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Supreet singh   07 February 2019 at 17:25

Special leave petition


Anonymous   07 February 2019 at 16:56

Hanover of layout with legal issues

Can a builder handover maintenance of layout without solving legal issues like rajkalava and others?

P K George   07 February 2019 at 15:57

Domestic Violence Act

Court ordered ex parte interim maintenance on wife's Petition for interim reliefs along with sec.12 petition.
Does husband could object the same?
Is he liable to pay the same till the final disposal of case?

shweta   07 February 2019 at 13:24

Can daughter have equal right in father or mother's property

Dear Experts
My father had purchased Mhada property on resale. In Mhada, property is transferred in my father’s name. We are 2 sisters (one married & one is single) and 1 brother. Father expired last year. My father has made no will. As per my understanding now property is ancestral property in the hands of my mother. And being ancestral property we daughters have equal right in property after mother. Is it correct?
My concern is
1. Whether it is necessary that we transfer mhada property in mother’s name? Whether we will face any difficulty if property is not transferred in mother’s name and it remains in father’s name??
2. AS per mhada rule, to transfer property in the name of mother we all son & daughters will have to give NOC. Is giving NOC means we relinquish our right in property? Whether we daughters will be able to claim equal right in property after giving NOC?
3. If brother makes false will and get it signed by mother fraudulently giving property to only son, can we daughters challenge such will in the court?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous   07 February 2019 at 12:54


Me and my lover got married last year we lead a happy life for 6 months after that we got to know that he was previously married. So we broke up in a police station again he called me and taken me from my home and after this we stayed for 6 months. One day he left me and gone. His parents came and beat me so I filed case under 420 section. He has taken my gold and some things of mine. I have filed case on january 11 2019.when will be the court calls us for hiring. What will be justice for me.please help me. I know I had the mistake but he ruined my life.

Sandeep   07 February 2019 at 12:00

About date of applicability of govt order

Dear sir,
i am working in Defence research and development organisation(DRDO) Min Of Defence.
Brief Facts about querry:
1. Govt sanctioned variable increments(up to 6) based on performance of officer in his promotional interview.
2. It is sanctioned to DRDO, BARC,ISRO w.e.f 1 jan 2009 by Department of expenditure(DOE) letter to these organisations.
3. Departments were free to decide the implementation methods.
4 .Based on this letter DRDO,BARC,ISRO issued their respective orders.
5.Value of one increment for each post was decided by DOE.
6.After implementation of 7 cpc values of one increment were to be revised.
7.BARC and ISRO issued order for revised values of increments in 2016 which were effective from 1 jan 2016
8.DRDO issued order for revised values in oct 2018 which is effective from 3rd oct 2018.
9.Can we challenge this order on the basis of BARC and ISRO issued orders w.e.f 1 jan 2016. So that we can also get the revised benefits from 1 jan 2016.
kindly guide me.

Anonymous   07 February 2019 at 11:55

Purchase of land in name of director

Can a pvt. Ltd. company purchase agriculture land in name of director in maharashtra

Anonymous   07 February 2019 at 11:46

Purchase of agriculture land

Can a pvt Ltd co. Pay consideration and purchase agriculture land in agents name Maharashtra

RAJASHEKAR REDDY KAYITHI   07 February 2019 at 10:58

Adverse possession

I am in possession of 2 acres of land since last 45 years, present we have title for half acre, we are cultivating the land, how can i get tile over possessed land by adverse possession, what is the procedure.

Deepak Kumar   07 February 2019 at 10:23

Regarding live in relationship

I am 39 years old man got married in 2008. Due to some differences, in April 2016 my wife left me deserted and started living with her parents. Neither she is ready to come back nor she wanna give me the divorce. Moreover now I also don't have any feelings for her and don't want to patch up with her. I and my family tried our best to get out from this mess by mutual consent but all in vain. I am interested in one of my friend, she is divorced. Now my question is:-
1. I don't want to get into court matter to get a divorce from my wife. I want to live in with my friend. Can I stay in live in relationship with my that friend? What can be the consequences of this and what precaution I have to take for it?
2. Can my wife file a dowery case or DV case against me?
3. Is there any time limit for filing dowery and DV case, as my wife is living with her parents from past 3 years, or she can file any case any time.


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