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Santosh Kumar Mishra   28 May 2008 at 17:34

Ref. lease agreement

Thanks MSS. Can i write this way: "This lease agreement is made on this 1st day of April 08 and being executed in writing on this 28th day of May 2008 between....."

"1) That the lessee pays and shall pay to the lessor every month, for the above demised premises the rent of Rs. 5,000/- per month to advance on or before the 7th day of each ......"

Dear MSS, pls let me know whether these wordings are correct?

Santosh Kumar Mishra   28 May 2008 at 17:17

Lease Agreement

Can a lease agreement made today i.e. 28th of may, 08 for a period of 1-4-08 to 28-2-09. I need to give the lease deed to my employer to claim the HRA exemption? I am paying the rent since April '08 but could not make the agreement due to absence in India. Can i make it now and give to my employer? What would be initial wordings of it?

TS Bhatia   28 May 2008 at 15:36

Gratuity act

I shall like to know if a contractor worker completes 5 years of continous service,who is liable to pay gratuity to the worker ?
Is it the responsibility of contractor or principal employer ?

BRAJENDRA SINGH   28 May 2008 at 11:18

Supreme Court Decision w.r.t. reemployment or deployment of retrenched employees.

Recently Hon'ble Supreme Court through bench comprising of Justice C K Thakkar and Justice D K Jain has given a verdict w.r.t. redloyment of retrenshed state owned corporation i.e. U P Mineral Corporation in which Apex Court has turned down decision of High Court of U.P. in which the Hon'ble High Court has provided compensation of the retrenched employees along with order of re-employment.

Kindly provide me a copy of the same judgement.


Rajaram C Iyer   28 May 2008 at 09:09

Rent agreement

Please give me sample rental agreement as early as possible.


Ajay Ghanghas   28 May 2008 at 01:24

threat at home

if iam at my home some one or group of some people came at my home's gate and wants to harm us physically and if i fired for air in my and my family members self protection is this according to law or not

VASANTH D JAGANATH   28 May 2008 at 00:06

KVAT - Rate of Tax

Dear Sir / Madam

My query is with regard to applicability of rate of tax for X-Ray Machine under KVAT Law, undery whih entry it is taxable at what rate"

VASANTH D JAGANATH   28 May 2008 at 00:02

KVAT - Filing of VAT Return

Dear Sir / Madam

my query is with regard to filing of vat revised return wherein the time limit is prescribed for 6 month subject to conditions, how far this provision holds good wherein such a provision is against the principles of natural justice which take away right to file revise return where there is liability to pay or claim excess input tax credit?

gagandeepsingh.bagga   27 May 2008 at 23:37

Legal executive

I have got an interview call from a company for the job of legal executive as i am a practising lawyer in courts so i am not aware of the kind of work the legal executive have to perfom in the company can any of my colleage highlight the nature of work for the legal executive have to go through.

brijesh   27 May 2008 at 21:57

love marriage against family wish

Hello. I am in a love relationship with a girl from last five year. We both are Hindu. I am based in Hyderabad now and she is in Delhi. I am working with ICICI bank and she has just completed her masters in Advertising and PR. A month before when I went to Delhi to see her and unfortunately her family came to know about our relationship (she meets a boy). Her family (joint) consists of many Police officers at higher rank like SDO and Special cell, two of them are lawyers in high court and some of the young people have sound relationship with criminals and politicians. After they learned every thing from her they forced her to go with them to the nearest police station and file a complaint against me stating that I was forcing her for a physical relationship and blackmailed her that if she doesn’t meet me when I call her than I would call her parents and reveal everything about our relationship. She was very scared and she wanted to protect our relationship so she signed such documents at once without any nagging or asking any question. Now she has gained confidence in her family that she was not much involved in such relationship and it was just friendship and I was the culprit who forced her to fall in love with me.

On the other side they disconnected the landlines number, seized her mobile phone and not allowing going outside alone for anything. Some how we managed to established communication after such incident. Now we are planning to run and marry against our families wish and fight against all odds together. She is 22+ and I am 24. She is of sound mind and not affected by any disease such as epilepsy. I am also self dependent having an annual income of 350000 and would be able to take care of her. Now the questions rises after we get married they will search us in a day as they know everything about me and also they are into administration. So please guide us(1) how we can marry in a single day and get all the legal certificates and evidences that required proving that we are married in the court of law. (2)The FIR done against me how can it be taken back by her and is it punishable that it is a false allegation by her and family. (3) My family (in Siliguri west Bengal) is also against our relationship but they will not harm us. How can her family harm my family in such a case and how to protect them? (4) How to protect my marriage relationship and her legally (NGO, Women protection cell, Petition in high court for safety) because I know that they will not sit quite and will try to harm us legally and illegally. I don’t want to leave her alone and don’t want to go to jail for one day also so guide me how can I prepare myself before hand against all odds and what legal protections I can take form the court. In any case the girl will always stand by me; she is very brave when she is there with me. I have fully trust on her that she will never go against me. Wherever I stay what role the nearest police station can play, how can all the cases be justified in the place where I stay because I don’t want to go to Delhi and fight against any case?

I seek Guidance from everyone having relationship with law.
Thanking all of you in anticipation.