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19 October 2019 at 19:35

Promissory notes

I am lending money to a friend and planning to get a promissory note signed by him

Plz guide on preparation and precautions to be taken care for preparing PN

Should there be witness in promissory note (I read somewhere that adding witness should be avoided because if witness is added then promissory note becomes a bond)

Is a receipt for payment is mandotary ?
What should be the cost of stamp on which the PN is made?
If I am taking advance cheques then should I mention it in the PN(I read that if the cheque numbers are mentioned then it becomes security cheques and hence u cannot file legal suit
Also heard that taking advance PDC / blank cheque is illegal)
Is it safe to give 3-4 lakhs over PN

Request to plz clarify and also give a safe format of promissory note that should ensure safety of my money



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10 October 2019 at 18:44


We are buying cidco flat from seller..but there is issue that they have only possession letter issued by Cidco but allotment letter is missing so there is any issue in future if allotment letter is missing


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If my bank fails, I hold a joint sb account with my wife. By we hold multiple fds...2L fds in my name and 1.10L worth fd in my wife's name. Kindly let me know if we will get 1L or 2L dicgc cover.


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29 September 2019 at 21:47

Change address of society

ear Team ,

We Have society Registered under Societies ACT 1860 in Madhya Pradesh State we want to change it into Maharashtra State ,

Is there any process to change of state in Societies .

Looking Forward for Your kind reply

Shravan Kumar


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26 September 2019 at 11:24

Guidance /help related to rti,act,2005

Respected All date 26-09-2019
Good morning.
1]I had requested documents pertaining to preservation/retention period under RTI,Act,2005 vide application dated 17/12/2018. The Information Officer not provide complete documents.
2]Due no in-complete documents from the I.O. First Appeal filed on 10/02/2019, accordingly hearing in 1st Appeal was held on 14/04/2019 the hearing attended by I.O. I had requested to decide matter on the basis of submission made with 1st Appeal by me.
3]Due to no responses within 45 days from First Appellate Authority, second appeal was filed on 04/04/2019.
4]First Appellate Authority passed order-in-appeal and directed the Information Officer to make documents available to the application vide his order-in-appeal dated 14/05/2019.
5]I.O, not complied the order of his higher authority [i.e. FAA] till today. In this matter hearing in second appeal was fixed on 04/09/2019 by Hon'ble Information Commission , which was re-fixed on 23/09/2019.
6]Just before hearing date I. O. informed regarding non-availability of documents with his office i.e. after expiry of total 107 [14/5/2019 to 04/09/2019] days from the date of order-in-appeal passed by the FAA] During the hearing Commissioner not agreed wtih order of the FAA. now my query are,

(a) Can Information Commission revert the order of the First Appellate Authority ? if so, under which provisions/section of the RTI, Act,2005 ?

(b) What will be action from our side to get requested document?
Requested for valuable guidance and help.
Thanking you.


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24 September 2019 at 21:31

E-filing a case in supreme court

Respected Experts,

On the website of Supreme Court there is one section of efiling of cases. https://sci.gov.in/efiling

However, I also read some articles on internet that many issues came up in efiling process. One of the main was lower courts did not digitalized its documents.

So I want to know whether this system is working or stopped ?

Sushil Kumar

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14 September 2019 at 23:23


My sister in UK wishes to transfer a residential plot in gated society in Dera Bassi, Punjab. I am living in Panchkula for past 18 years. Our parents were living in Faridabad town and have deceased. Non of us has ever lived in Dera Bassi. Can you please advise as to who will issue the Kursinama?

Rakhi Jadav

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13 September 2019 at 17:15

Guardianship certificate

II want to apply for my client he is brother of mentally retarded sister so her sister is adult 45 age so can he apply at local level committee and where should we contact where is office as applicant stay in Mira Road. Thanks. Adv Rakhi Jadav


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11 September 2019 at 21:52

Writing a will


Please clarify should I include the following in the will

a) Can I appoint Beneficiery to the will as executor of the will who is major and living in India.
b) Can I add the beneficiery PAN and Aadhaar Number for more authenticity
c) Should I write any thing in the will with respect to Tax paid money etc.
d) Should I need to mention anything on loan liability on the will.

e) what is the value of stamp paper on which the will is to be drafted.
f) how much registration fee is likely to paid in the State of Tamilnadu.

Bhika Reghiwale

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Can we apply on line ?

And on what वेबसाइट


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