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Queries Participated

KHS   26 July 2018 at 11:19

Payment of gratuity

Dear Sirs,

Greetings to one and all!

My ex-collegue who is working as Medical Officer in one NGO hospital for the last Four years 7months 7 days. The management has asked to submit resignaton with immediate effect 24/7/2018 in view of the advanced age. Since the Gratuity Act which says that

" For every completed year of service or part thereof in excess of six months, the employees, other than the seasonal employees are entitled to gratuity at the rate of fifteen days’ wages based on the rate of wages last drawn.

Kindly confirm as to whether he is eligible to claim gratuity. Look forward to invaluable support.

Dr. Deepika

Mohammad Sazid Ali   26 July 2018 at 00:48

Registration of coaching center

Sir, I want to start a coaching center, for students up to 12th standard but I am still pursuing final this year.
Is I qualified enough for the registration of a Coaching center In Uttar Pradesh, District Banda..

Rajesh Rao   20 July 2018 at 12:59

Query on dedcution of labour cess in kerala

Dear sir,
We are executing civil/supply of crates/pallets/panel to Kerala Government, while releasing payment, they deducted 1% as labour cess ( KLWWF).
I need following advise :
1.whether it is deducible on total bill or only on civil bill.
2. kindly share relevant provision.

Amjad Jabbar   06 April 2012 at 00:10

Electronic attendance record per factories, shops acts

Is the use of electronic attendance recording devices and reports created from those valid for attendance reports as needed by Factories Act and/or Shops & Establishment Act?

What is the worker in the factory is an employee of a contracting agency, can electronic ids issued by the principal employer (factory) be used to collect attendance information and passed to contracting company; and for inspections under factories act?

Can relevant section of IT Act be used for the above as reasoning? Are there any court rulings which can be quoted for this? Are there any provisions for companies registered under EHTP / STPI / SEZ.

Please answer based on how the tax / audit / govt / court authorities have viewed these.

alok tripathi   23 March 2012 at 11:31

Difference between annexure and exhibit

Dear Members,

Can you Please make me clear that what is difference between Annexure and Exhibit?

whether all document which you have filed as an annexure is need to be exhibit?

Pravin Bhai   09 March 2012 at 14:14

Basic salary meaning in maharastra minimum wages act

Dear All,

As per the new maharastra minimum wages notification. Minimum wages is Basic Plus Special Allowance.

Can you tell me Basic means what?

Is basic means Basic+DA+HRA or what.

Thanks & Regards
Pravin Sharma

gilgonde   03 January 2012 at 10:41

Regarding applicability of bocw on pipes used in execution of pipeline contract.

The pipes are moved from one state to another state under the payment of Central Sales Tax for which the buyer has issued ‘C’ form. The renowned lawyer has opinioned that ince the pipes are manufactured in factory covered under Factories Act and used by the same contractor i.e. the pipe manufacturer for executing pipeline contract in another state, the value only attributable to Lowering, Laying, Jointing, Testing of the pipeline will cover under BOCW Act and hence, the BOCW is not applicable on pipes supplied from one state to another state, even if, they are used by the same manufacturer of pipes for Lowering, Laying, Jointing and Testing contract undertaken though it is indivisible contract. The owner of the contract has accepted this and asked the manufacturer cum contractor to submit an undertaking for any eventuality of the contention being not accepted by BOCW Authorities and the liability to settle the issue remains with the manufacturer cum contractor. They have provided such undertaking to the owner. After some time, owner has obtained another opinion from a Lawyer which is attached herewith as Annexure 2 and hence, the matter is still unresolved. The manufacturer cum contractor has again approached the Lawyer who has given his earlier opinion which is attached herewith as Annexure 1 and according to his conversation, he has reiterated his position and even further added that since this pipeline is forming part of plant and machinery for power generation and being an essential part of the total power generation project, the BOCW Act is not applicable on the same. He being retainer with the owner who was restrained him for giving any such opinion to the manufacturer cum contractor and hence, we seek your advise as follows :

1)Is the BOCW Act is applicable to the pipeline contract?
2)If yes, is it applicable only on the civil portion of the pipeline contract i.e. Lowering, Laying, Jointing, Testing etc.?
3)Is the pipe value from the contract is deductable while arriving at BOCW applicable amount? If yes, kindly give us your valuable inputs on this. If No, what are the reasons?

prashant1314   17 December 2011 at 19:55

Bocw act

Dear Experts,

Could you please advise me who is the enforcement authority for Building & Other Construction Workers Act in Maharashtra?

If you definately appreciate if youcould share more information about the said act.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Anonymous   06 December 2011 at 12:20

Bocw act-1996

Dear Sir,

I want to know where is applicable BOCW Act-1996. I am working in Power Plant which is under Construction.

PBS KUMAR   29 October 2011 at 12:12

Bonus calculation

Dear Sir,

Bonus calculation if the amount will be calculated to a maximum of 3500/- and not 9500/-. So, if bonus declared is 15% for the year then bonus to the employee will be 15% of 3500 i.e: 525/ x 12 = 3024 , is it correct ?




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