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Chandra sekhar   24 June 2008 at 15:23

Transfer of Property Act., section 55

if an encumbrance is discovered subsequent to the execution of a sale deed, can the purchaser of the property retain the unpaid balance purchase money towards the costs of the encumbrances.

I also request for case laws in this aspect

a.quader   24 June 2008 at 10:38

Sale of open space for reserved parking

My builder has sold some portion of open space in the complex for reserved parking. Now the Housing societyu which claims to have taken over all the rights from builder wants to sell the remaining open space for reserved parking.Is it legal or can they be challenged?

Bindu   21 June 2008 at 06:54

construction company

construction company
Sir I m junior lawyer , there is an offer from my friends uncle who is developer developing Slum Rehabilitation Project. He insists me to join him & look after his work . The nature of work will include drafting agreement, when the tenants give permission to the builder to develop their property- same agreements to get registered, but he wants to give me power of attorney on his behalf to execute the documents, my photo will come on the documents which will be registered. In short he wants to me be his authorised representative as well as look after the agreement etc SIr Pls Guide My if my photo appears on the registration documents i wont be liable for any construction, delay in falts to be provided,i m also worried now days tht the builders are fraud also so shall i join him, my no is 9819576929 or else kindly provide me your mobile no, I will call you Thank You

puja   19 June 2008 at 12:30

sons want share in the property given to daughter by the father

When can son asks for the partition of property? wht if father has self acquired property only? what is the status of married daughter in that case?

puja   19 June 2008 at 12:00

property dispute

can a father give his self acquired property to one of his children debarring all others and that to a married daughter and not to the sons.

what remedy sons have? can they ask for partition and there sahre.

AJIT KAWATKAR   17 June 2008 at 12:25

draft of recovery rent&eviction letter/notice to leasee

on oral agreement of lease for 11m. alady sr cetizen gave ownership appmnt to a family. the lone earner commited suiside just before LL period was over. on pleading-humanitarion gr his wife&2 smoll children were allowed to stay for some extended period. now almost 1-1/2yr are over she has not paid agreed rent&relactant to even vacate the appmnt. can you provide me THE DRAFT for RECOVERY-of arrears&possession in absence of any written agreement dont she be called as TRESSPASSER -then also have i to give notice to her ?

AJIT KAWATKAR   17 June 2008 at 11:15

adverse possession

what is adverse possession? what is/are bad effects of this? how long it takes to get repossession of a ownership appartment given on oral lease but leasee not paying rent &refusing to vacate beyond agreed period?

ankit gupta   16 June 2008 at 22:58

buying of the property

respected sir/mam

we are buying a 200 yards floor in chander nagar,uttar pradesh ,gaziabad .
what documents should we ask form the party to give us ,the impugned property is a residential flat.
inbrief what are the essential documents required at the time of buying the property


Sahendra Jaiswar   16 June 2008 at 16:05

Land infront of door

Dear Sir,

There is vacant land in front of my home at my native place, district - Basti(UP). The land is just infront of my house of which 1/3 we are using another 1/3 my father has taken as patta by paying Rs.10,000 to Lekhpal. But the remaining 1/3 is in name of other as patta. The remaining 1/3 land in name of other was BANZAR for 10 year back and at that time the same was written by the Pradhan on the name of his brother as Patta. But as per Rule of Land No any Pradhan can write any land on his brother's name as patta being a pradhan. But today they are not allowing us to use that land and they are planning for take it over.

So, Please suggest me what i do to take tha land. As it is in front of my house it is very relevant for us.

AJIT KAWATKAR   15 June 2008 at 18:48

partition of ppty by Collector

maharashtra land revenue code 1966-no.85[2]states--if in any holding there are more than 1 coholder any such coholder may apply to the collector for a partition of his/her share in the holding provided title is clear.
Q. my spinster sister &other married sister-since died;jointly hold aurangabad city.the ppty is in possession of her heirs[3sons] how have not mutated their names yet for they dont want to add their sisters spinster sister wants her share to be partitoned mutually to that they are reluctant & advising her to get it through court which is time consuming &expensive too. kindly guide me whether she can request petition to the COLLECTOR for quicker relief? her age is 83yrs.

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