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Queries Participated

Anonymous   11 July 2011 at 10:46

Society Registration Act

A member is encroaching a piece of land( Portion of the common land) in the Society which is registered under the Socities Registration Act
What steps should the Society take to stop it?
Can the Society file a case against that member

Anonymous   13 June 2011 at 17:52

DDA Flats Building Law

I come to know that as per building laws in Delhi multi story (ground +3, even DDA Constructed Flats ) building structure can not be changed without prier permission of Structure Designer of said building or A Team of IIT Delhi/IIT Rurkee engineers. Is it correct, if correct kindly provide me section and detail of law and any concern case if available. As I am residing at DDA Flat at II and floor and ground floor flat owner completely removed original structure of his flat without any legal permission from DDA/MCD and provisionally make his own structure for all above three flats, which is not durable.

Priyanka Sanchania   15 March 2011 at 13:42

Registration procedure of co-operative society

Hi, Kindly tell me registration procedure of co-operative society in UP state.

Also how much time is taken in getting the registration certificate? Is it given instantly on the spot after giving documents?


Anonymous   11 February 2011 at 11:01

IPC 406

What is maximum and minimum conviction under IPC 406, Is some one directly lodge an FIR under this section or move to Court to file case under IPC 406?

Anonymous   20 December 2010 at 10:55


If a father BEDAKHAL his Son and Wife of Son due to 408, 409 and 498A, only by the way of New Paper Notice, no other legal step taken by him in this regard:

1. Is only one news paper notice is sufficient in the sighth of law to compliance BEDAKHLI?

2. Legal wife of publication of Notice has taken divorce and now son has married again, is that notice is also applicable on his present wife, his son and daughter and taken away from ancient property.

3. If Uncle(real Tau) of father given him (FATHER WHO BEDAKHAL his son) ancient property to him, is that property also treated as ancient property for Son, his wife his son or his daughter.

Anonymous   17 December 2010 at 11:59

FIR U/s IPC 380 and time limit

My Sister and B'inlaw started living at our home with my parents in my unit, as I was living with my childeran any other palce. My unit containts my hose hold items like- Bed, Sofa, TV , Almira and jwellery, saries and cloths. When last time I asked them about my things they can't repaly satisfeterly. Can I lodge a FIR ag. them for recovery of my all these things as I left home in 2002 and they entered in mu unit in 2005. What is the time limit u/s. IPC 380?

sameer   04 December 2010 at 08:57

sales tax

I have a physical stock valuing rs 1500000 but as per my balance sheet its showing for rs 1000000.during an inspection sales tax officer said that excees of goods will be seized.my question is can they seize the goods?what can a sales tax officer do in this case and what are their powers?in which act or rules their powers are mentioned?

Kumar Krishan Agarwal Advocate   04 December 2010 at 00:19

Marriage wedlock if it consummated to same Gotra

My Ld Friends,

1. I want to know that what is the legal position of the same Gotra Marriage according to Hindu Law before courts when two persons are not related to degree of prohibited relationship but want to marry.

Like:-1 I have personally Singhal Gotra Marriage to a Another girl of the same Singhal Gotra comes under "Agarwal community ancestors origin" who I met first time in life and not known to her relatives and are new for me first time in life.

Like:-2 Jat community marriage to the same gotra as the bride and groom are.

2. These types of marriage if unfortunately consummated then what are your personal views according to your conscience and under the process of Indian Law.

3. Will we have to avoid these types of marriages OR in fondness just go for it to make it consummated legally wed. ?

4. Sometimes we see that a Gotra would change by Pandit(Hindu priest) for taking Kanya Dhaan from the different Gotra Person(parents) while girl internally belong to the same Gotra as the boy was. How rightfully it is ? in addition to
At that time What it's status of marriage i.e it is right or wrong ?

Please Reply this query profoundly with long statements with strong reasons of your beliefs, so that it will make a precedent for us(i.e lawyers community), to take right step before marriage if any person would think about it to get wed in same Gotra.

Nilesh Mehta   18 November 2010 at 19:33

Service Tax

Is Management Development Programes conducted by Management Institutes (approved by AICTE) liable to service tax. If yes, how and if no, why. please clarify.

Anonymous   30 October 2010 at 12:01

Can Comapny Secretary issue notice on behalf of that Company?

Dear Learned Members;

We are Ltd Company and Agreement was executed with another Pvt Ltd for availing service.

Our MD and their MD was signed and stamped the agreement on 12-01-2007.

Thereafter due to some malfunctions both parties could not able to perform the obgligations.

In 2009 the Company Secretary of that Pvt Ltd company issued a letter for demanding amount of l lakh, which was paid to us, as per the agreement we should not return the same to them.

My question is that whether the Company Secretary can issue letter to us for breach for contract?

Bcz he is not at all an authroized signatory to the agreement.

According to me CS is the prinicpal office of the Company, but he cannot issued notice to us for breach of contract and money demand as he was not an authorized person to the agreement.

Request you to advice on this immediately


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