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Anonymous   06 February 2019 at 17:28

Trade license assam

Whether trade license is required for a Company that wants to do the business of Computer Software Consultancy, Cyber Security consultancy Service?

Ganesh Mapari   06 February 2019 at 16:35

Cooperative society limitations to recovery

I am an guarantor of my friends loan taken from Sahakari Patasanstha maryadit. He took loan of 2lack in 2002 and later on he became defaulter in that loan. He stopped responding to bank. Bank have issued some notices to him and filed a complaint on him. But he still not responding to bank. He have mortgage his 2 Acre agriculture land to bank while taking a loan. Bank still not auction his property but bank have charged banks name on his 7/12. Also bank has charged my agricultural land also, now on my name also get removed from my 7/12 and banks name is shows. I think bank has to recover its loan by auctioning my friends property first and then come to me if loan not repaid with this. Now loan valu exceedeen 30 lac. As I searched on google, bank can not recover interest more than principle amount of loan. If bank could taken action on time, then loan would be recovered with my friends property. But they not taken any action, and directly charged my and my friends land.
Please help me to overcome this issue.

Anonymous   06 February 2019 at 14:23

Lease agreement for pertol bank to scheduled castes(person)

Hello Experts, Firstly thanks for this forum, where in, common man like me are getting to know so much about the law, which, at no other place, we can get to know so clearly and easily apart from this forum.

I have a land on National Highway and a third party(Scheduled Caste person) is approaching me to rent the land for them to build a Fuel station. They're saying they need the land for a minimum period of 20 years with a rental increase of 10% every 3 years. After 20 years, based on owner's (my) decision, they will either hand over the land back or continue the station. Coming to my questions, .
1) IS it safe to hand over the property to them for 20 years to Scheduled Caste person (delarship) ? Will there by any legal issues when I ask them the land after 20 years? 2) What kind of agreement we both have to enter into? ?

2) What are the points that I might have to include in the agreement, so that, I get the upper hand after 20 years?

Please help with your expertise as this is one of the Major decision that I need to take in my life as the agreement is for 20 years

shital   06 February 2019 at 12:40

Recovery from 2012

My DV case result in 2014, sanction rs. 12000/- per month . My diverse & child custody case , filed by my husband dismiss due to absence for 2 years in Family Court Nashik Road. Now after 2016 i got my husband address. What action should i take against him. Mean time i take 3 times Samans but each time my husband is run ways. So till date i did not get any money from his side.

Please help me which action i can take against him so that he can not run ways this time.

Anonymous   06 February 2019 at 11:35

Workmen compensation to apprentice

Dear All

As per amendment in WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2009 , Amendment of section 4 “(2A) The employee shall be reimbursed the actual medical expenditure incurred by him for treatment of injuries caused during the course of employment.”; If apprentice met with an accident while on working/training result serious bodily injury , company paid him compensation as per % of disablement. But question arise at time of payment of Medical expenses which are born by apprentice.

For compensation, in apprentice there is provision in employer 's liability for compensation for injury as per provision of WC Act, (Sec 08 of 1923) but no specific word for reimbursement of medical expenses or related

Pls throw light on query, Is apprentice can eligible for medical expenditure incurred by him for treatment of injuries caused during the course of training/employment ? or not

Anonymous   06 February 2019 at 10:52

Fake address given by my wife for dv and 498a case

Dear Sir ,

There are two cases filed against me by wife in Ajmer Rajasthan, DV and 498 A . She has lied to the court and police that and have given a false address of her parents and informed the court and Police that her current address as Ajmer Rajasthan . In reality she is staying Noida along with my daughter for last eight years and even after after separation which took place 3 years ago .

We gave the proofs to the lower court where the DV case is filed they rejected it , so we have filed for an appeal and she is skipping to take the notice . However the in the appeal court the Judge is not granting stay order on the DV case in lower court .

Please suggest what can be done in this case also what steps need to be taken to inform the Police about facts that she has lied address in FIR


Mohan   06 February 2019 at 01:02

Divorce case

Hi friends,

Here i explain my situation, please help me on this. Thanks in advance
My dad filled divorce case on my mother on 2017. The divorce case is hearing happen monthly and keep on going. My dad has some illegal families over last 2 years. That illegal women make my father turns against us. My father is working on the Southern Railway. His service gets completed by this may 2019. So we are concerning about the illegal women will take up all the money from my dad which is he gets as settlement at last. Then she will through my father outside. So Please Please advice me is there any option to hold the settlement money until that divorce case gets clear. Something like to hold the settlement amount. Please guys anyone out there help me.

jains   05 February 2019 at 23:32

Cheque case

Is it possible to issue legal notice after the prescribed period of one month as statuary step to initiate criminal case u/s 138 NI act. And if it is so and if the debt under the cheque is not cleared with in the 15 days period, can complainant file case invoking the act?

prasanna kumar   05 February 2019 at 19:37

Condonation of delay

Dear experts
An SA is filed before the DRT with an application for condonation of delay.
DRT dismissed the application for condonation of delay and consequently the SA. This order is challenged before the high court with a prayer to set aside the impugned order along with prayer to set aside the sale conducted by the authority. it is not prayed separately to condone the delay before the High Court. is it a fatal error. if so, whether it is curable by filing a memo or an IA before the High Court to condone the delay.
your reply will be highly appreciated.

Anonymous   05 February 2019 at 19:20

About composition by nhai

My dad means I am a adopted son they don't have any children. He took a land in my home town I.e,1.23 acres and national highway drafted that road goes on our land on 2008 and we got composition of rs 600000 to my dad. And after that every one filed a case asking for more composition. Later my dad was died. He wrote a will that all propperties ll belongs to my son. But he dint register the will. According to that will all properties was changed to my name. More money has come to that land later by nhai but the has taken by the old owner by submitting the fake documents. I dint know about it and some time later small amount has come in my name that is 24000 and 112000 rs in that award notice they had written 3600000 lakhs composition. When I asked about this they took all the documents and checked about that and said old owner means the property which your dad took from. He has taken the amount. Please help me how can I take that money plz guide me. And what properties taken by nhai has been changed to nhai name but our property is still in my name only. Plz help me ..


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