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Periagaram Shankar   11 July 2020 at 07:19

Leakage from terrace flat to lower flats

I live in 3rd floor and there is a private open terrace above me. Due to damages done on waterproofing of the private terrace by previous owner of 4th floor, water seeps heavily on to my bedroom. The current owner of 4th floor refuses to repair it as the damage was created by a previous owner. The society turns Nelson's eye saying that it is a dispute between two flats and they can not be involved. Please explain whose responsibility is it to repair the same, who should bear the cost and what are the options open to me if he refuses to repair it.

ANKIT   10 July 2020 at 19:18


If we want to file a bail in high court whether regular or interim, we have to file separate for each of them or we can ask for it in one application only.

LAWYER ASSOCIATES   10 July 2020 at 17:45


I have a Karate coaching school on property located in Municipal Corporation, There is no land revenue record or khasra numbers and not fard intkal, a notice is being served on us under sarfaesi act for possession of property. 1. Now is there any soluton for us? and 2. Whether our property comes under sarfaesi act?

Kotte swathi Reddy   10 July 2020 at 08:53

I got a court injection how to register my own land ?

Hi sir ,This is Swathi . My father got property injection.how can he registered that land.can me explain the registration process.and Another person have illegal registration deed.how can we complaint that person?

MUKESH   09 July 2020 at 21:21

Property distribution

Hello Sir,

I want to know that if someone make a will and register it with court to distribute the property as per his will /desire
So in that case can their son /daughter can challenge this will after the person's death.

Or can a person change his will at any time?

Please advice

MUKESH   09 July 2020 at 21:16


Hello Sir/ Madam,

I want to know that, my elder brother's 10year old son want to live with us and his parents e.i. My Elder Brother & Bhabhi is ready to give their son to us.
So what is the procedure for that and if we keep him with us without adoption paper work so if they ask their son back in future let say after 5 year what will happen.

You are requested to kindly advice to deel with this.


Anonymous   09 July 2020 at 17:16

Salary not credited for 3 months!!


I work in a yyy company where I am not paid for the last 3 months. Now I have an offer with another company.
When I ask the salary balance to my current employer, he is asking me to re-sign first and then to proceed with the settlement.
Should I re-sign here to claim the salary balance or ask him to work on the settlement first?
Also, he is forcing me to submit the assets and re-sign.
can someone tell me the procedure to move this legally?

Note: I don't think the employer will actually give me the complete salary balance.

Anonymous   09 July 2020 at 14:15

Portion taken from my land


A land was equally divided between my father and uncle, my uncle constructed a building in his land plus some portion of my father land. As my father is not aware as there was no boundary given.

Now what can be done please advice

vijay kiran   09 July 2020 at 00:51

Trade unions

My doubt is can a trade union buy shares of its own psu if the pay is going for listing of shares

What's the actual position of trade union in the eyes of law

Pls explain

Thankss in advance

Venkataramann Prabhakar   08 July 2020 at 21:07

Cancellation of sale agreement and refund the advance amount

Dear sir,

I have few problems with my very first property buying It’s a resale Apartment in Chennai

1. Sale agreement was written on Rs.20 stamp paper Is It valid And the duration was mentioned as one month earlier but due to Covid we have extended it for four months. I have paid the advance of 10 % of my loan amount 3,00,000 on 3/3/2020.

2. But still registration not happened when I was cross verified with bank HDFC I came to know there are some legal documents to be provided by the seller Ex like current outstanding balance, list of documents available in KVB, last 2 yrs EC, clarity in sale deal, ext..

3. During my investigation I came to know that the seller has kept his documents on his brother‘s name (Builder) for developing Builder’s business taken an OD or mortgage loan in KVB. “Builder was going for a settlement with KVB where his outstanding was 19 lakhs for which he gave a bribe for the banker 1.5 lakhs from my initial payment and got a settlement for 15 lakh, but still he failed to provide the original documents to hdfc since he couldn’t pay the amount “This Statement was revealed by the builder to us.

4. As per in the mother document the plan approval was stilt +2 but whereas the builder has constructed his office and a warehouse in the ground floor in a common UDS and renting it. he also modified the apartment which I was planning to buy and that was not updated in floor planning

5. Due to Covid there is a possibility of losing my job so I requested Builder to refund the advance amount as the sale agreement due date was completed and I may not pay my EMIs due to drop in my financial status. moreover We came to know there are multiple issues like water problems, drainage issues Car parking Issues and he has pets like birds and dog which has many medical issues which has already bits other house holders twice, added to this builder has a nature of dominating others in the apartment.

By seeing all these things we planned to quit the plan of buying this property, But now the builder is not agreeing to repay my advance amount and moreover he is very stubborn with us .

So please help me since I don’t have any background support from my aged parents and other relatives..


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