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Anonymous   19 September 2021 at 19:38

Mistake of date of birth

My date of birth on TC and Adhar card is different
I update my adhar DOB that's orignal. When i receive my TC the dob is differ. I update my adhar card once to change my dob as same in TC, those show dob on Adhar cars update only once. 😔😔 plz help me

Anonymous   15 September 2021 at 09:08

Gift deed for monetary gift in blood relation

What is value of stamp paper (Not stamp duty) for making gift deed of cash gifted in blood relation (it will not be registered, just for own record). So, what is stamp paper value (is there any amount wise slab for stamp paper value)?

Or can it simply be on plain paper and notarized like affidavit (not on stamp paper)?

But what if want to make it on a stamp paper (Value of paper in that case?)

Rudraansh Arohra   13 September 2021 at 17:29

Loan agreement

Need to understand wether a unsecured loan of amount below 10 lakhs has to be executed on a Judicial or a Non Judicial stamp paper. The loan agreement has to be executed on which stamp paper.

Kani   13 September 2021 at 13:37


Kindly advise whether a registered specific POA can be amended?? POA was given for construction and sale of apartments but did POA not mention power to take loan or mortgage the land. Or does it have to be revoked and new poa execute?

Read more at:

Anonymous   13 September 2021 at 13:29

Power of attorney

Kindly advise whether a registered specific POA can be amended?? POA was given for construction and sale of apartments but did POA not mention power to take loan or mortgage the land. Or does it have to be revoked and new poa execute?

Mohammed Rizwan Shaikh   08 September 2021 at 20:50

Dissolution of partnership

Respected Experts,

A sweetmeat partnership firm was formed by and between 4 partners in 2018 and it was agreed that the business will take place on the said address. The Deed of Partnership does not bears the exact address of business operation, it only states that it's in a building. Further, the deed of partnership was sent for registration with ROF, Mumbai in 2018 itself. In Oct 2020, one of the partners expired. After the death of the partner, the wife of the deceased partner sent a letter to the other partners to include her as a partner by the virtue of clause 11 of the said partnership deed and simultaneously informed the ROF about the death of the partner.

The said Clause 11 reads thus:
"11. Any of the partners shall be entitled to nominate one person to succeed to his share in the partnership and on the death of the partner the partnership shall admit such nominee as a partner in the place and stead of the deceased partner and shall not deal with the other legal heirs of such deceased partner. It is clearly agreed and understood that the nominee of such deceased partner shall alone deal with the legal heirs and representatives of the deceased partner."

On the receipt of the letter sent by the wife of the deceased partner, the other partners got aggravated and threatened to either take a back-step or take your share and/or go away. The other partners do not want to include the deceased partners wife as a partner.

The aggrieved wife approached the ROF to know the status of the firm wherein it was informed that the said firm is under objection due to some incorrect dates.

Please note that Arbitration Clause is present.

Please advise whether the Partnership still exists or it stands dissolved?
What legal remedy the aggrieved widow has to fight in the Court of law?
How can the legal heirs of the deceased partner dissolve the firm and restrain the other partners from entering into the suit premises?

Your advice will save someone's life and property.


Mohammed Rizwan Shaikh

shyam lal   20 August 2021 at 07:07

Gift deed notice

A co shareholder of a undivided immovable property gifts his share without any consideration to a third party ,where as the registered WILL mentions that one month notice has to be given to other co shareholders informing intentions of sale to third party.Situation is the share holder does not sell his share but gifts his share to the third party,query, is there anything wrong legally by not notifying before gifting his share.

Rohan   19 August 2021 at 20:44

Power of attorney made in a different state


Is a power of attorney made in Karnataka for a relinquishment deed to be made in Goa valid?


Kripal G Rawat   18 August 2021 at 11:35


how to amend partner ship agreement were a HUF is a partner and is it necessary to register a partner ship agreement

Anonymous   18 August 2021 at 11:12

Mcd booked property

i am interested in buying 125 sq yards building consisting of basement,stilt parking and four floors. on enquring it came to my notice that builder property was booked in 2012 by MCD due to exceess coverage/deviation from sanctioned plan. builder has assured to get it regularised from MCD if I go ahead with buying the property. can It be reguralised by paying penalties to MCD. what do you suggest? personally it is within my budget and i am very much interested to buy this property. can i avail bank loan against this property in current state? kindly suggest urgently.


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