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Rajesh   25 July 2009 at 13:11

Missing Person and Heirship

Please advice on the formalities to be completed when a person who is a legal heir in a property is missing since 2005. The property need to be sold urgently.
How do we complete the sale of such property? Do we any alternate method so that the sale gets completed?

Binod Kumar Behera   25 July 2009 at 12:51

to know about Disciplinary proceedings.

Sir, In a Disciplinary proceeding, 'A' has been removed from service by the authority 'B', he has acted as a Disciplinary Authority of 'A' by delegation of power by 'C', who is the actual Disciplinary Authority of 'A' as in Schdule Part-V.
Sir, in this situation, now i want to know that, whether 'B' is the real Disciplinary Authority or not or whether that delegation of powers by 'C' is valid or invalid, plz kindly give your suggestion sir, cus, it is a matter of life and death of a person.

Sir, i am waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
Thanking you with esteem regards.

Member (Account Deleted)   25 July 2009 at 12:31

cancellation of fraudulent sale deed

Dear Experts,

Facts :- One 'A' has executed a sale deed in favour of 'B'. The same 'A' has also executed another sale of the same property to 'C', who in turn sold it to 'D'. When 'B' learnt this, he has filed a criminal complaint against all. Meanwhile, 'C' (the third owner) expired. Now, 'A' and 'D' (the last owner who is holding the latest sale deed) have agreed to sign all the necessary documents. ('A' has taken a stand that by mistake he has executed the sale deed).

My suggestions :- (1) Cancelling the sale deed made in favour of 'B' by 'A';

(2) Executing a fresh sale deed in favour of 'B' by 'D' ('A' has agreed to bear all the expenses);

Querry :- Is there any better options than the above 2 suggestions, please?

Thanks & Regards.

ponnala   25 July 2009 at 12:31

Citation in Will ...

Dear Friends,

In a will testator says "all my remaining lands which are either in my personal cultivation or under tenants are bequeathed to Sri.Mr.'X' Son of Mr.'Y', After my life time he shall take appropriate proceedings for either recovery of the land or of compensation from the persons in occupation and take possession of the lands which are under my occupation". And further the testator says,"Any property which is not expressly specified herein shall be inherited by Smt. 'A', Wife of Mr. 'B' as the residuary legatee.The persons mentioned above shall after my lifetime enjoy the properties bequeathed to them with absolute rights".

Under the circumstances What should Legatee/s Mr. 'X' and Smt. 'A', Claim/s.

As Legatee Mr. 'X' becoming old, he wants to write a Will and also give GPA to his Daughter. He obtained the details of lands held by the testator from old Revenue records, and same were incorporated in the GPA ( and also in the WILL ),but the sub-registrar is not accepting the above details (of Revenue records ). Now how, Mr. 'X', go about this to convince the SRO?
The case is pertaining to AP state.Is it mandatory to register the GPA, under State rule.
I request the learned Forum members to guide me in regards to the steps to be taken in making Will and the GPA, Pool proof one.
The matter is of Little Urgent nature please.

With regards...

Rajesh   25 July 2009 at 12:27

Release deed registration

A property in housing society, Thane, Mharashtra State, is in the name of My Father and his mother.
First name in the purchase agreement is the name of my Father, purchased in the year 1985.

Share Certificate is in the name of my father.
My grand mother expired in 1987 and the society got registered in 1988.

All other legal heirs of my grand mother have executed a release deed in which the property is realeased in favour of my father.
My father expired in 2005 and the release was done just 4 months prior to his death.

Release deed is not registered as of now.

Please guide how do i get the share certificate transferred in my mother's name. What are the important formalities to be completed.


Debashis Bandyopadhyay   25 July 2009 at 11:24

Driving Licence

I am a NRE, my family settled in west bengal. Yearly twice I am coming to India. I have gulf country valid driving licence, whether I can drive cars at west bengal during my vacation. I am coming on vacation for 15 days to one month duration. If I will apply for a licence then it will take around three months.
Please guide me.

PRASHANT   25 July 2009 at 11:04



K.S.Srinivas   25 July 2009 at 10:54

claiming promotion

can an employee working in state public sector undertaking employee claim promotion to the higher post. If so under what grounds?

Sujit J Pathak   25 July 2009 at 00:27

Summons to Accused 138 N.I Act

Reaaly grateful to experts to spare few minutes from their busy schedulke to solve my query. If summons received by wife doesn't amount to valid service then every accused will use this to delay court proceedings.What is Apex court's view on this issue? Citations will be very helpful. Thanks in Advance.