 case against him or not. So plz. suggest me, what I have to do.

v chandrasekaran   29 February 2020 at 10:40

Purchase of a new property with the proceedings of sale hous

I am 67 years old.I have sold an old house in my name for 27 laks. I intend to purchase a new house for 50 lacs jointly with a relative who is bearing the remaining amount through house loan. Can I be a second party of the registration. Will there be any property gains implications on me. kindly clarify

Amit   29 February 2020 at 09:03

Service bond

Respected experts,
I am MBBS doctor. I joined a government organisation with a service bond. But i had to leave the job because it was a kind of typist job,while I was expecting to be in house Doctor . Now the company is demanding me the bond money which includes "liquidated damages" which includes SALARY PAID and TRAINING COST.
My doubt is 1- I had to break the contract because employer hid the working conditions
2- Liquidated damage should be REASONABLE. Salary paid was in lieu of my services. Can it be asked back ? I was in Mumbai,obviously it is the costliest city and I spent on my survival.
Can I avoid such UNREASONABLE TERMS in court ??

Anonymous   25 February 2020 at 19:07

How to prove date and place of birth

Mr. A born at the place of G on 1975 and reside that place since birth. Mr A have EPIC Card but not have birth certificate and he is illiterate. As per advice of advocate he approach to the court and his all effort he fail to produce document and the doctor under whose his birth process came to end due to the death of the said doctor. Kindly advice me what Mr A do to prove date and place of birth.

Anonymous   23 February 2020 at 20:32

Partnership act

my query is regarding an immovable property which was purchased on the name of firm through proprietor. The firm is partnership or sole proprietor is not clear as no record is available as the firm is dissolved in 1987 only after the death of proprietor. However it is clear that firm is unregistered. After the death of proprietor, the two sons in 2019 transfered the same property to each other in blood relation so that stamp duty can be saved. Now the revenue department is of the opinion that since it is firm's property it should be transfered only after paying stamp duty and not in blood relation.
1. Is the view of revenue authority right?
2. How to prove that it is sole proprietorship firm when no evidence is available on record?
3. Even if it is firm's property, how to prove that intention of proprietor was to consider such property as firm's property?

amar singh   22 February 2020 at 16:03

Huda double plot allotment

I have purchase a land from Property Dealer under HUDA Sector in this land Property Dealer has purchased the file from Original Allotee and I purchased from Property Dealer and at the time of registry he has called the Original Allottee for Registry and he told that after 2 year this plot will be transfer in your name in HUDA records also.

After two year When I approached him to transfer the property in HUDA records I came to know that this plot is under reserve category and the same need NOC before transfer the plot in my name but at the time NOC I came to know that there is another plot issued in the name of Original Allotee in another district from whom I have purchased this land. now this plot is under HUDA double plot case in high Court and the same can't transfer in my name until case doesn't final in high Court.

Please advise what should I do.

dsviswakarma   22 February 2020 at 09:32

Opinion on divorce

My wife left me eight years ago when she was pregnantr two months, but she did not even come my house many time requested
Neither is divorcing me and has written a false report against all my family members

Nitin Brahma   19 January 2019 at 06:25

Encroachment on underground water tank by an apartment owner

Our building is an Apartments not registered as a Cooperative Society and has been constructed in 2000. The aparment owners on the ground floor have encroached upon the common areas of the building. They have made construction over the top of the underground water tank and have also put tiles over it. They have blocked access to the water tank by blocking the area with a gate that is kept under lock and key by them. They are using the top of the underground water tank for their general dwelling and kept some material over it. They have constructed a utensil washing area very close to the opening of the tank. Recently the water from that washing area entered into the tank contaminating the water posing danger to the health of the residents of the Apartments.
Please suggest what legal recourse can be had against the encroachment and how they can be compelled to remove the encroachment.

Member (Account Deleted)   16 January 2019 at 19:45

Eligibility for up obc certificate

Dear sir I born and brought in up but from last 2 year our family have shifted to other state. Now i need central caste obc certificate. 1) can i get central obc certificate from UP i have father voter id ration card and proof to show that we are resident of up. 2) But no one from our family leave there at UP should we take a room on rent for certificate issue or authoirty issue that certificate simply on basis of document and filed verification that we lived in UP FOR FOR 20 YEAR AND OUR NATIVE STATE IS UP. I M UP RESIDENT BY BIRTH

Goapl Garg   16 January 2019 at 13:57

Commission under section 284 cr pc

My father ( M-83) is only supporting witness in a criminal case filed by me in a matter of fraudulent property sale in Rajasthan u/s 420-467-468-471-120-B.The Charge sheet is submitted, Charges have been framed. The trial has begun. In April 2017 my father went to MJM Court at Rajasthan for recording his witness statement and to be available to Defense for cross examination. The PP has recorded the statement of my father and Two Defense Counsel has also cross examined him but he fell ill during cross examination being carried out by the last defense counsel and the deposition is adjourned to next day only wherein my father could not be present as he was advised admission in hospital by State Hospital MO, the certificate was duly submitted and adjournment obtained.In August 2017 I filed a petition u/s 284 crpc for allowing commission at kolkata at my expenses,on medical ground annexed with all his case papers since 2002 and current medical reports and medical certificates. Myfather suffers from serious cardiac disease Attrial Fabriliation. The medical Literature is also submitted. Since then my father has been submitting his medical papers and MC (Current) on every adjournment.The MJM / ACJM has not disposed off the Petition till date despite arguments held on two occasions. Actually such petition is first in the District and the Presiding Officer is not able to have courage to dispose favorably or otherwise. Meanwhile the health of my father is deteriorating.The next hearing is on 19-01-2019.We wish to pressure hard for disposal of the petition and need some judgments from District/High/Supreme court which can be produced in support of our arguments. Such Judgments reference is required by 18th Jan 2019 latest.I need some case references in such or similar matter, and I shall be grateful if the Experts can help me with the same. The Local Lawyer at ACJM level court opines that such petition are uncommon at these level of courts and are unlikely to be accepted, leave apart the knowledge of case laws or judgments.Need help and counsel.


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