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Queries Participated

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 17:43

498 A

Years not a single complain lodged in the police station against the accused all witnesses are the family member in the case after the consumed the poison she is live the statement taken by sdm in the D D she declared the above stated details that Her husband USED TO SAY THAT YOU R PROSTITUTE now there is no value of the D D but in the statement before the police it is stated pls inform for the defense tell judgments if in your knowledge regards

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 16:44


How the adoption will prove in a civil court of law when already fifty years gone and all the eye witnesses died and there is no deed of adoption is there?

I am having only ssc certificates which has the name of my adoptive father.

The asoptive father had adopted Mr X in the year 1985 and he has the adoption deed and all the proper procedures.
And he his claming the property of the adoptive father.

I filed a case in the court that i am the first adoptive son.

Q1 So please tell do i have any chance of wining the case. As i do not have any valid doc except the ssc certificate decree certificate, and drivers licence has my adoptive fathers name.

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 16:37

Whom adoption is legally valid.

Respected Experts,

Here is a complicated issue, which I am placing for ur valuable suggestion. Plz. Suggest me suitably.

A filed a suit in the year 2003 against B for declaration to declare him as an adopted son of late C. To prove his case, “A” filed his School records stating that C is his father. Now the age of A is 58 years.

On the other hand, B is denying the plea of A and contending that he was the original adopted son of late “C” and filed (1) Registered Adoption deed duly signed and executed by “C” in the year 1985 (2) Gazette Notification in the year 1985 (3) And mutation proceedings in the year 1989 and the Revenue Records stands in his name.

As per the contention of B, though “A” was with “C” for some time at his early age, there was no registration of an adoption deed etc., as like as “B” and further contended that he was absconded for more than 10 to 15 years prior to death of wife of C. C’s wife died in the year 1984 and C died in the year 1997. After the death of C’s wife, C was with B till his death. Due to love and affection on “B”, both C and his wife have taken him as adopted son and performed all the formalities as per the Hindu caste custom. Now the case is pending before the court. In this Now

1. I want to know at this juncture, whose plea is to be accepted by the court.
2. What is the procedure generally the courts followed, in case of adoptions.

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 16:07


Dear Experts ,in joint properties one co-percener is denaying the other joint properties holders to supparate the properties in equal shares ,here the three co-personers are went to court for supparte the joint properties into two equal shares ,but the first co-personer is denyed the court and not attended the court , & the first party already solded the properties of his half shares with out metts and bounds ,now the court is issued exparty decree aganist first co-percener ,and in favour of plaintiffs for partion with metts and bounds, can in feature the first co-personer will object?

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 11:59


my wife has filed 498a against us.if aquitted what is the maximum amount that i can claim in defamation suit fro my there any procedure of calculating amount claimed in defamation

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 10:45


If both husband and wife ready for the mutual divorce. Then what is the process and what is the minimum time period they will get the divorce.

Anonymous   14 June 2010 at 09:39

doubts in sale deeds

Sir i have a sale deed of land i want some doubts in that the words pl z help me ["The purchasers" which expression shall unless expressly otherwise provided mean and include the survivor or survivors of them and the heirs executors and administrators of such survivor and their assigns.] (The Said purchasers forever as joint tenants so that on the death of one or more of the purchasers the survivors of survivor shall be entitled to the whole of the said premises absolutely )Know there is a death of two members and one is live is that the whole property belong to them only or to there deceased heirs also enter in it.

Arvind Singh Chauhan   14 June 2010 at 08:21


Sir soldier of ITBP died in 1993 during his duty in high altitude. After his death his wife was provided with service in ITBP on compensatory ground and pension also. Later on wife remarriages and left her mother in law. Mother of soldier applied for family pension that her family is totally helpless now. Daughter in law gives no objection for providing family pension to her mother in law.

People helped her in all correspondence since 1995. In 2005 she was informed that her daughter in law’s family pension has been closed. On 22-072009 she was informed that her request for family pension has been accepted and instructed her to full fill necessary formalities. Immediately she full filled all required formalities. Again she received copy of letter dated 22-09-2009 from Central Record Office ITBP addressed to Accounts Officer ITBP saying that “IT IS THEREFORE REQUESTED TO AUTHORIZE FAMILY PENSION TO SMT DEVKI AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY ”. But no action was taken. Again with the help of people regular correspondence was made but at last poor old lady died on 01.06.2010 due to illness, lack of proper food and medication.

Sir whether her unemployed son can claim the arrears of family pension up to the date of her death. The poor labour is unable to approach to higher court. Whether suit can be filed in lower court? if yes please advice proper law and provision. What steps should be taken against the responsible authorities who didn’t took step in one year and left the lady die.

dipankar   12 June 2010 at 17:23

wife not accepting marriage

my wife is not accepting marriage.i have a marriage photo but no negatives.shall i photograph the photo itself to get the negatives.i also have 2 witnesses of my marriage and a mail from her where she has accepted her it enough to prove marriage in court.

Anonymous   12 June 2010 at 11:14

Crpc 125

how can Stay crpc 125 file. My wife filed appplication.COurt Order maintance charges 2500 rs p/m.I have already filed application Section 9 HMA still Pending.

ANY Solution Refuse Payment

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