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Queries Participated

Shantilal Pandya   15 September 2019 at 12:09

Production of original documents

Sirs. Dear Experts
Will anybody please opine on the following issue That under order 13 rule 1 of cpc the original documents are required to be produced in the court before settlement of issues , whetrher or not the court has discretion to allow the production of original documents for the first time after settlement of issues ,the documents either in original or copies were never produced before the settlement of issues , the documents are in the naure of evidence to prove a fact but not that the same is the foundation for creating a right for the suit claim please cite an authority to support the views . Thanks . ,Shantilal Pandya

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498a Fighter   05 April 2017 at 18:54

Jurisdiction confusion for civil and criminal defarmation

Respected Members kindly confirm/clarify the legal Jurisdiction for both civil & criminal defamation, Damages & malicious prosecution suit to be filed in Delhi court/ Delhi high court against the acquitted judgment pronounced by a court in Punjab. The acquitted persons are permanent resident of New Delhi.

Gaurang Tripathi   05 July 2016 at 18:44

Hindu law coparcenary

हिन्दू संयुक्त परिवार की एक पैतृक संपत्ति में पिता " क " और उसके तीन पुत्र सहदायिक हैं एवं पिता की तीन पुत्रियां भी हैं पिता की सन् २००३ में मृत्यु तक कोई विभाजन नहीं हुआ था एसे में वर्तमान में तीनों पुत्रियों एवं विधवा का उक्त संपत्ति में अंश तीनों पुत्र के समान ही होगा या मात्र वह "क" की हिस्से १/४ संपत्ति में से ही अंश प्राप्त करेंगीं ??

pankaj Dev   19 May 2016 at 08:20

Legal document

I have purchase one land in ABCD town . But due to disturb of broker, I have kept one CARE TAKER who is staying there around 08year But it occurred many times that the Care taker forcibly claim ownership of the land and refused to vacant the land. ultimately matter goes to the court.So how can I protect the land so that care taker can not claim the ownership of the land in future

anil sejwal   07 October 2015 at 15:04

Non lawyer can sent legal notice with notice fee

Can any non lawyer sent LEGAL NOTICE via email and can also asked for Legal notice fee for rs 15500 if not pls advise further steps for him

Pramod   14 September 2015 at 22:25

Declaration suit and not to disturb peacfull posession

Dear Sirs /Madams

1)I want to know if I can file a declaration suit of property via partition deed without asking for possession. As I am in talks with possessors for Redevelopment. ( avoid hefty court fee)

2)Can I file for declaration of property rights for 20,000 ft & not to disturb peaceful possession, for only 1000 sq ft as I was in possession of this land till 2014 and stay on construction claiming I am still in possession?

3) To file criminal tresspass case is Partition deed enough as I do not have 7/12 extract ( cancelled by Talathi with fraudulent order)

Thanking you in anticipation,

madhav pande   02 July 2015 at 04:24

Change of lawyer

I have 1 criminal case Ongoing in Delhi district court in which I am the Complainant. Due to bad behaviour I wish to change my lawyer but he is not giving NOC. Please advise how can I get a new lawyer.

Balaji Bakthavathsal   08 June 2015 at 09:31

Appeal on ex-parte judgment

A civil suit was filed in the lower court for removal of fraudulent registrations made on property. Since the respondents did not turn up for the hearings, the court has announced ex-parte judgment. It is said that if the respondents want to appeal against the ex-parte order, they have to pay the fees to the court equivalent to that of the stamp duty of the property value. Is it so ? Can you please confirm this ?
Thanks & Regards

harish   10 April 2015 at 23:20

no action against fir

We have shop on rent. owner threw away our goods and sold all our goods.we lodged fir but police taken no action.s.h.o cancelled even stealing goods 380 section from cp what we can do plz suggest

Jaya Pathak   21 February 2015 at 13:55

Need views - sec 8 of hindu succession act 1956 wiping out the term ancestral property

Hello Sir,

I studied the Sec 8 of Hindu Succession Act 1956 related to one of my client's case. As per this section the property which Hindu person's legal heirs get after he dies interstate it becomes personal property of the legal heirs mentioned in Class I.

Hence it means whatever property is left by a person after his death to the next generation after 1956 will never get the character of "ANCESTRAL PROPERTY".

So does it mean the concept of ANCESTRAL PROPERTY as per Hindu Law is getting indirectly wiped out due to this section 8 of HSA?

I would specifically like to mention the following:

In Mulla's Hindu Law, Twentieth Edition, VolumeI, Chapter XII - Mitakshara Law the principles of the ancient settled uncodified Hindu Law are succinctly enunciated. The principles may be enumerated thus:(i) The property inherited by a Hindu from his father, father's father or father's father's father is ancestral property (unobstructed heritage as regards his own male issue). page 357

Views from experts in this forum will be highly appreciated.



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