Himanshu Goel

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03 August 2020 at 20:12

Attestation form for railways job

I am selected in railways for the post of JE and I have to submit all the documents along with attestation form on which I have to mention my employment.
Currently I am working in a private company. When I gave resignation, they suggested me to work as a consultant with them, in that way there will be no pf deduction and my employment records will be clear.
Please suggest if this is a good option?


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03 August 2020 at 16:47

Judicial magistrate court affidefit

What is the procedure for magistrate affidefit ? require for death certificate.


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31 July 2020 at 13:53

Property /legal heir

Dear Sir,
I'm in the process of purchase of property(independent house) from vendors(4 sons), that property is in the name of their mother . They don't have ration card/other proof with parents due to missed up at that time. Father and mother both are died.

My bank is asking a proof either ration card with parents /legal heir certificate. Sellers have applied for legal heir in the court but judge has rejected after 6 to 7 months review due no ration card with parents.

Already we have revised two agreements and I have paid some advance 10% and already completed 1 year after last agreement. Now at this movement I can't cancel or come back because they are not able to pay my amount now.

Out of 4 sons , younger son having ration card with father and mother.

Please suggest what we can do at this movement, what is the solution to go for registration. Previously we had option with court in respect of legal heir but now court also asking a proof with parents.

What is the way we can go head to proceed.

Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Ungarala

Kavneet Singh

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27 July 2020 at 14:19

Heavy deposit documents

Hello sir,

I am looking for a flat on heavy deposit in Kharghar for atleast 3-5 years.

What all documents are required to get in the agreement? What all legal documents do we make to get in the agreement

Is it safe to take flat on heavy deposit?

Kindly suggest.

Ramesh Chand Jindal

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25 July 2020 at 15:05


Stamp Duty on MOU in Mumbai and delhi


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19 July 2020 at 12:00

Non compete agreement

Dear experts,

What is a non compete agreement?

Also are these Valid in India?



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Hi Experts,
Could you please advise me as to how to start my freelancing in contract drafting work? Let me know how to go about it. I have professional experience of about 15 years.


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Sir my father's name is printed as M M RAO in all my educational certificates while all my other documents carry the name as Madala Madhava Rao will it create problem during document verification of government jobs?
Please give your suggestions.


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11 July 2020 at 23:06

Settlement deed

My father age is 70 and he wrote a settlement deed to me before 15 years and now he wants to revoke it.(in doc he wrote tadanantaram)
1.So he has the right to cancel,if possible how
2.I got any legal right to keep that property

Venkataramann Prabhakar

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Dear sir,

I have few problems with my very first property buying It’s a resale Apartment in Chennai

1. Sale agreement was written on Rs.20 stamp paper Is It valid And the duration was mentioned as one month earlier but due to Covid we have extended it for four months. I have paid the advance of 10 % of my loan amount 3,00,000 on 3/3/2020.

2. But still registration not happened when I was cross verified with bank HDFC I came to know there are some legal documents to be provided by the seller Ex like current outstanding balance, list of documents available in KVB, last 2 yrs EC, clarity in sale deal, ext..

3. During my investigation I came to know that the seller has kept his documents on his brother‘s name (Builder) for developing Builder’s business taken an OD or mortgage loan in KVB. “Builder was going for a settlement with KVB where his outstanding was 19 lakhs for which he gave a bribe for the banker 1.5 lakhs from my initial payment and got a settlement for 15 lakh, but still he failed to provide the original documents to hdfc since he couldn’t pay the amount “This Statement was revealed by the builder to us.

4. As per in the mother document the plan approval was stilt +2 but whereas the builder has constructed his office and a warehouse in the ground floor in a common UDS and renting it. he also modified the apartment which I was planning to buy and that was not updated in floor planning

5. Due to Covid there is a possibility of losing my job so I requested Builder to refund the advance amount as the sale agreement due date was completed and I may not pay my EMIs due to drop in my financial status. moreover We came to know there are multiple issues like water problems, drainage issues Car parking Issues and he has pets like birds and dog which has many medical issues which has already bits other house holders twice, added to this builder has a nature of dominating others in the apartment.

By seeing all these things we planned to quit the plan of buying this property, But now the builder is not agreeing to repay my advance amount and moreover he is very stubborn with us .

So please help me since I don’t have any background support from my aged parents and other relatives..


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