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Priyesh   06 July 2018 at 12:52

Bank deny to returns back the original title documents.

Respected Lawyers,
My Uncle took a Loan in 1997. It was declared as a N.P.A. in 2007 due to non-payment towards that Loan. It was settled by my uncle in the Year 2017 in the month of July. As the Loan was settled my uncle demands the original title documents of the property from the Bank and also ask to make a release deed as property was mortgaged for this loan at the time taking loan. Now the bank from since last one year not done the same. Please suggest a way how my uncle deal with this situation ?

Anonymous   02 July 2018 at 12:20

Non creamy layer certificate

how can I get non creamy layer certificate as I job less women and my husband refuse help e in that. kindly reply as early as.. Please.

Anonymous   26 June 2018 at 12:40

Transfer of society land

We the society hold a 700 sqmtr plot in a city in maharashtra, there are 12 members in the said society and i am the chairman of the society, the members of the society don't have funds to develop the said piece of land and so my question is :
1) can the society go in for JV or development agreement with a potential builder to develop the said property, if yes then what is better option JV or Development agreement.
2) can the society rent out the premises that the society receives from the builder in return of development agreement?? if yes then what are the tax obligation for the society in future?
3) finally if 5 members retire from the said society then the number of member for a legal society goes down, in that case what could be done?? can the remaing member dissolve the society, and in that case who gets the exclusive right of the land after the society is dissolved??

AJAI TAHMBI   12 June 2018 at 09:29

Approach road to bda approved apartment and connectivity

Hello ,
I am living in G+13 BDA approved apartment in Singsandra . We have been living here for last 8 years with No proper Roads which is connecting to the Main Road. We would like to know how can we find as whats approved Road by BDA for us to get connected to the Main Road . Which document should we check and whom should we approach in BDA to avail this information .


R.PRADEEPKUMAR   20 March 2018 at 08:58

Judgement copy - regarding

i) How to obtain a copy TN administrative tribunal order (year 1997).
ii) Whether there is any chance for obtain a copy through RTI act
iii) Who is the authorized person to submit request for copy of the order
iv) Address of the TAT office

Anonymous   06 March 2018 at 13:25

Heavy deposite & sub rental agreement

मैं एक गुंतवणूक दार हू जो मालिक से घर मकान हेवी डिपॉसीट पे लेके भाडे पे देता हू और यह सब बनते मकान मालिक को पहिले से बता देता हू. तो मैं कोनसा अग्रीमेंट बनालू कुपया मदत किजिये

Anonymous   05 March 2018 at 22:13

space problem in name

Hello experts. My name is Kapildev Behera. I have no space in my name in 10th and diploma certficate but in my degree certficate there is a space problem in Kapil Dev Behera. Is this will affect in any govt exam during interview. please help !

Dhirender Wadhwa   03 March 2018 at 23:44

Procedure & dcoument to change karta of huf

Dear Experts
It has been a great help from you all on different legal issues.

My father has an HUF. Started in 2014 with me handling all its works till date. All income from professional work of mine and my wife were added to HUF, as I am salaried also. In 2016, I opened a trading business (with help of family and my savings) with HUF as the properietor. Have returned all invested amounts. My father being karta, has been complaining as I disturb him (not actually) for all legal works (Audit signs, bank accounts, etc), wherever Karta is mandatory and me handling all else as the authorised signatory. All work and process and dealings are done by me. Recently my father, has been pressurizing me to take over as karta of HUF. (Now 75, he finds all this burdens on him. He wants to be free and be on pilgrimages and tours to my other two brothers living in other cities and abroad.

My brothers had no problems in the issue since starting and have already consented to my father. Please note that Eldest brother has wife and two sons (major) and lives outside India (now citizen in that country). I have wife and one daughter (minor). Two younger brother in India are married with one son (minor each). One sister (youngest) was married when HUF was started (on paper) and lives with husband and two sons (minor). All incomes and business in HUF were put in by me and my wife. No property (ancestral or individual) has been put in.

Kindly suggest the paperwork to be done as I got to know, that Karta of an HUF can be changed. Please clarify grounds and legal proceedings taking into account that eldest son lives abroad and consents sign through proper channel as visiting india is not feasible for him

kishore   27 February 2018 at 15:36

unauthorized gate by other party

respected sir i have a house having 15ft front road. in my registry it is written that this road is for exclusive use by me and my neighbor adjacent to me but a person opposite my house opened gate and he is not living here and has big plot with one tin shed room. he has one gate on his 20 feet road. when i objected he cut my electricity connection and later broke my house pipe when i approached police they did not receive my complaint instead told me that will book under some section. as iam in govt service. pls help

Anonymous   22 February 2018 at 13:24

Docs required

Hi all , actually I am planning to set up my own Ielts coaching centre in Punjab .It only have an objective to train people for appearing in Ielts exam . I have already rented a space and it has total capacity to accommodate near about 20 students in one batch . I am planning to run it in morning and evening only, initially, but I am unaware about the documentation required for it .Kindly guide for the same .

Your advice is welcomed and would be really appreciable.