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Queries Participated

Anonymous   12 January 2018 at 10:21

Criminal trespass under section 441

I have got agriculture land in Nasik District. In my said land one person has encroached the land. How to get it back. I am owner of the said land.

Kindly suggest the remedy.

THANKACHAN V P   29 January 2013 at 22:57

Implied revocation of power of attorney -section 207 contract act

Dear Friends,
In a money suit, plaintiff filed petition to contest the case through his POA as he was leaving India and same allowed the court.(Actually he did not leave India!) Thereafter the suit was decreed ex-parte. The defendants filed petition to set aside the exparte decree . The petition was opposed by the plaintiff himself by filing counter.But at the time of trial the POA adduced evidence on behalf of the plaintiff.My query is 1.whether the power given to POA was revoked by filing counter by plaintiff himself. 2.What is evidentiary value of the evidence tendered the POA for and on behalf of the plaintiff.

saravanan   29 January 2013 at 22:55

Regarding will

Dear sir,My name is saran,I from a hindu family,I would be greatful to you all if i get replys from your side soon as my case is on trial now, I m in a great problem sir so i seek u r humble help, Sir my grandfather died in year 1955 soon after his death all his property were under my grandma's control as gaurdian, whereas my mother and two uncles were minor at that stage, (one of my uncle died wen he was minor, so all propertys were maintained by my granny as gaurdian) but other one uncle who is very criminal minded got a will registered on his favour from my illiterate grand mother in the year 1990, but my granny died only in 2005 until then we dont know this matter n wen we talked about the property partion after few months of our grandmothers death,my uncle said that his mother has registered a will only in his favour not for you (my mother), he had planned earlier itself n got the will without anyones knowledge by attesting two of his close friends and now we filed a suit against him stating the will is a forged n he has cheated us.he has stated in the reply statement that his mother is illiterate n has no wordly experience n all he also stated that his mother was sick in 1990 that time she registered a will on his favour
my humble request from you is sir that he admits his mother is illiterate,how can we challange him to prove the registered will is forged one, suggest me some judgements regarding will and its liabilitys
we all in our family know he has got the will by cheating his mother only, sometimes we use to pledge the doccuments to bank n on repayment bank manager uses to come to register off and cancel the pledged doccuments so i suspect he might have taken my grandmother saying that to cancel certain doccuments n that time he might got signature in a already created doccument(will) n might have got registered also,but i m sure if my grandmother has done a will on her own knowledge on my uncles favour she would have said atleast to anyone who is close in the family,she have never said to anyone yet,so without her knowledge he created that will and registered on his favour, sharanblr@hotmail is my mail id pls send me u r humble suggestions i will be thankful to you forever

akanksha singh   09 October 2012 at 00:18


sir is it important that after doing court marriage if a boy is muslim n girl is hindu .. then acording to muslim law "nikaah" must be complusory otherwise court marriage would not be taken into consideration by muslim law ??? nd nikaah is performed only when girl gets converted into muslim... does court marrige is nt an enough evidence for marrige or muslim law is difrent frm govrnmnt law which needs nikaah to b performed??

Sotu   08 October 2012 at 23:02

Marriage,sexual harresment and cheating

My boy friend married me last year november by tying yellow thread around my neck but not in the presence of my parents nobody knows that we both are married because he stays with his friends in room and i stay with my parents.After that he used me sexually and right now he is not taking me to his home .He is saying that he does not want to continue any relation with me any more.He has changed his mobile numbers asking me to put a police case but i will not continue this relation.I know how to escape.Kindly give me legal help

MohammedRaffiq Bijapur   05 October 2012 at 23:51

Evidential valueof oral statement of daughter against her father in 302 case.

The accused facing charge for offence u/sec.302 causing murder of his wife. the daughter of accused though has not seen the crime but deposes that her parents have no cordial relationship and night before her murder both have quarreled.
The question is whether this evidence is sufficient to convict the accused when other witness have turned hostile?

Prakash   28 September 2012 at 23:40

Contradiction between fir and examination in chief

Ld Counsels,

Is it mandatory to confront witness and defacto complainant with the statement made in FIR which contradicts the statement made in the evidence before court on oath.

In FIR it is stated that husband took the wife to her house but in her evidence she stated she left with her father from her matrimonial home. She was not confronted specifically, on this, can accused take any benefit of this contradictin though not confronted. What is stated in FIR was false


4WhatIsRight   28 September 2012 at 23:32

Special marriage act, nikaah and divorce.

one of my muslim friend married a hindu girl in 1997, under special marriage act.
in 1999 after a heated argument my friend divorced his wife by saying TALAQ thrice and destroyed the marriage certificate.
after some counselling by friends and well wishers both agreed to reunite.
they again married under special marriage act got a new marriage certificate, followed by nikaah.
now in 2012 after lot of rethinking both have decided to go for divorce / dissolution of marriage/nikaah.
now will saying talaq thrice will amount to divorce or what procedure they need to go thru to get divorce.

robin   28 September 2012 at 22:04

How much time police take to take action

if a FIR lodged how much time generally police take to take action?

if there is no political pressure

generally normally how much time POLICE take to take action?

a girl threated me that she want to make a FIR against me.she told me that I had abused her. so she want to make a FIR.

but I haven't abused her atall.

she is threatening me.

The girl is not a good girl atall. so I am very much worried.

I have'nt abused her atall.

sunil sunil   20 September 2012 at 23:56

Bail condition relaxation

I am a UK NRI stuck here for close to a year. I lost my job. My AB has travel restrictions. Chargesheet has finally be filed, and I would like to go back to UK.

Should I file a regular bail application or pray for relaxation of conditions on my AB itself?

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