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Bhagwan sahay   23 November 2020 at 19:20

Can lawyer ask to court for ccty footage when date is not

accuse is on bail
8 September was the date given by court to appear accuse
he appeared with lawyer but magistrate was not present
& he signed on file& after some time lawyer said
that next date is 26 October & he went to home
after 30 minute lawyer informed him
that challan has produced in court on 8 September
court was closed due to kovid after 20 days
outside of his court on a paper written that
26 sep. date was extended to 2 February 2021
i want to know that lawyer got challan copy on 8 sep. but didn't get cctv footage(which is on pen drive submitted by I.O.) which is the part of charge sheet
so can lawyer file application in court to get footage in any day
or we have to wait till 2 February 2021.

SHIV BEHAL   23 November 2020 at 18:23

1st appeal in honorable high court mumbai time limt

Respected Sir,
I have matter in consent in Honorable High Court I would like to take your legal opinion in regarding our Court case.

1) Is the 1st Appeal in Honorable High Court Mumbai does it have a time period or the 1st Appeal there for unlimited period.

2) What does the Honorable Supreme Court guidelines say?

3) Does 1st Appeal & Stay against the Lower court is the same thing if a order in the Honorable Citi Civil Court person has Won the case in the Citi Civil Court & the Opponent has filed a case in the High court as 1st Appeal .

4) can this 1st Appeal Squash does its a time period.

Awaiting your favorable reply.
Thanking you & Regards

Rajesh Jagli

Santhosh Chandran   23 November 2020 at 14:55

Personal loan default

I had taken a personal loan from Axis Bank. For few months EMI was correct. Unfortunately everything turned upside down when I joined a new company. There was a hike of Rs. 8000/- so I thought my emi can be paid without effecting my family expenses. But the salary I used to receive in my new company was in installments. I couldn't pay my emi properly. They had sent a legal notice. The due amount is 2,87,000/-. For last two and half years my salary was in installments except one month. Due to this issue I left the job and has joined another start up company. I had asked them for one time settlement of Rs. 1lac but they negated it. I have received a recall notice from their advocates through mail on Saturday. I don't know what to do. I don't have any money to pay. One lac was offered by my friends but now when asked they refused. Please advise Sirs.

Anonymous   22 November 2020 at 21:09

Gift deed

1)Would a self acquired property by my mother in law require an noc from my husband's siblings if she wants to gift through a gift deed?
2) Should gift deed be registered?
3)What will be the cost for the gift deed?

Random Files   22 November 2020 at 18:37

Plotting mistake

We have father's property of 96cents &4cents in same location at Udupi. But if I calculate the area as shown in plotting area issued by government, the area is not coming up to 96&4cents.
Whom I can contact and get correct information about my land.

Anonymous   22 November 2020 at 17:39

Company perpetrating fraud on creditors

I have a decree debt against a company through arbitration award. The debtor company has filed petition under section 34 to set aside the award.The case is still pending after 5 years. Meanwhile Directors are transferring its profitable business to sister companies,which they control, and conduct the original business through these sister companies. The debtor company has almost closed down with hardly any assets left. Intention is not to pay up my debt,it seems. Proof for these fraudulent acts of the company are available through the company's public documents like B/Sheet.

Frauds like the above are described as "phoenixing" and mentioned in Para 33 of the ‘Offences & Penalties’ section of MCA website

What should I do while the section 34 appeal is pending ?

Anonymous   22 November 2020 at 17:27

Terresa rights of appartment

Dear sir,i constructed a appartment of 10 flats in my own the time of sale i told all flat owners that i am not giving terress rights to any body.i even mentioned that in registered some body purchased from previous owners and claiming terress rights.what should i do sir.

Anonymous   22 November 2020 at 15:17

Online status-purpose of hearing “to comply office objection

we filed for mutual divorce before 1 year of marriage and case was postponed 8 times with online status “To comply office objection”. Is this comment because of improper paperwork or because we filed before a year? I know it wont be considered if we file before a year, but we filed anyway for record purpose of our consent. Now its 20 months of separation, we withdrew first filing and a new one has been filed. Now again I see the same comment. Is there a way I can know what paperwork is missing if this is due improper paperwork. please guide me, am clueless as what is happening. Thanks.

Namrata Mishra19   21 November 2020 at 21:22

Coaching fraud

Hii I'm Namrata mishra
I enrolled in Niit kakadeo,kanpur,uttar pradesh on 1st march,2020 for c,c++ course for which i had payed 4,500/-. But soon after lockdown period startd .It's been 9 months but i have't received any information regarding classes or institution. Today on 21st November,2020 I went to the institute but I didn't found any thing or any staff of that institute. I asked to one the person working in that building then I came to know that they had left that institute in the month of July, 2020. Now I'm trying to call on the institution no. But it's not working. I even called the girl who used to sit on the reception in NIIT but she's not answering. There is no one to answer. Please tell me what should I do.

jaanu2317!@#   21 November 2020 at 20:45

Regarding clubbing and common evidence

Sir, my husband has filed a divorce OP and later within short span I filed for divorce in a different court.

Now I have got his OP transferred to my court---it is stage if his chief, my OP is in stage of marking of documents i filed along with my chief.

later I filed for maintainace under section 125 crpc which is in stage of marking of documents i filed along with chief

later he filed for custody of child GWOP which is in stage of notice which mean i got summons i have to attend first time

all are in same court

sir can i ask them to club all and lead common evidence at once keeping in view the stages if the cases

is it advisable if they can be clubbed

can u guide please
i have a small daughter and it is difficult for me

thanking u in advance


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