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Samar   18 April 2008 at 11:44

Fired by employer

In case the employee is asked by his employer to leave the job within 1 day, is there any legal way to counter that.

To be more specific, in case the appointment letter says that the person can be removed by giving one months salary and the employee is removed in the same way without any fault of his.


Member (Account Deleted)   18 April 2008 at 11:37


Hi all,

If any members are having 'used law books/CDs', they can post the details of the same (Name, expected Price, location, etc.,).

KRISHNAMOORTHY   18 April 2008 at 06:28

leave policy for construction workers

I am woking in a construction industry. Construction industry is still unorganised. Could you please throw light on the leave policies that are applicable in construction industry. If I am not wrong, construction industry is also registered under companies act.

Jithendra.H.J   17 April 2008 at 21:05

Dowry Harrassement

as per the recent judgments of the many Hon'ble high courts and our Hon'ble Apex court, offence under section 498A of Cr.P.C and section 4,5,6 of Dowry Prohibjtion Act are should be made compoundable and the high courts allowed the accused and the wife to compromise the matter and quashed the FIR, kindly refer the cases
reported in 1) II (2004) DMC 76 bombay
2) II (2005) DMC 412 Raj
3) 1(2005) DMC 232
4) 1(2005) DMC 311 SC

is there any judgements to show that even the magistrate can allow the compromise petition and permit the parties to compound the matter?

Rajaram C Iyer   17 April 2008 at 20:59

Abatement of criminal case in case of death of the accussed.

Please indicate the section in Cr.PC or IPC which relates to abatement of criminal case in case of death of the accussed.

Rajaram C Iyer   17 April 2008 at 20:54

Recovery suit

Dear Friends,

Can anyone tell me how the courts will recover money in civil suits from the respondent in cases where there is no property to be attached

Is there any other way out or imprisonment which the courts will impose on the respondent.


Ashish M   17 April 2008 at 19:32

Domestic voilence - could u pls help???

The other day i went to a women cell with my friend to report the domestic violence she is suffering at home bcoz of her younger brother. She used to work day and night and when she comes home, all she has to bear is her brother's physical and mental abuse. he used to beat her, abuse her mentally, raising questions at her dignity.
He is physic from mind as he was weak in his studies and since he couldn't do anything in his life, he used to alligate his mother, father and sister for his state. He harms them all physically and mentally. since, his father and mother are very old and they have the only sister who is actually working, there always remain tension at home. this boy don't hve anything to do and just sit at home the whole day and when sister is out at work, just to beat her old mother.
They tried to admit him at some mental hospital but the hospital says that he has to brought to the hospital and some male member has to be with him round the clock. The family has only father, mother, the younger brother(problem), and the sister (who is working). and nobody to help them. he has a robust body due to which nobody could even defend him/herself from him. its a far thing to "take" him to hospital. hence it has become difficult to even hospitalise him. in case we will go to police to report, they may ask for the proof of his such state, the unavailability of which could possibly weak our case.
No relative or neighbour is ready to intervene and help them.
When he crossed all the limits by beating his father, mother and sister severely that day for no reason other than his own lunacy, we decided to report it to the women cell.
But when we approached their, they, at the face denied our application by saying that women cells are only for those women who are exploited at their in-laws or by husband.
women cell can't help those women who face exploitation at their home by any of their own family member (brother or any lineal ascendent or descendent of her only family).
does the domestice voilence act protect only a married women against their in-laws? r women cell made only to protect women from in-laws or husband or any member related to the husband.
I got distressed hearing such a fact. when he said he can't do anything.
Domestic violence act defines 'domestic relatonship' to include a relation in the nature of 'consanguinity' or a 'family member living togather as joint family'..
could u pls help me out and my friend & tell me any legal help she can get for this.???

Muthukumar   17 April 2008 at 15:11

Land tax not paid


We have a land which is in the name of my fathers elder brother. This land was given to us before 15 yrs from family property but registered in his name. Still now no land tax have been paid. Can i pay the land tax now and what is the procedure for it and how long should be land tax paid to own a land and register in my fathers name without his elder brother sign.


Muthukumar   17 April 2008 at 15:07

Land dispute


We own a resident land which was given to us by my fathers elder brother. Still now we have not register the land in our name and the land is in the name of my fathers elder brother, but the original document of the land was given to us when we took the land in our position. Now when we ask him to sign the document and register the land in our name he refesues to sign. This land was given to us before 10 years. now the land value is high.
Still now we have not paid any land tax. Can i pay the land tax now in my fathers name.
How long should be land tax paid to own a land.
what shall we do to get his sign and write the document in our name.


bm   17 April 2008 at 11:20

professional tax in karnataka

Respected sir/ madam

please help me in professional tax filing based on the pin code or ward

please give me the information about ward wise fileing address

like income tax



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