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Queries Participated

KANDE VENKATESH GUPTA   10 September 2014 at 18:02

Valuation of arbitration op and payment of court fee

I want to file OP challenging the award of the arbitrator for a sum of Rs.25 lakhs. How to value the arbitration OP and how much court fee I had to pay. Please clarify the same with citation, if any.

advance thanks to the members,

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HYDERABAD - 500 020
PH.NO. 9885808021/27650240
EMAIL: venkateshgupta_kande@yahoo.co.in.

KANDE VENKATESH GUPTA   02 October 2013 at 09:04

Disposal of suit

Can the court can dispose of the main suit without disposing of the interlocutory applications. If so, under what circumstances? Citation required.

Laljit   12 March 2012 at 13:18

Sold plot, token money recived party not doing byana

I sold plot , i recieved 50,000(fifty thousand) as token money. we both signed on a plain white paper not having any ticket or any stamp paper.

but now after 15 days of recieving token money party is not doing byana and giving me excuses that they will do the byana with in few days.

I am urgent need of money. thats why i sold my plot.

My query is that can I sell my plot to any other party. and whether I have to return the buyer his token money, which was on a blank paper. It will create me any problem or not. please help...

KANDE VENKATESH GUPTA   03 December 2011 at 17:23

Treasure and trove

"X" is the owner of a house premises which is in dilapidated condition, having inherited the same from his ancestors. When he is removing thorny bushes, he found some old silver is found underneath the ground. Whether "X" can claim absolute rights over the silver found? Whether the government can claim ownership? If so, what is the procedure?

sridhar pasumarthy   02 December 2011 at 07:04


Respected Experts,

X is the owner of a building consisting of 5 portions. X let out the same to different tenants for residential purpose.

Y, the brother of X, used to cause inconvenience to the tenants by locking the main enterance of the building etc. and thereby the tenants vacated the premises due to which, X was deprived of monthly rents.

X filed a suit for mandatory injunction and got the lock (inconvenience) removed through process of law.

X also filed another suit against Y claiming damages for 3 years for loss of rents resulted due to unlawful acts of Y.

In fact, X again leased out the said portions to new tenants and is deriving rents. But, Y has no material to prove the same.

My questions are :-

a. whether X is entitled for such type of damages for the single unlawful act committed by Y?

b. If so, how long can he claim damages like this?

c. Is Y liable to compensate X continuously till he proves that X leased out the said portions to new tenants?

d. Is there any way for Y to escape from liability?

pls provide relevant legal propositions and citations, if any.

So many thanks for reply, in advance.

KANDE VENKATESH GUPTA   22 May 2011 at 11:00

matrimonial obligations of wife

All the legal enactments i.e., S.498-A IPC, 125 Cr.P.C., 3 & 4 of Dowry Prohibition Act and Domestic Violence Act enforces the duty of the husband to maintain the wife and not to harass her in any form and made him liable to be prosecuted in the event wife approaches court of law. Is there any enactment recognizing the obligations on the part of the wife towards her matrimonial home and discharge her matrimonial obligations enabling the husband to seek appropriate remedies?

Advocate Abhijeet singh   22 May 2011 at 10:25

very urgent distribution of property

respected sir

my father expired with out will , now we are in family my mother , my two married sister , me , my wife and my son .
plz tell me who is the legal heir of my father property.
or how we distribute our property plz tell me in detail ,,, its very urgernt

Anonymous   22 May 2011 at 09:21

Difference between Retrospective and prospective

Dear experts

Kindly clarify

What is retrospective and prospective?

what is the difference between retrospective and prospective ?

If in any act doesn't mention the effect come into force, then how we calculate, whether it is retrospective and prospective?

What is substantive law and procedural law and what are all that?

Anonymous   21 May 2011 at 21:01

Falsely framed u/s 138 NI


I have been framed in a false case of 138. I used to help a very close friend financially as he was alwys in financial trouble. As he wanted more money he had to borrow it from somewhere. He used my signed blank cheques as security. Also he took a signed blank paper from me at that time. My cheques have been misused heavily.
The story made by him:
He has shown that I had taken money from him in cash (a very huge amount) with a proposal that I will give him an regular monthly interest which he says I did for 1 year. After that I approached him for more money and he claims he sold off all his wife's jewellery and gave me again in cash. Again he says that i paid interest for a few months after which I stopped responding. And after about one year of him pursuading me to give back money he has made a court case. He also forged an undertaking on a signed blank paper given to him at that time stating that I haev borrowed money from him and intend to return it failing which he can encash the cheques. The rest of details have been filled by him.
The idea is to harrass me and take whatever in form of settlement.
The story is total fake.

Facts: I never took money from him in any form. Also never gave him money except as help.
I have not taken any steps (not even a complaint) so far even after 3rd date although I have been appearing regularly and next is stage for oral evidence/submission.

Alongwith criminal case he has also filed a civil suit in parallel.
What additional measures can I take?

Arvind Singh Chauhan   21 May 2011 at 08:49

help plz

Gram pradhan had no right to cancel the licence of fair price shop. But he do so. In pursuance of this, D S O attached units of this shop to another shop. We moved injunction suit. Legally right to cancel a licence is with D M, against which appeal lies to commissioner. Court is saying to argue on the point of jurisdiction of civil court. Plz suggest case law/ law/ points for arguement.

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