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ashish   27 May 2008 at 11:39

house rent allowance

salary u/s 10(13a),includes d.a. 2 d extent d terms of employment so my query is how 1 can know dat 4 retitement benefits or not,is it clear 4m form 16a or 1 hav 2 ask d client?

Suvra.Chatterjee   27 May 2008 at 11:32

please help me

I am Suvra Chatterjee was running a business in my mothers name on which my father intruded after his retierment & on objecting to his intrusion he with the effective help of my mother took away all the money & eventually made me bankrupt & jobless as the business closed down due to shortage of money.
He did this with the help a man named samar chatterjee who is the secretary of a organisation named"THANA SAMANAY SAMITY"which basically is a organisation in west bengal thats works for the people in the wrong side of the law to comunicate with the police to settel the crimes of them,evading general peoples eye.
My father has forged the signature of mine to change the consumer name of the electricity meter(2266839)of CESC to my mothers name without the knowledge of mine,for which
I tried to register a complain to the police,but on the instructions of this samar chatterjee the local police (Jadavpur police statoin,Kolkata--700032)even refused to register a G.D also.
So on the above said circumtances I desparetly need you peoples important suggestions & help to overcome these problems.
Will it be of any help if I go to the Human rights commision asking for there intervention in the matter.
YOURS Faithfully

m.v.prabhakar   27 May 2008 at 10:40

how " PUBLIC SERVENT" is defined in PCA, IPC etc

Q.1 Can you give the legal definition of "Public servent" both under PCA.IPC and Cr.P.C.

IS there any judgement by apex court or by any high courts.

Q-2. Is there any time limitation for lodging FIR subsequent to the date of alleged irregularity under IPC.

Give some judgements

Piya   27 May 2008 at 08:29

Transfer property with least expenses

I hace a plot and a house [three seperate in on building] registered in my name. Plot was registered in the registrar's office. I assume the house is also legally mine now. As this is the only asset that our father has left for us i want to give one house each to my sister and brother. My father is alive. I would like to know 2 things. [1] Can my father create any problem legally? What are the documents that i have to check to ensure the plot is entirely mine. [2] Which is the method to trasfer the plot with least expenses and without the involvement of my sister or brother?......
The plot wae purchased by my dad with his money and registered in my name with the Registrar. After an year a house was built. The Elec. Bill is in my name. I thinks the water, property tax is paid in my name. For more detilsa about this i need a week's time. But do reply with the available details

Manish Kumar   27 May 2008 at 00:56

What should We Do now ?

I joined my company in Feb 2008. They had provided me offer letter only after submission of original documents. In the offer letter it was mentioned that I will be in 30 days observation period and then an formal appointment letter will be issued. Our company is a private limited company. But yet no appointment letter has been issued. Our company does not provide us any pay slip. Simply they hands over an account payee cheque. They are even not maintaining EPF. As per our bond agreement. If we will leave job before 6 months, We will have to pay for our 1 month salary. They are not providing us any Casual leave or Emergency leave. But when someone leaves company, they are not returning our original documents and keep us harassing for their original certificates.
They are not giving us any leave except 7 leaves in a month. If in any case we are absent for a day. They cuts Rs. 1000 per day from our salary. That too is no where mentioned and simply deducted from our salary cheque. We can not even produce valid reasons for our absence.
Even the company had issued us a Identity card where it is clearly mentioned "This is not a proof of employment". We have even no proof that can prove we are employee of the company except attendance register at gate. As per rules of company we will not receive any experience letter if we will leave before 6 months.

I am really upset after joining such company. And filling like slave for 6 months. Can any one please suggest what should I do to receive my certificates from the company so that I could leave it. And can a company in India is allowed to take certificates and do not return them even after full filing leave procedures.

Joydip Mukherjee   27 May 2008 at 00:00

Porno Act In India

If Police seize some porn CDs from any person's possession then what section should be attracted of the offense? Is it illegal?

ankit gupta   26 May 2008 at 22:55


hi there

please tell me how and where can i do internships.i reside in east delhi,laxmi nagar area.
am a student of law and i have completed my second year.

please reply asap

vinod   26 May 2008 at 20:12

sick company and certificate proceeding

when the company has been declared as a sick company and high court has appointed official liquidator , whether claim by sales tax department for it due taxes can be lodged before the certificte officer under the public demand and recovery act ?

Bindu   26 May 2008 at 17:45

Pest Control Agreement

Dear All

i am Junior advocate
I have to make an agreement for my company for Pest Control with Pest controller.
Can any one provide me with draft for Pest Control agreement

Advocate Bindu S Parikh

manish   26 May 2008 at 17:44

Procedure of Change of Name

I want to change my name from Manish to Manish Jindal as Jindal is my sirnamr.
but i name is Manish as per SSC certificate.
Please help to by providing the details regarding change of name procedure.